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  • Kafiroon

    Coonman: Payback is a Beotch.
    You sold your soul to the debil himself.

  • Capn Jack

    Kind of says it all….

  • JTC


    Northam or the “media”

    • Fox2!


      • JW


    • JTC

      Rhetorical of course.

      You can buy a lot of ink for $1B. Works equally well to hide the truth on a face or on a page.

  • Too Tall

    Tote that barge, lift that bale, Coonman.

    Your Soros’ and Bloomberg’s spineless, neutered, beyotch and that’s all you will ever be.

    Until patriots put paid to you, and then you can be an eternal plaything for Satan and his minions.

  • Didn’t you notice? Northam pivoted to complaining about Confederate statues so the media can complain about all the gun-toting KKK-loving Confederacy sympathizers hanging around the capitol. Charlottesville 2.0 is ready to go.

    Northam also apparently looked north and saw Pennsylvania succeeding, and is now “open” to legalized casino gambling and is working on legal weed. Take the guns, sell them hope and drugs, what a plan.

    • eon

      A disarmed, stoned populace, heavily in debt to people with legbreakers on call, will always be more easily controlled than a populace that is armed, sober, and solvent.

      Progressives rule by terror and appeals to baser instincts. The parallel to organized crime is fairly obvious.

      The old joke in Italy was that Mussolini cracked down hard on the Mafia because he believed there was only room for one bunch of gangsters in Italy, and he wanted it to be his.

      Progressives learned from that. Better to co-opt the criminals than try to fight them. Get them on your side, and they will terrorize the peasants for you, at no expense to you.

      New York is now a case in point, even more so than historically. I expect Northam to pass similar “Get Out Of Jail Free” measures in VA very soon.

      After all, he’ll need those cells for (formerly) law-abiding gun owners. He’ll have to put them somewhere while he arranges “disposal”.

      clear ether


    • MasterDiver

      Legalized Weed and Casinos.
      Doubling down on the “Stupid Tax.”

      Zar Belk!

      • Our casinos in the Poconos worked by mostly bankrupting Atlantic City, cut way down on the day bus trips to NJ. We have a state lottery system for those who can’t afford the trip.

        And we knew Guv Wolf would soon go to full legal weed after getting medical marijuana, the proposed recreational weed tax would be capped at 17.5%. Until they need more spending money.

    • Lyle

      Your “your” should be “you’re”.

      • eon

        No. “Your” is possessive, which is what I meant. “You’re” is a contraction of “you are” which would be incorrect usage in the context.

        I may not know much, but I do know English.



        • I think Lyle was replying to the Too Tall comment right above yours and clicked wrongly.

  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Outgun with what? Power? Money? Neither do any good when you’re at the end of a rope, or as full of holes as swiss cheese.

    “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”
    Mao Zedong

    So much for the DildoCrats bleatings about “democracy”, when they rule against the majority of their constituents.

    • Old Codger

      Woodman, in the context of your posts, what does “SAH” mean. I’ve been trying but for the life of me cannot understand the reference.

    • Lyle

      Yes. Just like “tolerance” and “compromise”, the left (Babylon) only promotes “democracy” as long as it gets Babylon what Babylon wants. Thus, when they lose an election, it is democracy itself which has failed, don’t you know (or it has been corrupted by Deplorables), and that’s when they abandon democracy and turn to other means.

      (Chris; I spend five minutes typing this out, and then your web site tells me I’m “posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” How annoying.)

      • JTC

        Lyle, when that happens (it seems to be a server traffic issue not the individual commenter), hit the back button and your comment will still be in the box…hit submit and it will go through. Learned that the hard way after losing one of my wordy blather fests.

        PS: If that is what you lost you type slow! 😉

        • BUT if replying to a comment make sure the box is still at that comment and hasn’t defaulted to the bottom. Click the pencil at the comment to move the box back there if needed.

          • JTC

            Yep. That’s what happened to my response to NYIAC. I knew it but I forgot it. Give me a break; I’m old. 🙁

  • In the words of the late Mike Vanderbaugh….
    “Rule .308….Even when tyranny rules all, the Rifleman still gets a vote.”

    • NotYetInACamp

      And what an interesting vote it is, if that vote must be cast.

    • Old Codger

      Damn! But I miss that old man. I would give just about anything to read/hear his take on what’s going on these days.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Perception Management.
    And such have been topics in much these past number od days (and longer).

    I always wonder how far control of the battzone skies has progressed since what I knew from Project Storm Fury. Control of weather was in its infacy the. I cold see where it could go.
    Are the climate events, tsunamis, fires, crop failures, floods, droughts, water and rain shifts, tundra release of methane, and such due to the sun alone? Could the developments of wave projects across mediums have taken the world into yet another form of advance warfare.
    Is win without a fight being attempted by many in the world today. I posit no answers, yet I have been right and wrong spectacularly over the decades.
    I recall in the movie Apocalypse Now where the River Boat made a landing near a bridge that was being “defended.” I ask that same question now: Who is in charge here? The man with the grenade launcher answered that question.
    The girl is in charge here. The one behind the counter.

    • Old Codger

      I watched an excellent video on YouTube recently and have come around to the belief that the current IS – at least to somedegree – the result of human activity. Fortuntely, the changes we homo saps are making are for the BETTER!

      Here, watch it and see what you think:

      Personally, I think Miss Greta ought to be THANKING us for the CO2 we’re dumping into the atmosphere.

  • Pete231

    Who, on God’s green Earth, keeps electing these tuna melts ?

    • Bill G

      Individuals educated in public schools and informed by the Democrat Media Complex.
      Plus all the dead voters, repeat voters, illegal immigrant voters, and now the harvested voters. And this year, those voters will go all-out for whoever the democrat party runs. I half expect that candidate will get more votes than we have citizens.


        I heard reports that the Virginia republicans just did not vote.
        I’d like to hear from someone on the ground if that is true and, if they know, why did this happen?

        • GWB

          Part of the issue. Another part is that the Republicans didn’t run people in certain districts. The latter was caused by a fight over redistricting that has been going on for something like 6 years now – the courts* threw out what the Republicans drew up after the 2010 census, then threw out what they came up with to satisfy that (which was basically the pre-2010 districts), then they basically handed the job to a commission of Democrat cronies. What the Dems drew up was fought in the courts, but the Republicans didn’t prevail. AFTER the deadline for filing.

          Unfortunately, the Republicans counted on winning that court fight, and a bunch of the incumbents ended up in the same districts and left others without any Republican candidates. They should have fought harder to ensure there were candidates in place in all the potential districts, but the courts worked to stop them.

          I think the pro-gun demonstrations are actually pretty good evidence that the Dem-constructed districting plan is a grotesque and unlawful gerrymander. A fair court would strike it down. But the damage is already done and we’ll have to wait for 2021/2022 to change things.

          (* “courts” = progressive activist judges put in place by either Clinton or 0bama)

    • When the parties pick the candidates, it doesn’t matter who votes.

      • JTC

        Do you believe that the R’s “picked” Trump, in 2016?

        • John

          Yes, because of a common trait among the R’s.
          They are predominantly honest and believe in principle.
          When Trump won the primary it was in _spite_ of the Republican Establishment’s wishes and they actually respected that.

          • JTC

            “No. When Trump won the primary it was in _spite_ of the Republican Establishment’s wishes.”

            Fixed it for you John; Everything else in your comment is irrelevant, contradictory, or wrong. IMO.

  • Albert Schwartz

    In the photo, the a Governor is not the one in blackface. He is wearing the Klan garb. The guy in blackface has distinctive pants and there is another photo with a guy, not the Guv, in those pants. For obvious reasons he prefers to pretend it is he in blackface.

  • Badger

    Let it be known to anyone that hasn’t followed his work. The attempt to reinvent Michael Bloomberg into “Mike” for his current campaign – making him sound like a regular guy – cannot stand. The man is a despot of the first order & a North American George Soros.

  • Bill3542

    These people are ( Enemies Domestic) and should be brought up on treason charges , what’s the penalty for treason?

    and what’s that old saying ( .308 holes make invisible souls ).

  • JTC

    Good one…and good on her.

    Gotta be Russia or Ukraine somebody there said. Maybe. Definitely somewhere disarmed or somebody woulda got dead. That of course is the ultimate “control”.

    • JTC

      Crap, that was for NYIAC’s link above…how’d it get down here? :I

    • NotYetInACamp

      🙂 The guy would not leave well enough alone after being lightly punished.
      She was ‘armed” and ready.

  • Special_Ed

    Only a little off-topic given Confederate Statue mention.

    Why can’t we bomb Iranian cultural sites, but Dems can demolish ours?

    • JTC

      Once it’s a war they can’t, due to the War Crimes rules they’re on about for their muzbro comrades.

      They’re working on that. In the meantime maybe the current exemption for “hate” symbols would work for their statehouse?

    • eon

      Progressives believe all cultures are valuable except ours. Those which promote things they believe in, like rule by self-anointed “philosopher-kings”, are especially worthy.

      Their recent hatred of the Confederacy is mainly a pander to the likes of Te-Nehisi Coates and Kamala Harris. Plus another try at rewriting their own prior history.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Not so much a rewriting as a repeating of prior history wherein central “control” denies the freedoms of separatists by killing them wholesale and stealing their shit…notwithstanding party affiliations.

  • interventor

    I see little use in bombing Persepolis. The radical mullahs have suggested it be destroyed. Persians are proud of their past. No need to alienate potential allies.

    • NotYetInACamp

      The radical mullahs follow Sharia. Sharia, like Marxism and post modernism as such ilk, desire the destruction of all from the past. All. With its destruction, they believe that a perfect culture can rise from the rubble. They will get it right one of these times, they constantly say.
      The continued existence of Persian and Iranian culture bothers Sharia following mullahs.

  • Wilson

    Way to go, Chris Muir!


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