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  • xdcpd085

    2 down, more to come.EOT

  • Grunt GI

    I love the irony of sending a couple of goat f–kers to meet Allah via a hot topless Jewish chick.
    And DAMN glad Sam lost her T-shirt somewhere…hopefully Zed hid it well.

    • I hope she dips her rounds in PIG LARD or somesuch thing…!

      • CB

        I could be totally wrong here and please correct me if I am.

        I’ve read that pig fat is one of the ingredients in gunpowder. If so that means that there will be residue on any bullet that’s been fired. It also means that if you breathe in any gunsmoke you’ll be breathing in pig fat residue.

        I’d love to see the expression on a Jihadists face when they learn this. It’s means their dead friends are in Hell and they will be going to hell for firing a gun. Not only from breathing in the smoke but the residue that gets on their hands too,

        Like I say I could be wrong and my feelings will not be hurt if corrected.

        • Norm

          Not even close.

          • LifeofTheMind

            The Great Indian Mutiny began when new rifles were issued that had a cartridge that had to be torn open, with the soldier’s teeth, to load the gun. Muslims believed that it was greased with pig fat and Hindus believed that it was greased with beef fat.

            If only we could convince the Muslims that some koranic verse could be interpreted to mean that handling a nuclear device will result in the Sinner’s manhood turning colors and falling off and the brain becoming attuned to hear Jewish songs and see gay colors.

          • H_B

            LifeOfTheMind, that’s brilliant.

          • eon


            The interesting part is that the paper cartridges were never lubricated with either hog fat or beef fat, as nether one was readily available in Britain at the time. They were lubricated with sheep tallow, which was more stable in extremes of temperature (i.e., didn’t melt in the summertime in India), as well as being cheap in Britain due to sheep being the island’s major type of livestock.

            Mutton, of course, was OK for Hindus and Muslims both.

            The moral is of course that those who seek power by evil means can be very clever liars.

            clear ether


        • simonjester2076

          Saltpetre was one of the main ingredients of traditional gunpowder; one of the best sources of saltpetre was pig dung (not pig fat).

          • Norm

            If by ‘traditional” you mean black powder, then yes. Modern powders, no. See H_B’s comment.

        • H_B

          CB, modern “smokeless powder” propellant is typically some proprietary twist on nitrocellulose (aka “gun cotton”) or nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine. No animal involved.

      • west_rhino

        neutralized by a female is sufficient for ISIS infiltrators to not pass go, not collect $200, go directly to hell, no 72 virgins.

      • Old Codger

        I have 200 rounds of 7.62X51 FMJBT that I have wiped the exposed part of the projectile with lard for that very purpose. Have to be careful not to foul the barrell. I also have 100 rds of 165 gr jacketed hollow point .40 cal with a small amount of lard in the cup, sealed with wax. I figure that’s going to spread lard (rendered pig fat) all through their chest cavity. Reckon that’ll put paid to their dreams of virgins.

    • GWB

      Nicer view than a topless bobe. But that would be fine, too, given the targets.

  • Septic the Sceptic

    For a right handed firer she’s got her legs set up like a leftie.

    • Grunt GI

      And the problem is?
      She’s just a little…cheeky.

    • John M.

      Keeping her off-side proficiency up? B’sides, who am I to complain about shooting style? I was lucky to hit the 250 and 300 Meter targets when I was in basic.

    • pyrodice

      weird. as a lefty I didn’t even notice anything odd, but now I see the trigger-finger, and yup.

  • Pamela

    What is she shooting? And I don’t mean the vermin.

    • H_B

      It’s a little hard to tell; not much to go on. But it, firstly, looks a little small to be a .50 caliber. It also has a flat device on the end; too small to be a suppressor, more likely an angular muzzle break. Additionally, there appears to be a small box magazine beneath the gun. Furthermore, there’s an angular flare before you see the barrel extending out of the housing.

      We also know the “tastes” of the main characters and their affection for the “latest and greatest” items like the observation drone and the “dogs”.

      Finally, 1260 yards is something of a stretch for most of the common “full size” rifle calibers.

      I’m going to say Barret MRAD in .338 Lapua:

      • Scout

        That is exactly what I was thinking.

      • Chris Muir


      • Old Codger

        That Ronnie Barrett sure does make some pretty toys, doesn’t he.

        • JTC

          Hometown boy…just down the road a piece from my birthplace in Columbia TN.

          But if you prefer your Volunteer State gun engineering a little more um, basic; there’s the FMJ double barrel pistol from Ducktown TN. Pretty much a couple small lengths of pipe welded together with a hammer and a handle stuck on, chambered for 410/45. That Barrett is a beast but I’d still lay down with it before grabbing a handful of FMJ.

      • Pamela

        I need to rent a few different makers and get a feel on what fits the next time I go to the range.

    • H_B

      When oh when will I learn not to put up posts with two links in them?


    • H_B

      With that muzzle break though, her no-profile Ear Protection with built-in communication system may be as expensive as the gun…

      Otherwise she’ll be saying “WHAT…??” a lot.

      • JTC

        Well it’s muzzle “brake” of course, and trigger “break”, but with the former “controlling” a .50 (or .338L) and the latter controlled by Naomi, something downrange is sure to also break.

        Myself, it took me a while to realize there was more than one kind of guns in those pics. Buncha geeks. But I love it.

  • Spin Drift

    Rem 700 in 308 or .338 Lapua or .50 Barret. At over 1 click it’s got to be the big bores. Personally I’d use the Lapua. Over 1.5 clicks it’s the Barret all the way.

    Molon Labe

  • Swansonic

    Ahhh, the ‘Squee’ storm.

    A couple flashes of lightning, a couple claps of thunder, some hot rain, takes care of the riffraff….

  • B Woodman

    I’d “squee” too at the opportunity to shoot quoranimals at long range. I’d love to be next to Naomi as her spotter. All in all, I’m just plain jealous.

    • WEKM


    • Grunt GI


      That was awesome.


      • “quoranimals”?

        Wasn’t that a way to help kids match up their underwear?

  • B Woodman

    With a Ma Deuce 50 cal round, even if you just come close, they’ll catch pneumonia.

  • JTC

    Like to snipe’er at close range. Squee!

  • Calvin

    Humor aside, doesn’t it make sense that if you saw foreign nationals on USA soil armed with “weapons of war” it would be okay to engage them with excessive force?

    • silvergreycat

      Following Sun Tsu…

      *[01.13] Warfare is the Way of deception.

      [01.14] Therefore, if able, appear unable; if active, appear inactive; if near, appear far; if far, appear near.

      [01.15] If your enemies have advantage, bait them; if they are confused, capture them; if they are numerous, prepare for them; if they are strong, avoid them; if they are angry, disturb them; if they are humble, make them haughty; if they are relaxed, toil them; if they are united, separate them.

      [01.16] Attack where your enemies are not prepared; go to where they do not expect.*


      • John D. Egbert

        Thanks for the link. Saved for future reference . . .

      • interventor

        However, remember when Sun wrote his work, China was getting its arze kicked.

        • eon

          That’s pretty much why he wrote it. Basically saying, “OK, you’ve fought it your way, and your losing. Now do you want to know what you SHOULD be doing?”



          • eon

            Your=You’re second time.




  • Drumwaster

    210 yards? She might as well have a pistol to the back of their head.

    • William Elliott

      210 might be the bearing [guessing], followed by range at 1260 yards…just short of 3/4 of a mile. Easy money if that’s a Barrett I see there…

  • Get ’em!

  • Fox2!

    ‘Toly had best be well rested when Naomi comes off watch.

  • Bill G

    Squee? An expert is preparing to demonstrate proficiency in her field and protect her family by doing so.
    After too long a period of government enforced inaction that endangers said family.

  • H_B

    Of course, with this crowd the wildly popular first assumption (including me) is that Naomi is defending the property, and nation, from invaders of [REDACTED] faith/hostile-ideology or of [REDACTED] itinerant-nationality and is “squee”-ing in delight at the prospect.

    But consider the source… With Chris’s sense of humor, the targets could be Feral Hog on the ranch, for use in the DDQ, and we are directly hearing the “squee” of the closer target; punched center-mass. (On the other hand, I’ve only heard directly from one source, but I’m told Feral Hog tastes terrible…)

    I’m so hoping it’s the former case though…

    • H_B

      Regardless, it puts me in a mood for some flank steak

    • B Woodman

      As far as I know, feral hogs don’t carry AK47s. On the other hand, feral humans would.

  • B C Aeich

    Oh, nooooo! It is just me and a compatriot, out checking on a report of beaucoup FNs on the move. I happen to have my AK because it is reliable in gritty conditions. (?)

    Not really! I’d have everybody briefed on my activities and fur shur have some special clothing profile. 🙂 🙂

  • MasterDiver

    The next words we hear: “On the way….Targets neutralized.”

    Zar Belk!
    Master Diver

    Keep the Faith, Chris. Be strong, and may Klono, Noshebkemming, and The Immortal Grollosen speed your dad’s recovery.

  • She is awfully well lit (thanks Chris) for it being nighttime, and scantily clad (double thanks Chris) for it being cool out. No complaints here, though she would be more stable with legs spread and toes pointed outward. 🙂

    • MAJ Arkay

      Cool out? It’s South Texas in the summertime. “Cool” means the temp has dropped below 90.

    • It wasn’t the weather I was fretting over, it was ejected hot brass. I’ve been an instructor way too long to be comfortable with that much skin on the firing line.

  • Hey DT, “MERSlims”, nice.

  • AlexJ

    Supressor or not, where is Naomi’s ear pro?

    I’d hope for one with an integrated comm – but safety first 😉

    • Chris Muir

      inner ear plugs

  • Unca Walt

    I love “squee”.

  • B Woodman

    With all due apologies to “Apocalypse Now”,
    “I love the sound of “squee” in the morning, it sounds like victory.”

  • Spin Drift

    I’ve got a new acronym for ya: PMM as in Pink Mist of Muzzie/Mexican. That’s all that’s going to left of the non-native vermin if she hits them with a BMG round. By the way, there’s a reason they call her Ma-Deuce.

    Fire away and fire for Coriolis effect
    Molon Labe

  • Olddog

    The “squee” reminds me of when the ladies first met Wade and noticed his resemblance to Sam Elliott.

  • Rocky

    Looking at Sam since the bouncing display a few days ago, I’d say Zed found the nipple magnets. And now the girls will be “covered”. 😉

  • NotYetInACamp

    I may have to give some more basic shooting lessons. Women are superior at quickly mastering the art. The view is also masterful, such as it is.
    Someone here may have pointed this out a while back.

  • Eddison Kell

    Practice the 3 S’s

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