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  • formwiz


    And I love the way you call out Dr Evil.

    Love to see the next Administration nail his wrinkly ass.

    • Pamela

      How fast would the left crash and burn should Georgie’s money suddenly evaporate into thin air?

      • TheOldMan

        I keep hoping that Sorass dumps $22B into the next election cycle and everything he backs fails. The same with Tom Steyer. Go big, fail, and hide away. Then we would be spared their “oh-so-concerned” ignorant pontificating.

      • Ed

        There are many Soros minions in the billionaire and multi millionaire class. Yes, Steyer, but Gates, Gates, Bloomberg and so on hip deep. Michael Moore and Algore ain’t poor. There are many on the state level, too.

      • Immanuel Goldstein

        If there was only one person in the world that I would personally want to assassinate, it would be Soros. But then he is an old geezer and could die at any moment anyway. His son might try to carry on his evil, but it won’t be the same.

        • Malatrope

          Yes, actually, from what I’ve read about his extended family it will be just the same. Only they won’t have collaborated directly with the Nazis. On the other hand, they will have collaborated with the Proggies, our modern equivalent. Evil never sleeps.

          • Pamela

            No it doesn’t sleep, but it would be fun to make it implode all over itself.

  • Oh yes, the humanity of it all !!!
    Good one Chris !!!

  • Yes. She is that fat. And full of hot air. And it is interesting that our media won’t investigate Soros but hates the Koch brothers..guess some billionaires are more evil than others.

    • Pamela

      So maybe some industrial strength foundation garments are in play?
      Her moral foundation has been reduced to rubble decades ago.

    • Gyro

      Not just Soros. The media loves Bloomberg for his good work trying to destroy the second amendment.

  • This is going to take some serious dirty deeds, to keep this communist cow from becoming our Premier.

    • no. Mrs. Clinton is completely incompetent, totally corrupt, and murderously disposed toward the (her words)”vast Right-wing conspiracy”…which is ourselves. She will be the ideal last Captain of the USS Titanic as it accelerates toward the debtberg

  • Kafiroon

    My fond hopes for our present propaganda mill called media:
    Burn Baby, Burn!

    • Grape

      Dang – you said it before I did, but I can repeat it.

      Burn Baby, Burn!

  • rickn8or

    Brilliant use of the H-> !!

  • jim


  • Noelegy

    Dang, Jan’s hair grows fast.

    • steveb919

      I was going to mention that but you got to it first.

  • LifeofTheMind

    The Hindenburg was not a blimp but a dirigible. The difference is that while both are lighter than air the dirigible has a rigid frame. So picture a large gasbag that is rigid, OK John Kerry comes to mind, but then remember that this one gets it up until it crashes. Clearly the Hindenburg is the Other Clinton, and I don’t mean Chelsea. The Gasbag in today’s ‘toon should be labeled Bill and we need a Blimp like the one that crashed in Pennsylvania cackling like Hillary.

  • Cliff

    Back on track. Satire at its best.

  • Pete231

    Takeoffs are optional, but landings are mandatory………….

  • “She isn’t that fat!”
    Unless he was talking about her ego.

  • Bill G

    Beautiful reference to Soros, who is quietly buying up coal companies, for pennies on the dollar, that his tool is bankrupting vial regulation instead of legislation.
    Of course, once it’s all Soros’ property, clean coal will be discovered to be acceptable.
    That’s how he made his money, bankrupt and buy cheap.

    • John Greer

      If Lockheed’s fusion plant is not just hot air, Soros’s speculation in coal may be a dead loss.
      But Soros made his billions in currency speculation, so he may be banking on selling into a temporary resurgence, perhaps because of a (false) natural gas shortage.
      All he needs is a bogus government study or two to pull it off.

      • interventor

        Soros destroyed thousands of pension plans in the UK with his speculations. But, we hear nothing of that.

  • Uunca Walt

    A fargin swastika.

    Absolutely world-class clever!

  • Jon

    The “Hilderberg”

  • MasterDiver

    Love that fin flash. I tells it all.

    • WayneM

      I’m surprised the arrows are red instead of blue.

      • Pamela

        Actually the blue lines need to go, the red arrows need to be black and twisted a few degrees, replace the square with a white circle dancing on a red field.

        We’ve seen this one before with disastrous results.
        Do we want a repeat?

  • Chris Burns

    “Humanity” or “Huge Manatee”?

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