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Saddle Up.


  • January 16, 2021 at 12:22 am

    No, do Bluto, “Nothing is over until we say it’s over”.

    • January 16, 2021 at 1:59 am

      “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?”

  • January 16, 2021 at 12:23 am

    OK Chris, now I can do my alien bit and tie it in the pretend UFO doc dump?

    Suffice to say ain’t about aliens from space, just from above you and me.

    Unfortunately nuking them from space nukes us too, so…

    Well, that leaves us, taking them out one at a time. (Taking them out of congress of course, what did you think I meant?)

  • January 16, 2021 at 12:29 am

    Three News Sites In 5 Minutes Post Biden Halo Photos, Mind Manipulation! World Political News.

    • January 16, 2021 at 8:54 am

      He’s recycling Bammy’s Cabiet, now his propaganda!

      Zar Belk!

    • January 16, 2021 at 8:56 am

      He tried The One’s trademark Il Duce pose, and nobody noticed.

      The halo picture has now become de rigueur among the media celebrating a progressive leader. I find this curious in view of their opinion of Christianity, which is of course the source of the iconography.

      clear ether


      • January 16, 2021 at 11:49 am
        The 300

        The new religion always steals the old religion’s symbols. Why do you think they made Hagia Sofia a mosque?

  • January 16, 2021 at 12:31 am

    Yes Zed, you do the Paxton play-by-play and leave the cheerleading up to Red, I mean she’s already got the outfit…

  • January 16, 2021 at 12:31 am
    Hotrod Lincoln

    “I am a little wounded- – – –
    I am not slain– – – –
    I shall lie myself down to bleed awhile- – – – –
    Then rise, to strive with thee again!”

    Unfortunately, those who do not perish in battle can come back to wreak havoc in the future. That happens on both sides. Sometimes “take no prisoners” is the only option!

  • January 16, 2021 at 12:40 am

    Sam would be so badass operating Ripley’s Caterpillar P-5000 powered work loader …

  • January 16, 2021 at 12:50 am

    Maybe there’s a reason Trump is leaving early before the “Inauguration.”

    • January 16, 2021 at 2:12 am

      I don’t know about President Trump reason but I do know I will not be watching it. I can only puke so much.

    • January 16, 2021 at 11:01 am

      My 2 cents says anyone who can remotely be associated with Trump will be charged with sedition if they find themselves within 50 miles of the capitol, and evidence be damned.
      Antifa will not be able to restrain itself, indeed it can’t, but those arrested will be labeled Trump supporters.
      Ironic indeed.

  • January 16, 2021 at 2:29 am

    The Corruptocrats did OK with “Gibs me dat.”. They were hardly noticed. The ideology-driven part of the team is up for a fight. Americans do that quite well. Ask the Germans, Japanese or Gen. Soleimani. The Chinese like the “long game”, but got suckered into “all in”.

    Washington may give us a chance to see how deep red/white/blue really goes. I think the “Blue” Guard plays first.

    Gentlemen (persons)! Place your bets!

  • January 16, 2021 at 3:18 am
    Steve Peterson

    Neutron bomb them from space! That would save the Smithsonian , etc

  • January 16, 2021 at 3:35 am
    Capn Jack

    The last scene from, “Fail Safe”.

  • January 16, 2021 at 4:27 am

    The Greatest Show On Earth
    High Noon
    The Art Of War
    Independence Day
    Now You See Me
    The Art Of The Deal

    Let not your hearts be troubled
    The best is yet to come
    Watch what happens

  • January 16, 2021 at 4:58 am

    Artwork is not always up to par.

  • January 16, 2021 at 5:07 am

    Have I mentioned here yet how I realized how alone people like us were NOT… when I attended the theatrical run of the movie Independence Day? At the scene where the alien ship turns the Capitol Building (or was it the White House?) into talcum powder, I was amazed that the majority of the audience actually leapt to their feet and applauded.

    And this was 25 years ago.

    • January 16, 2021 at 7:16 am

      Yep… 1996, Clinton Part Deux.
      Saw the same thing happen at the theater. And then, when the DVD came out, in my living room. Weird right…

      I miss my wife… It’s almost (but not quite) embarrassing how many movie lines we used. ‘The Princess Bride’ or ‘Aliens’ or ‘Terminators’ or…

    • January 16, 2021 at 8:52 am
      James McEnanly

      It was the White House, with Bill Clinton as President. I can’t see Bill Clinton making a speech like the President in that movie did, but I can see President Trump doing so

      • January 16, 2021 at 4:09 pm

        He said it all: We Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night!

  • January 16, 2021 at 7:46 am

    I wish we could post pics here…
    When I finally got around to watching ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ I had to stop the DVD and skip back and start taking screenshots to make a meme of this scene…

  • January 16, 2021 at 8:13 am

    Be careful about words like that, lest Serious Men in Bad Suits from Alphabet Agencies asking Awkward Questions darken your door. 😉

  • January 16, 2021 at 8:58 am
  • January 16, 2021 at 9:55 am
  • January 16, 2021 at 10:33 am

    trying to imagine Sam Elliot doing Bill Paxton… not happening.

  • January 16, 2021 at 10:36 am

    After a couple times of mistakenly saying “Nuke the site from space — it’s the only way to be sure” and being roundly and immediately corrected by my wife who informed me, “It’s ‘Nuke the site from ORBIT’, not ‘space’ [with fierce squinty eyes]…”, I now am a reformed Nuker who knows his place in orbit.

    Jus’ sayin’…

  • January 16, 2021 at 10:59 am

    I figured out where we are in this country: We are entering a period of a “Cold Civil War”.

    • January 16, 2021 at 11:19 am

      The original Cold War ended with a whimper and not a bang.
      Let us hope for the same.
      As much as I would yearn for a swift end to this madness I know that killing people’s loved ones, however inadvertent, makes for a lot of bad blood over generations.
      I would council for patience and an out-and-out replacement of our “free” education system. The only way this situation could have come about way by the systematic elimination of Rhetoric from the curriculum. The disciplines of Logic and Persuasion are paramount, and their expulsion was the only way the Woke Cult and the Military/Industrial/Congressional corruption could have taken root.

  • January 16, 2021 at 11:04 am
    Contrarian View

    @JTC: Yes, she has the outfit…and the moves.

    I’m going to ask my state reps to introduce a resolution putting the feds on notice that since both the Executive and the Senate are the results of election fraud, anything they pass will be considered invalid and subject to nullification by the state.

    • January 16, 2021 at 12:00 pm
      The 300

      They’ll never do that, they’re too cowardly. However, you might be able to convince them to declare your state a Sanctuary State for whatever issue, from gun control to Paris Accords, that they want.

      Democrats have been doing that to protect illegals for years. Your state legislators can do it to protect citizens.

  • January 16, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    Ya think? “If You Need All This To Protect Your Inauguration from the People, Maybe the F-ing People Didn’t F-ing Elect You!”


    • January 16, 2021 at 10:51 pm

      Methinks the lady doth protect too much.

      Lady Sniffer, herself, Creepy Uncle Joe stalin Biden, bidden. The big guy High Bid, herself. Mr Big Cut. Da boss bag man.

  • January 16, 2021 at 12:51 pm
  • January 16, 2021 at 12:55 pm

    One thing about Canada is that we we don’t make a whole prime-time-celebrity packed-we love ourselves special for a swearing in. It’s just a news blip and get on with the work.

    • January 16, 2021 at 4:03 pm

      I think y’all are just too fucking embarrassed to make a big show out of putting a little puke like Mini-Tru in charge.

      I mean we are potentially about to submit ourselves to far greater danger and ridicule not to mention comedic relief in the way of a semi-comatose pod as big chieftain but the hoopla surrounding his enshrinement is meant more to protect him and his enablers than to fete him. If Canuckians were free to sufficiently arm themselves you might need 25,000 RCP’s to do the same to protect that twerp (but are there even 25,000 souls let alone cops up there?). 😉

  • January 16, 2021 at 2:01 pm

    There is really only one question now: will the CCC (Criminal Communist Coup) be allowed by the MAGA supermajority and its brave president – for no good reason at all, and in a brazen nullification of the Constitution – to conquer and destroy the free world? I think we all know the answer

    • January 16, 2021 at 3:48 pm

      Halley I wish I knew the answer; if the coup is “allowed” to stand then I truly believe all is lost.

      If it is not allowed to stand, that means we will stage a recoup (I like that term!); a war with all its horrors.

      I know the process and logistics would be incredibly difficult and fraught in so many ways, but the establishment of a separate sovereign American nation that I have called the Constitutional Republic of America, joined by the free will of the people of entities or “states”, may be the best way to save ourselves and our heirs, not just by the creation of the CRA but by the repudiation and removal of ourselves and our assets from the ones who have or will choose the path of monarchy and statism.

      I nominate Texas as headquarters, and several major participants like Magpul, Tesla, and just recently the NRA have already done so, and DT’s recent words and sojourns are a good indicator that he too might make Big T his home base for what comes next.

      I will keep the faith in the plan and watch what happens but if it ain’t all that is required then I am prepared to go my own way and do my own thing…by bloody force if necessary.

      • January 16, 2021 at 8:04 pm

        We just need a great big old off season Cat 5 cleaning up the East Coast from Homestead to the top of Maine.

      • January 16, 2021 at 10:02 pm
        Punta Gorda

        Can’t happen. No storm has ever been able to maintain that spacing relative to the coast in recorded history.

        Typically they dig and dive inland or a front grabs it and slings it out to sea. Either way, it will starve for moisture and die out.

      • January 16, 2021 at 10:18 pm
        John D.Egbert

        Remember Hazel? Then Donna. I do . . .

      • January 16, 2021 at 10:19 pm
        John D.Egbert

        Remember Hazel? Then Donna? I do . . .

      • January 16, 2021 at 11:11 pm

        Since I am well aware of what hurricanes do up the coast I just want to think of something “pleasant” instead of Slo Joe and the Ho ruining the country.

      • January 16, 2021 at 11:15 pm

        1926 anyone,
        Miami Beach and Miami flooded. Miami Beach looked like a huge wire brush had scraped it clean. All vegetation was stripped of vegetation. Fort Lauderdale had large, for the time cutters floated up onto dry land. Hurricand force winds from Homestead to past Fort Lauderdale. Tropical Force winds were at the same time striking all of the way to Saint Augustine, Florida.
        The 1926 Miami Storm was huge by any consideration.

        I wonder who the false flag attacks that occur will be blamed on. Crisis actors of the highest order may just show up in DC. All actions around the country that may occur will be used to ramp up draconian measures against loyal Americans. The globalist training of so many will be called to save the nation and the democracy.
        Never let a crisis go to waste, or start it if there is none, as Pedo-sta has been known to say. Pedo bros or allies must have gotten Brietbart for calling him out publicly.These enemies are highly intelligent and dangerous. They have all the fiat money in the world backing them. Long game playing wealth is backing them, as they back all potential winners that they can convert. They seem to lie, cheat, steal, and kill as they believe is necessary. So it appears to me.
        Treat with extreme caution.

  • January 16, 2021 at 11:54 pm

    “Stand back and stand by” y’all.

    But stand up and stand in when it is time.

    The time is not long.

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