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  • Merle

    that’s not what I expected to be causing those bumps!!! 🙂

    • GWB

      Yeah. I was thinking it was not those two individuals. And then my mind went places……. 😮

    • JTC

      “If this tank’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’!!!”

  • JTC

    Getting there might be a pain but it’s the destination that matters.

    If the path ends in socialism we will learn what real pain is.

  • Hypocrisy, thy name is demoncrap.

  • JTC

    Careful Sam, that 3-ton Gov Motors barge is not made for and will not survive any real 4-wheelin’. Don’t want you and The Candidate getting stranded in the outback.

  • WayneM

    Skye needs to hurry up if she’s going to get into the debates. The DNC is making up arbitrary rules faster than ever of late. Tulsi… aka the only sane voice in the room… has already been excluded… Even Williamson noticed the Dems have gone crazy…

    • JTC

      As to Gabbard’s sanity, comparison to the rest of the clowns is a pretty low bar. And while she does articulate better than most, what she articulates -while viewed as centrist among the commie clowns- is most closely aligned with the Bern. She will likely end up as a vice candidate for one of the screaming radicals to help soften up the middle group of Dems that keep Unca Joe out front…maybe even for Joe himself. That would pretty much do for her what McCain’t did for Palin.

      Ultimately, she is and would be pushed even further into the corner of free shit, free love, free immigration, and free the prisoners. Some of those positions have some measure of desirability and viability, but overall and to the inevitable extreme, would just be another path to the socialist hell for the Republic and for all of us that is the overriding agenda of leftists and the true goals of their evil godhead.

  • Kyle Kiernan

    is that a rough road or just clumsy bangin?

  • kadaka

    I was wondering with the terrain why hovercraft aren’t used more. Environment too abrasive or does the noise scare the illegals too much? Between Sam and Javier they could make a cool ride that looks like young Master Luke should be piloting it.

    Watch Some Crazed Vegans and Transvestites Protest the New Toronto Chick-fil-A

    They’re protesting because Chick-fil-A’s factory farms are flagrantly abusive towards LGBTQ chickens and the bigots in MAGA hats are denying a hen’s right to choose to have or not have eggs of color, something like that.

    Are transvestites still a thing or just people doing a test run before committing to the switch? ‘Cause I thought I knew what The Crying Game was about but Wikipedia now sez that character was a transexual woman which I didn’t think was an actual term then, it was pre- or post-op for switchers. I’m avoiding seeing what SJW woke editing has been done to the M. Butterfly entry.

    • eon

      A transsexual is someone suffering from gender dysphoria, that is, feeling that they got the wrong kind of body at birth. They may or may not be happier after full gender-reassignment surgery, according to Dr. Alex Comfort in the original non-PC edition of The Joy of Sex. “Shemales” generally fall into this category.

      Transvestites come in two varieties, again according to TJOS. Cross-dressers get a sexual thrill from dressing up as the opposite sex. Female impersonators are mainly in it for the money; they’re performers, often doing nightclub acts and etc.

      Given a safe, 100% effective sex-change procedure (think 24th century Star Trek level medicine like Quark went through one time on DS9), the average genuine transsexual would jump at the chance to be what they genuinely wish they’d been born as.

      The average cross-dresser would run away terribly fast, screaming in a weird falsetto.

      The average female impersonator would look at you strangely and accuse you of trying to put them out of work.

      Three distinctly different categories, not just one.

      clear ether


  • Pamela

    Sam…looks like you are going to be replacing shocks, struts and maybe some of the undercarriage . As to the Dems, they remind me of small critters running hither and yon to see what causes the most distractive noise and diversions.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    pity we don’t have a look inside at all the bouncing boobage!

    • kadaka

      “Wow Sam, what slapped you on the cheek to leave a welt like that?”

      “It was… umm… self-inflicted.”

  • Badger

    Good point there in contrast about the righties being targeted by the left, socially, economically, violently. They get away with that because of the right’s misguided clinging to civility. There is a finite quantity of that.

    • GWB

      The difficulty being that we can’t preserve civilization if we throw it out the window. But if we don’t, well, we still can’t preserve it.

      So we have to make the mental switch to preserving the core things so we can restore the rest, later.

    • John

      We must cling to civility, in fact we must cultivate it.
      This _is_ a culture war after all, and the moment we abandon our culture in favor of theirs we LOSE.
      If anything we should throw their barbarity back in their faces by taking our hits to continue pursuing the civic virtues, uphold the laws and make the roots of our Constitution common knowledge instead of allowing them to be dismissed as arcane and irrelevant.

    • Halley

      More than civil vs uncivil, it’s being willing or not to expose the left for what it really is and who they really are. No matter how eruditely put, the left screams ”uncivil” when faced with any truth about their actual intentions. GOPers have turned the refusal to verbally expose the left into an art form.

  • WayneM

    Speaking of Rough Riders…

    The Canadian Football League (CFL) where there are only three downs, the fields are longer and the balls are bigger…

    The Roughies had financial issues and eventually folded. A few years ago, a new group brought the CFL back to Ottawa under the unimaginative name “The Red Blacks”

  • James F Gemind

    That’s what, Alinsky’s Rule#4, ‘Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.’?


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