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  • Fox2!

    It’s Mechanical.


  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    “What a maroon!”

    • DCE

      “What an ignoranamus!” You’ve got to use the entire quote!

      • Fox2!

        Should have turned left at Albuquerque.

        • GWB

          That’s the problem – they turned left, waaaaaay left.

          • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

            It ain’t Pismo Beach.

          • Fox2!

            Nor Cucamonga!

          • Swansonic

            Nor Coachilla and the carrot festival therein…

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    The LibTard Prog’s religion (cult) has always been, and always will be, The State. They acknowledge nothing outside or higher than themselves, they worship themselves, their passions, their perversions, whatever feels good in the moment. They have no permanent foundation or principles. The LibTard Progs are the Biblical fools who built their house upon the sand. The State is used like the Cardinals of The Inquisition, to enforce their collective (see what I did there?) will, to bend and break the unbelievers and defilers of (fill in the blank of the latest cause du jour).

  • JTC

    More exactly her/it’s NGD rally cry would be “NO power to the people” .

    But true that at some point perhaps not too far into the future God will have to throw up His hands and say “that’s all folks!” (God don’t stutter) and turn out the lights. That should make OCD or whatever it’s name is happy finally. and I for one will be thanking Him for that too. Finally some bipartisan (and bi-species) agreement.

    • GWB

      โ€œNO power to the peopleโ€
      Of *either* kind: electoral or electrical.

    • Alan

      or… “power to the people WHO FOLLOW ME”, because progs are sure their personal power comes from their followers (not all untrue; but they ignore ‘with great power comes great responsibility’)

  • John M.

    This nation and the states have it backwards – abortion should be difficult, time consuming, and not covered by healthcare programs, and adoption should be simple, fast, and government funded.

    • Old Codger

      While I agree with you on abortion I disagree about adoption. Except in certain rare circumstances, it should not be fast or simple. We’re talking about the welfare of a child here a child who has already had a bad time. We want to make sure – as sure as we can – that the child will not be going to an (possibly another) abusive home. I say that as one who has undergone the process FOUR TIMES! If you knew what I know about abusive and neglectful homes and the dreadfully shocking things biological parents do to children and the awful things poorly vetted foster and even ADOPTIVE parents are capable of, you would agree with me. After the first pass at being vetted I knew full well what I was in for the other three times and yet I went through it. Going through an adoption workup is like doing a slow strip at a major NFL stadium to a packed house where every person in the stadium has a set of 50X binoculars. And even at that a few bad apples somehow slip through.

      I’m glad I have my two. Wouldn’t take the world for either of ’em. But the adoption process is necessarily a difficult one.

      • David Rinehart

        But the adoption process is necessarily a difficult one.

        While I agree with the gist of your post, which is that there are some people that shouldn’t be allowed to be parents (natural, foster, or adoptive), doesn’t your final sentence kind of make John’s point?

  • Idiota perra, los ojos locos!!!!!!!!

    • kadaka

      I just punched this in Google for a quick translation, this page was the first result, even though Ojos Locos is a restaurant chain.

      Google is watching DBD closely!

      • John

        The CyberNazis by the Bay are right up there with Beijing and the Kremlin when it comes to the “Who will be Big Brother” competition.

  • James Gemind

    Need to put AOC in something other than a dark suit. Blue, Beige or Off-White(Face it, she’s hardly ‘Pure,’ IYKWIM.)or maybe pink.

    I am working on a song to cover all the women of the left, titled ‘You can’t hide your Psycho Eyes’… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mike Mulligan

      …but she was in all white at the sou; really didn’t create a pretty sight!

    • JTC

      As long as it’s not in it’s birthday suit…can you imagine that crazy “dance” and those crazy eyes with no place to hide the…crazy?

  • WayneM

    I wish it was “That’s All, Folks!” but they won’t go away…

  • Fronk!

    A few weeks ago, one of the regulars on this board noted how remarkably close Kurt Schlicter’s “People’s Republic” is to becoming a reality in this country. Having just recently read the novel–it’s a page turner–I must now note that we may never see the lunacy so eloquently described therein as we do in the face of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, brilliantly captured in Panel 2 of today’s strip.

  • Fox2!

    I was heading to a customer meeting this morning, and noticed a paper (temporary) license tag on a car: “DBBL D” (or thereabouts, been in meetings). Wonder if it belonged to a reader, and wanted to say “Hi”.

  • Halley

    Making Porky Pig seem intelligent and rational by comparison. Quite a feat, Dims. Oh how I hope that drawing out and thus exposing their lunatic side is an intentional strategy by PDT…

  • Steveb919

    I am starting to really really wish the South would have won the war of Northern aggression.

    • Steveb919

      What a mess those northern democrats have made of the United States Of America. Not to mention the left coast.

      • Indeed.


      We will win the next one, but it won’t be on geographical boundaries

  • The 300

    Love your artwork Chris, but I don’t think there’s enough crazy in them eyes.

    • PaulS

      Never go Full Crazy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Rick

    โ€œ … stresses the importance of the State and accepts the individual only in so far as his interests coincide with those of the State, which stands for the conscience and the universal, will of man as a historic entity (11). It is opposed to classical liberalism which arose as a reaction to absolutism and exhausted its historical function when the State became the expression of the conscience and will of the people. Liberalism denied the State in the name of the individual;โ€

    From: The Doctrine Of Fascism; Benito Mussolini (1932)


  • Bill G

    Occasional-Cortex is straight out of Planet LoonyTunes, but her beloved socialism resemblees the Energizer Bunny. It just keeps going, and going, and going …
    And it’s utterly mechanical and brainless.

    • Wotan

      And, ultimately, homicidal?

    • Halley

      Somewhere in Ayn Rand she blames the ascendency of the Left on so-called conservatives who, by witlessly granting the Left “the sanction of good intentions”, enable the stealth Marxists to get away with their evil in the guise of moral superiority. I think she was right. To this day I’ve yet to hear a Republican correctly identify – in the public square loud and proud – the nature of the Left or its true intentions. Too compromised by the “helping people” charade, is my guess.

      • JTC

        No Republican perhaps, but Trump has/does, totally unencumbered by any such charade and beholden only to his employers, America, and God. So far.

      • David Rinehart

        To this day Iโ€™ve yet to hear a Republican correctly identify โ€“ in the public square loud and proud โ€“ the nature of the Left or its true intentions.

        There are those who make that proclamation, in the public square even, but the MSM denies them a voice. That’s where DJT excels, whether on twitter or the evening news – because of who he is, they are practically forced to cover what he says.


    I’d like to hear your comments on Mitch (Warturtle) McConnell’s putting the “Green New Deal” up for a non-binding resolution vote. It seems to me to be a great way to cause schisms in the dem/lib/prog congregation.

    • billrla

      Toxic DD: The Turtle is all politics and no soul. Everything he does is internal to the Swamp, and useless to the rest of us.

  • Cliff

    Vote on the GND. Letโ€™s see the votes.

  • Cliff

    Vote on the GND. Letโ€™s see who votes and how.

  • Bill F

    I love how Dims (like Klobuchar) defend the Green New Deal – “It’s aspirational!”. In other words it’s the same old liberal claptrap: It’s better to think/mean/want good things and CARE – than to actually DO GOOD THINGS! Emotions over actions.

    Artesia Ocarina-Courtdate reminds me of the classic wisdom (paraphrased):
    ‘The beginner sees hundreds of solutions, the experienced but a few.’ – because the experienced knows 99% of those solutions have already been tried and failed.

    • Old Codger

      The beginner sees hundreds of solutions, the experienced but a few.โ€™ โ€“ because the experienced knows 99% of those solutions have already been tried and failed.

      Which is why, when Seymour Cray set out to design his revolutionary supercomputer, he hired green engineers right out of college so they wouldn’t know all the ways it “couldn’t be done”. The mere fact that another person/team was unable to accomplish a given task does not necessarily mean it cannot be done. Only that this particular person/team could not do it.

  • Delilah T.

    She’s a media darling. She’s up there above it all, one of the Cloud People, while she thinks the rest of us are down here, rolling around in the mud.

    You do know what happens to a bubble if it gets too big, don’t you? (Spoinkkk!) If she scares enough people into moving toward the center and even over to the righthand side of the pendulum swing, that works for me.

  • AOC reminds me more of Max Frost than she does of Looney Tunes.
    Eric Hines

  • Precision270

    The more I see of AOC, the more I think she might just be an agent provocateur sent in from the right. Perhaps as a programmed automaton, perhaps as a well paid actress, perhaps she is just a dumb moron with good social media skills. But, even the left is considering redistricting so she can’t win next time… Anything short of death and she wins. Very good pension for line, already…

    • JTC

      Just their control of the House. They know it’s DOA in the Senate for now so they’re just playing to their base in media/entertainment/academia/commieville.

      But make no mistake, thanks to all of the above, their actual approach to a FGR has legs even among some of our own…the attack on the NPA (National Public Armory) has support for it’s “reasonableness and common sense” even though it is maybe our most important gun right other than RKBA itself.

      Universal background checks are a full frontal attack on the last bastion of immunity from universal registration and a very serious
      step towards universal confiscation. Defend it!

      • kadaka

        My first stripped lower, nothing fancy and not that many years ago, was at a local gun shop in a plastic bag stuck on a pegboard hook with other parts. Finally bit, took it to the register, kid there was waiting for the money. And I had to tell them nope, that part needs paperwork first.

        Why does government keep making me regret not just handing over the cash and leaving?

        • JTC

          Because that would have fucked up the shop and potentially yourself. Some good gun shows still maintain a private table area and of course direct contact with like-minded Patriots are the best sources, patronize the NPA every chance you get.

          • kadaka

            Sometimes being good hurts. Oh well, it’s not like we no longer can find a good poly80 sale, so far.

  • Pete231

    Let’s stop referring to Ms. Diminished Capacity as AOC. She wears it as a badge of honor. She has none that I can see. If she had two brains, then the other one would be lonely. The only reason she’s in office is due to the fact that only 4% of the voters in her district showed up at the polls last year with their eyes shut when they pulled the lever. Now, she’s ranting like a foaming maniac about the new “deal” in which she believes it’s entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end…..

  • aelfheld

    The ‘Green New Deal’ (‘Green Leap Forward’?) is the Democrat/left/liberal/progressives going Crazy Eddie.

  • Chris Muir

    Sorry,Bill, ah forgot to put your name on it!

  • Pamela

    “Don;t Cry for Me America, I can’t help being crazy, in my wildest dreams I see bowed heads and whipped backs helping me to become immortal.

  • Polly Cy

    See, deliberately inflating the currency by printing more money is exactly what Germany did in the late 20s and 30s, before they took over the labor unions and ran them as government cooperatives. So who are REALLY the fascists here?

  • merlie e.

    Remember, as votes Pismo Beach, votes Coocamonga…So says Jack Benny

  • Tagg

    Trump is screwing up signing tbe funding bill and declaring a national state of emergency. He should veto that bitch and tell the rinos that voted for it to shove it. Then he should send it back to congress, the entire body of which is an enemy of the people, and dirtect them to fix it, all while he declares the state of emergency and shows them how its done and done, simply.

    • kadaka

      The media freakout on the state of emergency is impressive, right and left. Mainly because it sends a bad precedent, letting a Democrat president declare one for gun control or whatever policy thing they want.

      Newsflash, the crazy proggies are showing they’ll do anything they want, without precedent.

      Bitter Nancy is terrified about Donald playing his Trump card to get what she’s sadistically denied him.

      Pelosi Warns That A Future Democratic President Could Declare National Emergency To Push Gun Control

  • Pamela

    Everyone call their congress critters. There is wording in the current bill that allows anyone to claim an out of country minor and get amnesty. The child trafficking that will take place is the NEW LEGALIZED SLAVERY. Under Trump!

    • JTC

      As in, “I got nothing against OTW’s…everybody should own one or three.” ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Delilah T.

    Just a question, because I’ve seen something like this before: Isn’t a rather pop-eyed appearance, with eyes bugging out of their sockets, indicative of a medical issue, that can also be a mental issue?

    Just askin’ for a friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • John M.

      Like the parody song “She’s got Marty Feldman eyes?”
      I know that a thyroid condition can cause eyes like that, but I don’t remember if its hyperthyroidism or or hypo…


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