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  • William Henry

    They either look like walking toothpicks or hungry Holsteins… no middle ground. Triple bagging and shutting the breakers off would not help.

  • All the sound and fury is a distraction. Their agenda, means, and methods not only live on but have been boosted.

    The only road that matters is a dead-end; emphasis on the dead.

    Let’s Go Brandon! CRA Now!

  • Buck

    Listened to gov’t radio this evening to see how they were handling it. They delivered the Xiden comment that if congress had passed the spending bills the results would have been the other way. The wife and I burst out laughing.

    • Henry

      Classic Democrat disconnection. They lost because they failed to dig their hole deep enough.

      • Steve Peterson

        We need to backfill the hole!!

    • Lifeofthe Mind

      They have a point. If they pass all the laws they want then so many voters will become enslaved/dependent on the state that less fraud will be needed. Think of it as putting the entire planet on Social Security/MedicAid to ensure electoral control.

      • MadCat

        The old, failed USSR had no need for “electoral control”. What little real electorate they had was a one-party outfit. But then, look where they are today….and still controlled by a tyrant.

        • John

          Yes, but oddly one with at least some sense.
          I ran across an rt/YouTube video the other day in which Vlad the Invader decried the rise of the Church of Woke in the West.
          I think even he recognizes a threat to his customer base.

    • The 300

      You could chalk it up to dementia, but I’m pretty sure it’s what his handlers told him to say, and they’re wrong too.

      • MadCat

        The real government we have does what it wants and the doddering old man takes the blame/hits.

  • Kafiroon

    Self-delusion is not healthy for progs or any actual human beings.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Talk aboot entitled, or believing that (fill in the current blank) they deserve entitlement, Xir is definitely one.

    Xir is approved by Xir Xiden, who believes that he is entitled to be president and believes that he received 80,000,000 votes in 2020. Ballots, maybe? But actual votes’ votes, no a chance in hell. Maybe that is where the ballots came from. Maybe that is a science universe claimed by Xir, Xi, Mohammed, and such as Xiden?

  • Pamela

    So what happens when she starts the third tub of Rocky Road…

    • steveb919

      Her stomach bust wide open.

    • John M.

      Sloth (from the movie “The Goonies”)

    • Steve Peterson

      Like Mr Creosote! In Monty Python and the meaning of liff

      • bob in houston

        Wafer thin mint for monsieur?

  • steveb919

    It’s a shame Red didn’t win NJ. But it was a close one.

    • Mort

      Ciattarelli hasn`t conceded yet, and there
      are more votes to count.

      • Norm

        The problem is, who’s counting them.

      • Pamela

        Are they still trying to get the filled in ballots from one the boats off the California coast…

  • Bill G

    A rocky road? No, they’re on one they’ve mined themselves. They have no true connection to what Americans want, or how angry we are. They believe that between their Democrat Media Complex and voter fraud, they can ram their agenda through until there is no reversing it.

    • Browncoat57

      I don’t think the problem is that “they have no true connection to what Americans want” but that too many ‘americans’ want what they offer, cost be damned.
      America is reaping what was sewn and allowed to grow since the 60s as far as mindsets and worldviews. Maybe it was all planned from the 20s and 30s but that’s giving a lot of credit to people. Now if you said Satan was behind it…

      • John

        It wasn’t just the 60’s.
        We can trace some connections to the Progressive Fascist agenda clear back to before WWI with the creation of the Federal Reserve Ripoff Bank and introducing the poison pill of the Income Tax (poison pill in the form of the infamous “Loopholes”)
        Dinesh Joseph D’Souza rightly pointed out that the Nazi Party cribbed a good chunk of their program from our Democratic Party playbook. FDR hyperextended the Great Depression by debasing the dollar, mandating a minimum wage, and requiring Social Security be paid effectively entirely by employers, thus crippling job creation by making it too expensive.
        This mess has been a long time in the works.

    • MadCat

      It seems to be working……and yet…..and yet….

  • DrUrchin

    I would just like to say how pleasant Tuesday evening was, watching how my vote actually counted in the state of Virginia, and imagining Terry McA and Ralphie Northam (the baby-killer) blubbering into their whiskies…

    Thank you. That is all. 🙂

    • Browncoat57

      While I’m thrilled Younkin and Sears won, going against the party of killing babies, confiscating guns and kicking parents out of schools and winning by only 2.1% does not give me ‘warm fuzzies’.

      • DCE

        Considering how blue the urban and ‘bureaucrat’-settled counties are in Virginia, it’s a friggin’ miracle. That the Democrats pissed off some of their own supporters enough to have them vote across party lines or, more likely, to not vote at all, is telling.

    • The 300

      I see Northam more as a wine spritzer kind of guy.

    • WayneM

      Terry & Ralphie don’t strike me as the whisky types… more the decaf soy latte (extra whip)…

      • Pamela

        To go with their Special Reserve Weed…

  • Son Of A Valkyrie

    Glad Sam won. Looking forward to more “speeches”.

  • DogByte6RER

    Whaddya get when you cross Baskin Robbins with an Austrian economist?

    The Rocky Road to Serfdom … ba, da, bum!


    Just make it LGBWTF for convenience.

  • Unca Walt

    M E T A <- Good lord… what a great acronym!


  • Halley

    Happy about VA, but…. Trump’s margins of victory in GA, PA etc (the real, non-Dominion count) were huge, yet, The Coup found a way to steal them. The Coup could absolutely have used the same dirty tricks yesterday in VA, but chose not to. Just sayin’.

    • cb

      From the internet rumor mill aka Bee Wannabes:

      The mail-in votes were printed in China. But they are stuck on a freighter in San Diego harbor.

    • JTC

      Yep. I said at the top:

      “…sound and fury signifying nothing…”

      But I was wrong; it signifies much, that they are willing to toss a drone or two under the bus as a diversion while pursuing a doubling down of failed deadly policies and edicts…

      And we are the ones that do nothing.

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    Wholly Carp! More than doubled the target in a day!

    She is good peeps. Pleasure to help her just a bit. She certainly deserves it.

  • NotYetInACamp

    THIS is a perfect way to engage in this war that has been waged against us for so long.
    Take away their power over others. Diversify the elimination of their power.

    • JTC

      Tell ya what…if that truck driver’s win holds, I will vacate my stated opinion that nothing has changed and the VA gov thing was a diversionary ruse…


  • NotYetInACamp

    “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” – Ephesians 5:11

    • Further, and in a twist of irony, or prophecy:

      “Awake thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.”

  • Kafiroon

    Obviously, people didn’t “Vote Hard Enough.”
    We can vote, so far, in elections but the shutdowns in counting, the totals that suddenly gain vs. the totals that suddenly decrease, the “found” boxes of ballots that seem to be overwhelmingly for the democrats… There comes a time when men must decide to spit on their hands and hoist the Black Flag…

  • “There comes a time…”

    That too is in the Bible.

    There is only One Way, and there appears to be only one way.


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