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  • Too+Tall

    Progtard run on Dunning – Kruger. It’s all they know.

    • steveb919

      Dunning-Kruger effect, in psychology, a cognitive bias whereby people with limited knowledge or competence in a given intellectual or social domain greatly overestimate their own knowledge or competence in that domain relative to objective criteria or to the performance of their peers or of people in general.

      • Raconteur


  • Kafiroon

    Most of them do not know what Dunning-Kruger is. Looking it up is to hard as we have seen they will not spend any time to look things up before they make proclamations.

  • Dayum….Skye taking it to em, like a reformed drunk…. good on ya, Lass!

  • Henry

    No file. Hatchet.

  • John+M.

    I’m not a “journalist, so I can look it up. Today I learned what the Dunning-Kruger Syndrome is. Over the course of 75 years I met a lot of people that hit that first ‘peak’ and stayed there forever.

    • Henry

      My favorite Dunning-Kruger joke:

      Newlywed wife, day after the wedding, answers the door to find piano movers delivering the piano her husband bought her as a wedding present. After a bit of figuring, the lead mover says, “Is the the only door you have? Because there’s no way we’re going to be able to get this piano through this door.” The wife brightens up and says, “Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered.” She turns around and shouts, “HONEY! Can you come out here and spit on this piano?”

  • f1b0nacc1

    Love the “Life of Brian” reference…

  • Halley

    It would be Dunning-Kruger when low-IQ “journalists” parrot MSM nonsense like drunken stenographers. But is it Dunning-Kruger when high-IQ “journalists” purposefully spread poisonous lies and withhold the truth?

    • Bill G

      No, that’s psy-ops. A favorite technique of the left is misinformation/disinformation.

    • cb

      That leaves what Skye said: “The big story in America is the media is simply evil.” Just another stump in the swamp held in place with entangled roots.

      • Browncoat57

        Had to read it twice and realized a comma would’ve helped…

    • JTC

      No those “high-IQ ones are simply doing the job they are paid for…and the word journalists does not apply even with the quotes.

  • Bill G

    Dunning – Kruger was new to me, too. The name, not the reality of it. It’s where the famed skill level of ‘Knows just enough to be dangerous’ comes in.

  • FedUpDeplorable-PaulS

    Unconsciously unskilled, but with a great self image!

    Let’s go Brandon!

  • Oldarmourer

    There’s a chart somewhere on line that shows the relationships between the vast majority of ‘journalists’, media owners and liebral politicians, they’re so tightly interbred you can barely follow it…virtually every major ‘reporter’ is married to a high level political operative, invariably on the dem side, and no reporter is going to report negatively on something their spouse is involved with, not with alimony at that level on the line…

  • Kip Allen

    Good one, Chris!

  • JTC

    Perfect interview scenario, unwoke convert to unwoke convert, Skye will know where she’s coming from and whether her conversion is real. So the perfect question is what the fuckin’ fuck could move her from I to D the day after hearing Obama’s speech in her state in ’08? I can understand the prior R to I switch in the context of Lil’ George’s war and I did the same, but I just cannot imagine the shift to Zero?

    Anyway, definitely saying all the right stuff now and the alternative is terrible, just hope she’s not another opportunist and flip-flopper, we’ve had way too much of that.

  • Kafiroon

    Consider all the idiocy, completely brainless comments opinionated “news” regurgitators have said over the past many years. These definitely are not the smartest people we have. That is why they are presstitutes. They have the right connections in the swamp and the whole thing is a closed environment where they only talk to and hear each other. They do Not know anything else. Their thinking is a closed-loop and seems incapable of independent thought occurring.

    • JTC

      True, but beyond the talking heads they have also permeated the most common sources people naively use and believe…case in point just check the wiki article on AZ’s gov candidate that Halley referenced…I don’t think they make it through a single sentence without inserting “false” into every statement about her beliefs, inspirations, and supporters, with derisive tone and hate bubbling beneath the surface

      The role of the PR arm is to control the message and more critically to prevent the message from even getting out…journalists? Hah!

    • Henry

      We’ll see. His Day One EOs looks promising, but he’s staffing his cabinet with true squishes.

  • Pamela

    What happens when you 10 day quarantine all those creatures for not wearing masks? Outside of sharing spike proteins …

  • Ron

    I had to look it up, but immediately recognized it in the Canadian media with those who are in thrall with Prime Minister Dressup.

    • JTC

      That is some funny shit right there, I don’t care who you are…

      Well, maybe not if you are him.


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