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  • canuck49

    Except that Blue whales do not eat fish. They eat Krill (a shrimp-like crustacean) to the tune of 10 to 20 tons a day. There is no shortage of Krill but there are few Blue (aka Sulphur Bottom) whales.

    • You are literally missing the point of a toon.

      • Lucius Severus Pertinax

        I think canuck49 so far missed the point, it wasn’t even aware it was being shot at!

      • PaulS

        Maybe not, I think krill are red, at least. And perhaps productive little bugs at that. Well, maybe you are right, I’m reaching here.

    • JTC

      Listen, if a whale can be a fish, so can a shrimp…it’s a fookin’ metaphor.

      And while canuck49 might have missed that point, I guaranfookin’tee you that the target “big blue whale” of this ‘toon did not. May it die a painful and lingering death, ultimately itself feeding many millions of little fishes for a good long time.

      Good one, CM.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Here is a real blue one after your very wonderful Canada, canuck49.
      I could use metaphors, but let’s just say that you are nothing but a target to them as a whole, and individually. And you all welcomed them in, as our enemy within has also done.

      This information must be home schooled as PC enemies have the schools. The battle has barely begun.

    • Seriously Dude???? Can’t take a little artistic freedom to push a metaphor?? Takes fact checking just way too far!

      I wish I could say most Canadians were better than this, but I don’t know it would be true.

      We could use a lot more fact checking on the Little Potato and his back room puppet masters here in Canada, as well as most of our Provincial gov’ts.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I had my car vandalized in Coconut Grove in Miami once when I parked it there with a NUKE THE WHALES bumper sticker on it, as I went about my business. Libertards back then could not take a joke either. Not to say that anyone is a libertard. So who is it that we have too many of. I discussed population growth with the Zero Population Growth people back when i was in college. So many trends were known then. The worst solution have been implimented by the elite to destroy most civilization. The bloom in Muslims is an example of growing humans to throw them around the world to conquer it. Notice that Muslim nations that can will refuse any so called “Refugees.” The Muslims are meant to be discomforted, or encouraged to travel to non Muslim areas as hijrah. Hijrah is a form of jihad that involves conquest by emigration of Muslims to non Muslim land.
      Every Muslim stands on land that Islam has conquered, or plans to conquer. that is reality.
      Krill may be the largest biomass in the oceans. Termites are the largest biomass on land. Termites expel much more so called “climate change” gases than any human effects.

      • Pamela

        I had a Nuke a Gay Whale for Christ t-shirt that I’d wear with a miniskirt. Caused a great deal of confusion.

        Too bad they are not drawn back to their point of origin like lemmings in order to breed. Only to discover all the females were gone.

        • Thundercloud65

          Your post gave me a good laugh. In my mind I can see just how a liberal would react to that. Their hair would stick out like they’d just put their hand on a magnetron.

          We had a young cat once that had a normal coat of hair. Then one day she met our German Shepherd. Kitty did not know that the GSD loved cats. Her back went up and her hair stood out. Most impressive was her tail. It looked like a porcupine’s tail. I even grabbed my camera and got a pic. The dog just stood back and acted like he was having a good doggie laugh.

          That cat’s hair never truly did go back to normal. I’d like to think a liberals hair would do the same once seeing your shirt.

          • Pamela

            There are some things a person should never do. One is never pet a cat’s hair backwards. The other is never piss off a real red headed woman. I’m of the mind that Liberals are without any sense of humor.

        • Shotgun15

          Oh my, how I would have liked to see a photo of you in that outfit . . . and the various expressions round about you as well !

    • Bill

      Fake ‘toon ?!?!! NO WAY!!!!

    • Bunker Builder

      The Blue whale is a good example of a collapsed food chain, one predator eating billions of tiny krill sweeping acres of ocean clear of all other forms of fauna….

      Too Big to Fail, and dying so rarely they wash up on beaches world wide creating a massive stench for nearly a decade while the bottom feeders eventually dissolve the Leviathan’s corpse.

      Even now the Hyenas and vultures are circling HRC and Billary looking to get a piece of Not-For-Profit before the bowels explode.

  • JSStryker

    Now that’s a bedtime story I could read and read again!

  • RooftopVoter

    Epic Chris………….

  • Th3o

    The point is lost if its a sperm whale.

    • Heh

    • Oh, yeah? The sperm whale’s spermaceti is in a cavity in the male whale’s forehead, and it isn’t sperm, it’s ambergris.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Mooshelle would be the sperm whale

  • eon

    There’s an old saying in Japan that the nail which sticks up gets hammered down. Sort of like the little fish out front.

    The thing is, Hillary is the type that hammers everything while laughing maniacally and gibbering incoherently.

    She’s probably to the babbling and screaming point now, sort of like Shelley Winters as “Mama” in Cleopatra Jones (1973) with the lovely Tamara Dobson.

    clear ether


  • Pamela

    That’s a whole lot of sushi if you are so inclined, plus properly marinated and grilled would be one hell of a feed

  • Nice calligraphy, Chris. Any illuminations in the offing?

  • Thundercloud65

    This is the best bedtime story I’ve ever read. I read a lot of them to my son when he was a toddler.

    The second best story is one that I have forgotten the title. It’s been many years and details get fuzzy. What I do remember is that it started with two kids telling their grandpa they were bored. The author had an off the wall sense of humor that I enjoyed.

  • That was absolutely brilliant, Chris. Spot on, old boy.

  • NotYetInACamp

    In the old country of my mama’s parents they had a school outside of school. This was on the mountain my family has lived on for 900 years now. All of the small children sat in a semicircle under a large tree that they called The Learning Tree. A ditch was dug so that the children could sit on its edge with their feet in it while sitting down. All of the tribal learning about things like that was passed down to the younger children to prepare them for the world. The teaching was about things not taught in the schools.
    You get that concept and portray it very well.
    I was told that my grandmother did some of the teaching when she was young before she came to the USA.
    I also heard that they ended the teaching under the tree in 1989. The tree is still there.
    We have so much teaching to do for the little one’s ability to cope in the world. We must pass the information on to them.

    • John

      There is a whole range of things not, or at least no longer, taught in schools today. Things like home economics, rhetoric, and civics. But the biggest loss has been the loss of the art of Mothering. It must be available to every young woman because age 0-4 is absolutely critical in child development. Any knowledgeable expert in the dynamics of poverty can point to this time as the crucial stage that determines whether a child stays in poverty or advances out of it (or falls into it for that matter).
      The shattering of the extended family at the hands of the welfare state has doomed many to perpetual dependence by depriving people of proper Mothering skills for lack of oversight by experienced mothers.

  • ElCazador

    A better (for the small government types left) end to this tortured metaphor would have the whale, in it’s death throes, destroying the ship and sending it, the whale and the insane captain to the bottom, preferably somewhere near the Marianas Trench

    • NotYetInACamp

      We finally have an American thinker as President (metaphor) and you consider him insane. This captain is the first sane one in a while. The whole world may be prevented from being a swamp now. For the first time in ages, money can’t buy anything, or everything as properly applied, in the District of Columbia. Americans are flooding into positions of control and stopping the bloated wasteful excesses of an Empire gone evilly rogue. The Foundation bag man for the criminal empire is closing. Billions and trillions and tens of trillions plus are not heading out of the system to the highest bidder.
      The Bathyscaphe Trieste has not been in service for a while, so a Marianas Trench voyage would be unwise. Trieste took hydronauts Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard about 11,000 meters underwater (~ 11 kilometers, or 7 miles, depth of 35797 feet) into the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, The Challenger Deep.
      Sanity is returning.

      • Bill G

        It will be a long and uphill battle. The DMC has learned nothing, and their bosses in the DNC haven’t either.
        Portions of the Deep State acted against Hildamort since they knew exactly how bad she was but that does not mean they support Trump. He threatens their power.

        • WayneM

          Worse yet… I suspect the Republicans have learned nothing either and are only playing along until they can relapse into globalism.

  • Deplorable B Woodman


  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I wonder how Jan would react to what Damon is teaching Javier? hehehehehe

  • epilitimus

    Am I the only one that noticed Damon is sans sun glasses? Did he get his eyes fixed Chris? Or is it just dim lighting?

    • His wife removed them. They hurt her thighs.
      I can’t believe I just said that…

      • Pamela

        Did he replace them with contacts for the more up close view. There are other senses he can utilize.

        • JTC

          Speaking of fish…

          • Pamela

            More of a heady rare wine

  • Bill G


  • PaulS

    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something Blew.

    Has it only been a week?
    This is way more fun than I thought it would be. (and I had thought it would be fun)

  • PaulS

    “How do you say, “Oh, shit!” in muzzie speak?-JTC”

    Allahu FUBAR!

    • JTC


  • epador

    Just because real Blue Whales only eat krill does not mean the Hilarious Blubberi doesn’t. In fact that’s all she eats.

    Somewhere in there is a reference to what Adam said after Eve waded in the river – now all the fish are going to taste like that – or something.

  • CaptDMO

    Where’s the bit when the big Blue Whale is “short term” rendered into renewable bio-oil to reduce “our” dependence on sequestered evil “long process recycling” petrocarbons?
    One might think the the “Save The Whale” folks would APPRECIATE the efforts
    Big Oil has gone to in protecting the species!

  • You guys didn’t get the real meaning of it yet.

    Some day, the Big Blue Whale will die. Then it’s carcass will sink to the bottom of the ocean and be scavenged by Hag Fish, leaving nothing but the bare bones. The Hag Fish produces a slimy excretion making it very unpleasant to touch and no one wants it. It is, in fact, considered to be Trash Fish.

    But as Mother Earth must keep her House in order and clean things up, some day, the Bottom of the Ocean will be moved by tectonic shifting to a dry land level, and the bones of the Big Blue Whale will be buried in many layers of dust and dirt, and become Fossils.

    And some day, off in The Future, a Paleontologist, who is someone who studies bones for their stories, will dig up the bones of the Big Blue Whale. When people ask the Paleontologist about the story, s/he will say “Obviously, it was a species that failed.”

    The End.

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