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  • bob in houston

    I thought Macfadyen died of lung cancer or something similar? Still a lot of other “coincidences” out there tho for sure.

    • silvergreycat

      From The Centre for Investigative Journalism website…

      *…We are extremely sad to announce the death of Gavin MacFadyen, CIJ’s Founder, Director and its leading light. Gavin died of lung cancer surrounded by loved ones in London on Saturday 22nd Oct 2016.*


      • Too lazy to find it but I saw one report that said “after a short illness”. Not how you would describe death from lung cancer. OTOH, he could have had lung cancer for a long time and actually died of another, expedient, cause.

        Who knows? I do know one thing, this is a monster that will do anything to win, and if anything means croaking an old sick guy to try to shut down that fucking drip drip drip of inconvenient emails? Ice that motherfucker.

        • Understand, JTC, that not all cancers are slow-growing or obvious. Lung cancer killed someone I knew in less than 2 months, because by the time it was discovered, he was Stage 4, which is the end. Likewise, the oldest daughter of a good friend died of leukemia that went through her like a firestorm. It was originally diagnosed as flu, with leukemia lurking in the background. She died within two months of the leukemia diagnosis.

          So yes, cancer can be a ‘short’ illness – even lung cancer – if it is not discovered in time to stop it. It’s a failure of the immune system.

          • Hmm. Hard to know why a quick cancer death would be reported by the wife as “after a short illness” and then have that taken down. Drips with dark possibilities as Macfadyn himself would no doubt say.

            So I’ll stick to my little conspiracy theory (one of many; are they still theory once proven beyond logical doubt?) of the coincidental, well-timed, and expedient deaths of a hundred or so inconvenient truth tellers being more likely of unnatural causes than natural.

            Cuz that’s just how I roll, and I put nothing beyond that bitch.

  • Grunt GI

    Why? Why? Cuz you’re a lying loony bitch.

    And darn it Sam’s arm is in the wrong place. She should be reaching up for that bottle.

    • Doggo

      Is Sam rolling her top up for better tips, too?

      • Grunt GI

        Hmmmm, she might be..but I can’t tell, cuz her stinkin’ ARM is in the way.
        Perhaps CM will fix that in tomorrow’s tune.
        SIGH…and the Hillary eyes are kinda freakin’ me out.

  • thundercloud65

    Michael Moore got Michael Moore’d.

    He did a anti-trump rant. Someone selectively edited the video then turned it into a pro Trump video.

    Once I saw the video it made me want to vote for Trump even more.

    It’s easy to be fooled by this video into believing Moore supports Trump LOL.
    Moore is still a piece of s__t who reminds me of Jabba the Hut in Star Wars and he remains a Trump hater.

    • Deplorable Old Codger

      “Moore … reminds me of Jabba the Hut in Star Wars”

      I’d be careful who I compared Michael Moore to, were I you, Thundercloud. Jabba has her fans out there and the Hutt Antidefamation League is liable to slap you with a lawsuit. And, really, do you actually believe that Jabba is as bad as MM?

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Snake eyes”. Hellary’s new code name. Outside AND inside the prison system (Trump winning and the creek don’t rise). Even if she becomes president (shudder), I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that will be her SecService code name.

    I like it. It fits. Like skin. That she sheds as regularly as her lies and crimes.

  • ExNuke

    Anyone else think Bill would like actually like to see Trump win just to see if she would stroke out and he could be rid of her?

  • eon

    When you factor in all the “accidents”, including a VC-137 full of innocents who went down with Ron Brown, in the last 40 years Hillary & Co. have somehow benefited from more deaths than the firm of Maranzano, Profaci, Genovese & Luciano (Pty.) did between the Night of the Sicilian Vespers and the Apalachin conference.

    This sums it up best;

    clear ether


  • So many videos online of Hitlery supporters trespassing on lawns and ripping off with Trump signs, that if it weren’t so ridiculously cowardly and infantile, a shotgun loaded with rock salt would be the appropriate remedy.

    But what do I know??

    Anyone besides me interested in the real world? Cubs 5 Indians 1, Cubs win and go home to Chicago for the next three games. Good job by both teams!! They play to win and don’t have to cheat or lie to do so. And the only thing they ever steal is bases, but I haven’t seen that yet, so….

  • Early voting is happening in NM. Any guesses who my vote went to? Now remember this, there are two candidates who will get the overall numbers. R or D. Vote for anyone but one, or the other, and the vote you cast goes to the left. I’m older, sure. But remember Perot. He got a lot of votes, but when they weren’t enough we got Klintoon. Why his votes went socialist instead of conservative I do not know. But I’m getting SO fed up with “que sera, sera”.

    • gafling

      The word is out around Texas that one should NOT select the straight Republican ticket button on your voting machine. Many incidents of that button turning in a vote for all the democrat candidates.

      If you want to vote straight Republican, take the extra few minutes to go thru the entire ballot and select each ‘R’ candidate individually. Finally, be sure to review your choices.

      Trump/Pence 2016
      Hillary for Jail 2017

      • doc

        Touch screen machines (particularly old ones) do have some problems with staying calibrated correctly, but if you touch the box and it lights up as it should, then it is registering correctly. If it doesn’t tell the poll workers (before you submit/cast the ballot, so that it can be recalibrated – and if you don’t want to wait for that, you can use a different machine

      • Deplorable Old Codger

        According to Snopes there has only been the single incident in a single county where voters wishing to vote straight ticket could not. And if Snopes says it, it MUST be so ’cause Snopes is unbiased and politically neutral.

        YEAH RIGHT!

  • American

    I would love nothing but to see Chris’s cartoon become reality!

  • Pete231

    The date : 1/20/2017. The place : Washington D.C. The time : 10 seconds after D.T. finishes the Oath of Office, the U.S.Marshalls clamp the bracelets on the ‘Beast and perp walk her on live TV down Pennsylvania Ave. Dreams can true, it can happen to you………..

    • Ah, perchance to dream…

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I’d pay good PPV money to watch that.

    • MJ Larkins

      You have to get all the BEASTS!

      Obama, Lynch, Holder, Kerry, the whole gang.

      Throw in Ryan and McConnell in there too…

    • Deplorable Old Codger

      {sigh} If only ’twere so! Me? I figure the actual likelihood of Hildabeast being punished for her many misdeeds is somewhere south of the likelihood of one of the maids in the Vatican finding a prayer rug hidden in the Pope’s closet.

  • AlexJ

    In case, Heaven Forbid, Hillary wins steals the electionn please remember #CAMP – Clinton Ain’t My President.

  • Bill G

    Your pen to God’s eyes.

  • WayneDeplorable

    Vote early and vote often, folks… Persuade your deplorable friends to do the same. While I’m not sure I believe this election is “end of western society” moment that some pundits are prophesying, the Hildabeast’s time in power needs to come to an end.

  • Unca Walt

    This: “… While I’m not sure I believe this election is “end of western society” moment…”

    Shows incomplete thought.

    The Supreme Court becomes an enemy of the United States of America when Hillary acquires the crown.

    Just like the current IRS (targeting per instructions).

    Just like the DOJ (do we even need to go there?)

    Just like the FBI (it is no longer a felony or treason if you were ‘confused’).

    Just like… the fucking END OF WESTERN SOCIETY.

    • You forgot the BATFE. I still think Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms should be a convenience store, not a government agency.

      • Pamela

        *looks at Blake over glasses*
        Firearms and Alcohol should always be kept apart under any circumstance, especially where an agency and money are involved. Being clearheaded and clear eyed are required when firearms and ammo are being purchased and utilized. No need for buyers remorse from one drink too many thinking you are getting a prime piece and it has a stovepipe problem or the magazine always slips out.

        Better to be the department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Sex Workers.

        *takes tongue out of cheek*

      • Right. Hustle a drunk and sell him the means to get his vengeance and to get more drunk.

        More concerned about getting swept by that booze hound, get enough of that from folks that are stone cold sober and just stupid.

        First time I saw the C-store thing was at View From The Porch years ago, where an FFL (which I also was for many moons, and of course agreed), responded that’s the last combination of goods and services you’d want. Sounds cute though, and the anti-gov sentiment is understood.

        • S Hooks

          When considering the illogical juxtaposition of these categories and the items to be regulated, it’s helpful to remember that ATF was chartered under the Treasury Department, and that their nickname among those they chased was “the Revenooers”. IOW, it didn’t matter what they covered as long as it generated revenue. 😉

          • Absorbing the regulation of firearms into the collection of sin taxes marked a morphing from revenue enforcement to behavior enforcement…from money to power.

            Of course money is power and power is money. Always follow the money/power. Always follow the power/money.

            And nobody understands that truth better than the bitch who would be queen. She wants all the money/power and all the power/money.

          • eon

            Thank FDR and the National Firearms Act of 1934. After Prohibition was repealed, the Alcohol Revenue Section was a “ministry without a mission”.

            Henry Morgenthau, the SecTreas, thought it would be a good idea to hand the firearms taxation and control job to them to avoid having to close the section and lay off workers, which FDR was opposed to.

            After a badly misguided SCOTUS decision (U.S. vs. Miller 1939) in which the Treasury lied to SCOTUS about what they were trying to do to get a lower court decision overturned, the Firearms, Alcohol and Tobacco Taxation Bureau changed its name to avoid the obvious nickname.

            To this day, it retains its taxation powers in spite of being transferred to DoJ under the Homeland Security Act, violating the constitutional “wall” between tax collection and law enforcement functions.

            It also uses exorbitant taxes and arbitrary bans to control the access to arms of law-abiding Americans, never mind Bailey vs. Drexall Furniture Co., 259 U.S. 20 (1922);


            In fact, BATFET is so adept at ignoring U.S. Code in pursuit of their holy mission (No guns in any but government hands, ever), they fit the definition of an outlaw agency, if not a domestic terrorist group.

            Although mostly they’re just incompetent. I know; I’ve had to work with them.

            clear ether


  • Pamela

    Too bad there weren’t some listening/talking parrots in the Billz and Hillz show over the years. Be for some pretty enlightening conversation to say the least. Especially before Congressional Committees. The pull a chair up, sit down with drinks and popcorn moments make life interesting.


    Problem with dice, as the Donald knows, is they can be LOADED!

    But controlling the international Freedom of the Press (yes Assange is a journalist) and disappearing dozens of dissidents? Where else are nations run like that, and by whom?

    That is beyond rigged; that is nascent oligarchy, where One Choice is enforced by any and all means necessary. And some just for fun. As someone said above, control of all three branches of government and all of its agencies of control and enforcement…not to mention the military… means perpetual rule and the end of the Republic.

    After the election of HillBilly and entourage, I believe preventing that will mean all out war, to me more a Revolutionary than a Civil kind.

    Better step it up, DT.

    • NotYetInACamp

      As i have said before, there are many many TRILLIONS of dollars and tremendous power at stake. This is a Maximum Effort. They are holding nothing back. All means to rig it used by Democrats and Republican hierarchy and RINOS in the past will be used. Those methods used against Al Gore, and those methods used by Obama will be used for Hillary.
      Hillary is Jeb and GWB’s sister after all. So they joke(?) as Bill Clinton and Hillary have become good friends and associates of the Bush Family.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I so pray that Americans produce the landslide that will overcome the steal and result in the last pane becoming reality.

    As to WHY? Well, Hillary, sometimes the good guy does win.

  • Deplorable Old Codger

    Vote, people. It may be your last chance to do so!

  • Deplorable Old Codger

    Well, The wife and voted this morning. The early voting place was in the small meeting hall where the mostly rural school district to which part of our property tax goes. This is a very diffuse school district including many square miles but the line was out the door across the porch, down the steps and almost ot to the parking lot. I saw exactly ONE HRC sign and ONE Trump/Pence sign. There was also one hand lettered “Hillary for Prison” sigh in a yard across the road from the voting site.

    I have a very strong suspicion that this was the last time I’ll ever vote. I do not believe the Republic can survive another Clinton presidency. I only hope that things do not go south too rapidly. I have less than 6 months’ charge left in the battery of my pacemaker. If things fall apart before I get the thing replaced, I will be dead by summer – I will have stroked out. If by some miracle The Donald were to win I think things will hold together. Let’s all cross our fingers.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I just returned from voting for Donald J Trump and Pence.
      i had walked into the early voting location Monday to get the complete ballot. They had three times the people handling the voters and printing out their precinct’s ballot. There were three times as many voting stalls. As soon as one stall opened, it was filled with a voter. I am pretty sure that most of the voters were for Trump. There were massively more voters than for the primaries.

      The paper had said that the county early voters were the largest yet.

      This is Trump Country. It is not Miami-Dade County, Palm Beach county, or Broward County that are the people that have often won the state for a Democrat. Hillary did have a closed door meeting with the head of the Broward County Elections Department earlier this week.

      Vote early. Stop them from voting often. 🙂

      • God willing, the plains of red will overcome the hives of blue…in FLA and pretty much every state.

        Of course you don’t have to go south to find Florida Blue, they’re breathing down your neck there in Osceola County, hopefully you’re on the Polk side. And of course it’s solid lib above there in Orange…the influence of the Mouse on demographics.

    • cb

      “I have a very strong suspicion that this was the last time I’ll ever vote.”
      That thought has occurred to many of us.

  • How about (if G-d forbid Hilliary “wins” November 8) you do one showing Tim Kaine getting sworn in under the 20th Amendment.

  • Col. Bat Guano

    From your lips to God’s ears, I hope.

  • Skip1976DAAP

    Bingo! You gotta believe!

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