Day By Day


  • Merle

    Never block the path to the beer!!! 🙂

    • Fox2!

      Whisky for my men, beer for my horses.

      something, something, somebody

  • interventor

    Or, the bourbon.

  • John M.

    When all is said and done, I like Jo in flesh-tones better than chrome…

  • JTC

    That’s a hot bot. Wrong though.

    Their “culture” might want to cancel mine, but I just want to separate mine from theirs. And if DT goes, he’s gone.

    And those throes just got a lot shorter.

  • Henry

    You can lead a horse to the refrigerator, but after that, what is it you aren’t supposed to be able to make him do? Work the ice dispenser?

  • formwiz

    Jo’s right. Women should take care of the kids (their kids) and the men (good men) should provide.

    If the last 50 years taught us anything, it’s taught us that.

    PS Pelosi Galore is the hysterical woman. And I think people will be begging Trump to come back, sooner than anyone thinks.

    • Punta Gorda

      Cadaver of the house and her zombie army of deceased voters?

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Really? Zed rides his horse into the house to get a beer and a sammich?

  • Pamela

    No Beer. Better Tequila. Any deposits the horse leaves Zed needs to clean up.

    • steveb919

      I like vodka. Easy to make and better proof. Don’t tell the feds.

  • Mike-SMO

    You mean that you don’t have the ‘fridge on the porch, where it is useful? That would be more civilized than in the garage, next to the matching tool box, Because you have to make some compromises with the lady.

  • Diarmid Connell

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t lead a horticulture.

    • Faith Clendenen

      “You can lead a horticulture, but you can’t make her think.” Dorothy Parker

      • Chris Muir

        You can lead a liberal to water, but you can’t make him think.

  • Browncoat57

    “… man’s up and takes…”? Is that in the Constitution?

    • Halley

      …or allows an rabidly anti-American criminal coup to shred the Constitution and grab control of the US nuclear arsenal, legal system and Bill of Rights, for no other reason than the Democrats and NeverTrumpers are screaming “Silence, MAGA!”…

      No, that’s not explicitly in the Constitution, but saving the Constitution from hostile takeovers is surely implied in the document.

      • eon

        Hence, “A Republic, if you can keep it”.

        clear ether


    • JTC

      Coup: “Typically an illegal unconstitutional and often violent seizure of power by a political faction.”

      Hence my creative and wishful twisting of froggy terms…

      Recoup: “To take back by rightful claim that which was lost that which was lost (by coup).”

      But I prefer the etymological meaning…(Old French; to cut off or behead.)

      Off with their heads Sir Donald of MAGA!

      Constitutional? Hell yeah!

      • Cloud William

        Recoup: “To take back by rightful claim that which was lost that which was lost (by coup).”

        Drum roll. …

        “That which was ours is ours again.”

        Drum roll …

  • My Way Or --->

    A culture of hysterical women?

    Oh, no, no, no. Beg to differ, good sir. That should be “hysterical men who think they are women”.

    Fixed it fer ye.

    • Chris Muir


    • WayneM

      Yep, that’s better…

    • John M.

      Hysterical Androgynes that don’t know WHAT they are!

  • Pete

    More like twelve year old girls than women.

    • John

      A great many of whom remain mental children thanks to feminism, and yearn to inflict their unhappy childhood on the rest of us.

    • My Way Or --->

      Wait ’til they get monthly cramps…. (giggle) That’ll teach ’em.

  • JTC

    Good point by Delilah…

    I can’t think of a single nominal woman in our political history that was not created, enabled, and shadow-puppeted by nominal men of their acquaintance.

    Not to say there is not a huge cultural “Revoluci’on!” underway to instill a culture of anti-maleism and install feminazis in positions of power, there certainly is…but still just dangling puppets of the elites who made and control them.

  • Capn Jack

    “A little less talk and a lot more action”.

  • I may be an old horndog, but there is something really sexy about that little bit of round red areola peeking out. Often times I believe, a little is sexier than a lot. Not, that I am against a lot. but just saying, it was really sexy in today’s toon. A red headed, red blooded conservative with just a touch of Ooohh la la showing and talking about being with the one you love. Pretty dang cool!

    • John M.

      Is that areola, or just the way the dress is draped? I like that peek-a-boo negligee Jo is wearing!

  • Halley

    “There’s something happening here
    What it is, ain’t exactly clear
    There’s a man with a gun over there
    Telling me I’ve got to beware”

    I’ve totally given up trying to figure out what’s going on, or not.
    From here, there’s nothing left but Hope and Change…

    • JTC

      Well shit dude, you were my last bastion of keeping the faith and trusting the plan.”… 🙁

      On to Plan B? See “recoup” above…off with their heads!

      • Halley

        Oh sorry, I didn’t mean it that way at all. Just that I haven’t been able to discern the slightest about what’s really going on. I still Hope for a Change from these last 10 weeks of living hell.. and am expecting The Greatest Show On Earth very, very soon.

        There’s always been talk about PDT playing “4D chess” with the Left. It’s more likely he’s actually playing at the 17D level. Remember, he told us many moons ago that draining the swamp would be his greatest achievement…


        • Kafiroon

          I think the swamp gators turned into Godzilla’s kids.
          Way more of them lurking far wider than anyone suspected.
          They are showing their tails now.

  • Kafiroon

    Well I think Zed has the right of it here. Go for a nice relaxing horse ride.
    Try it when you cannot handle things sometime.
    After the ride or work, let me to the fridge. More important for my thinking than the presstitutes and progs. lies.
    The modern prophets are still saying wait on God. And Don’t Worry!

  • John M.

    25,000 National Guard Troops – I think Wednesday may end up being another Kent State, just due to the sheer numbers of troops that are in town.

    On another note, the Soapbox and the Ballot Box have failed us, so there is only one box left. If Wednesday DOES turn into another Kent State, that could be the final straw!

  • My Way Or --->

    This video from SkyNews/AU says a lot.

    Ms. Nancy hasn’t been censured by Twitter yet, but Trump is not allowed to speak freely.

    Spread the word…. no, better: Spread the alarm to every Middlesex village and farm.

  • NotYetInACamp

    The Democrats are part of a vast conspiracy of lies, half truths, and some facts thrown in for distraction.
    The destruction of the republic is their goal.

    I just watched a 14 minute ad on you tube dedicated to the end of “whiteness.”

    They are at war on my two tribes, though thry has only recently been included in “white.”

    They want to be the new overlords.
    The valid goals they espouse will never occur as these movements never solve the real problems. They only destroy what exists. Then they squander all accumulated capital that exists, and blame their enemies for the continuing wrongs, all while enjoying the accumulated capital they are living large on as they say they need it to improve the world. As the societies are destroyed.

    I wonder if the CCP will pick up the pieces and mine this land into the contamination they have made elsewhere?

    Just a few thoughts.