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  • Mr E

    There was never any doubt in my mind that Jan was a “Woo Girl” at heart. Good thing too!

    As Barney from How I Met Your Mother explains: “The world absolutely needs Woo Girls. If there were no Woo Girls, there would be no ‘Girls Gone Wild,’ no bachelorette parties, no Las Vegas poolside bars. All of the things that you hold dearest…would be gone… The souvenir shot-glass industry would collapse; so would the body-glitter industry — and, the stretch Hummer rental industry. Tiny cowboy hats would be worn only by tiny cowboys. And when Brown-Eyed Girl would come up on the jukebox, all you would hear would be silence …. and Brown-Eyed Girl.”

    So you go, Jan!

  • MJ Larkins

    I wouldn’t let Skye within a country mile of that car.

    It would be like defacing the Mona Lisa!

  • interventor

    Put her in the trunk

  • bill3542

    many, many years ago ( 1976 ) I had 1970 AAR Cuda… wish I had that one back. would probably bring 6 figures today.

    sigh…. damn I miss that car.

  • B Woodman

    Yeah. . .. ummmm. . . no. Skye? Drive? That rare gem and beauty? Not only no, but f**kin’ HELL no. If Skye wants to drive something, then either she saves up her OWN EARNED money (hahahahahahahahaha – that will be a long day in forever), or if the hard working owners of the DD would even allow it on the property, give her a Yugo to drive — and maintain — with her own money. hahahahahahahahaha
    Ain’t I a meanie?

    • LifeofTheMind

      “Ain’t I a meanie?”
      More in keeping with being in or near Toonland would be “Ain’t I a Stinker?”

  • DAYUM!!!!!!

    • Skye? Hell no!

  • WayneM

    Sometimes, things look so much better topless…

    • It does kinda make you wonder where they are driving? To the swimming hole perhaps? 🙂

      • bob in houston

        No kidding Chris, can we have a wee bit of a break from politics for some bewbs!?

  • Pamela

    Can Damian Lojac Skye if she comes back for a visit?
    And the Cuda?

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    That movie (Thelma & Louise) has already been made, thank yew verry much……

  • Polly Cy

    It’s fascinating to watch how Jan has evolved over the history of the strip. The other cast members seem to become “more” intensely their original selves, but Jan has grown and changed for the better. Frankly, after watching her the first couple years, I am more than pleasantly surprised that she has it in her. Contrast her with Skye, who never seems to improve, and the change is even more remarkable. Well conceived and written, Chris.

    • Ron

      Quite right. When Jan became pregnant she became almost `serene`.

      • MasterDiver

        I think Jan is finally succumbing to Churchill’s line about “If you are not a liberal at 20 you have no heart, but if you are 40 and not a conservative you have no brain.” Or “A Conservative is a Liberal who has been mugged.”
        Jan is starting to realize that she has been getting mugged by empty promises, corruption and incompetence for at least the last 30 years, and now she wants a better approach to government.


        • Polly Cy

          You and Ron are right, although I’d take the reason for her change back a bit further. I think Damon provided the inspiration, and once they became a couple she was able to see the difference between what she’d been told and the evidence of her own eyes.

          Am I the only one who occasionally has to stop in amazement at the way we see these characters as real live hooman beans?

          • Well, also Jan has kids now…I suspect a lot of “liberal” women have a bit of a conversion when their children come along…after all…didn’t Bill Clinton’s “soccer moms” become George W’s “security moms”?

  • Bill G

    Skye the Ruiner? Yeah, after the javelina fly back into Capistrano.

  • kadaka

    And the Establishment moves to kill off yet another DBD plot element.

    Google tries to run from flailing robotics arm
    Puts Boston Dynamics up for sale

    And right after DBD suggests a cool way of doing border control with their products. Which is completely unrelated. Of course it is.

  • Unca Walt

    Chris gave me a break. I saw the belt. 🙂

    • JBubba57

      (needs a shoulder belt, too)

  • Dontcha have to let all the tops down when you have the top down?

    Eric Hines

    • Pamela

      Top off running only at night.
      Sunburn (even with well applied sunscreen) still hurts.

      • JTC

        Personal salacious experience…I like it. Do go on.

        • Pamela

          It’s a hot summer night kind of thing on the twisty turny back roads

      • I dunno, methinks Jan and Sam may be adventurous enough to risk it…after all, there’s a lot of empty space on those ranch roads to air those puppies out…

        • Pamela

          Eyes in the skies these days. Not sure if Sam and Jan want to be Pin Up Girls for the local pervs

          • HMMM, good point, forgot about Daimen and the fun he was having with his toy…but still, we can hope right?

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