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  • Vince

    I can see that five to seven inches would be an ideal range for the length of a ‘silencer’.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Except near the end. If you’re using it properly, she shouldn’t be silent.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Five point seven…….caliber?????

    • Bill G

      That’s a comma, and a space between the numbers. Five to seven inches, rather than 5.7″.

      • Bill G

        And I don’t think the FN 5.7 MM has any application to the conversation the ladies are having.

        • TJ

          Though it would be an interesting subject for a follow-up conversation. Particularly if Naomi has the connections to get military-grade ammo.

      • eon

        Assuming 1 inch ID tube like a Ciener. And don’t forget to stick a wad of just-chewed chewing gum over the muzzle just before firing to cut down the precursor wave “pop”.

        (And yes, I do know that wasn’t what they were talking about.)

        clear ether


  • AlexJ

    Certainly Silent but Deadly has no place in that conversation… SILENCE is Golden.

  • L. B. Carlson

    Silence DoGood indeed!! How ol’ Ben would love this comic strip!

  • L. B. Carlson

    Silence DoGood indeed! Ol’ Ben would love your work, Chris!

    • Ben, the first political cartoonist!

  • NotYetInACamp

    Eventually it works as a silencer. Eventually. All in due time and course.

    I did not realize that ‘Toly was (drawn) so insecure. Must be youth.

  • NotYetInACamp

    By reaching silence they DoGood.

    • Pamela

      I think the DD Ladies will most likely be rendered speechless fairly soon.

  • Southpaw

    Its not the silencer that causes complications, its the bullets that come out

    • WayneM

      Especially for Anatoly since he mistakenly believed he was firing blanks…

  • So long as there was no audio to the recon.

  • Hardball

    I silence my P239T. But I can’t silence any (body) else even with 8 inches

    • PaulS

      Have you tried the 158gr Sub Sonic from IMI? Could be best ever.

      As for the girls, Sams look made me think Naomi may have been talking about Zed, shared knowledge, and Jan is laughing at the “wild claims”. 😉

    • Pamela

      Silencers are illegal here in Californication. As is just about everything else if the idgets keep having their way.

  • jackdeth72


    “Remember the Age Old Tenet….

    The three quickest ways to spread your message…

    Telegraph… Telephone… Tell a Woman.”

    I’m here all week, folks.

    • Southpaw

      Please remember to tip your waitress!

      • jackdeth72

        “And try the veal.”

  • Browncoat

    She’s ‘suppressing’ the truth…

  • ExNuke

    3 sure ways to waste time
    Painting with a dry brush.
    Hammering cold iron.
    Wondering if a woman is truthful.

  • Halley

    We know, most gratefully, what Sam looks like, but what does she sound like?

    • John D. Egbert

      If I may respectfully offer a simile of sorts . . . Imagine, if you will, CGCIS Special Agent Abigail Borin. And she’s a redhead, too.

  • Scout706

    Please call them suppressors.

  • Pamela

    *Looks at Chris over glasses*

    Good Sir ~ You are a sneaky one. Very creative but sneaky.
    A redhead being silent. Yeah right. Trying to keep Sam silent it tantamount to keeping this quiet

    • JTC

      Been there and heard that…from the causeway to the pad is 6-7 miles, and my guess is the level was 100-110 db. It is (was) LOUD. Maybe not quite as loud as a pissed-off or getting-off redhead upcloseandpersonal though.

      • Pamela

        Before our daughter moved out, she would bang on the wall and ask us to keep it down. It’s 3 am for crying out loud.

        • NotYetInACamp


          You can’t hold love back.
          Young love.
          Old love.

          It got her out. Two birds with one silencer. (Suppressor)

  • CaptDMO

    5-7 inches?
    But what is that in Metric System?

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