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  • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    It ain’t boasting if it’s fact.

    • Brent Dotson

      “if you can do it, it ain’t bragging” – The Guns of Will Sonnet. I liked that show.

  • Shonkin


    • Chris Muir

      Argh, speling getz me.

      • eon

        Aye haat spelchik.

        Because I suspect it was created by some slacker type who thinks I LV TXT DNT U is proper grammar.

        clear ether


  • Well, rich guys DO have it. This is the greatest President in American history. Period.

    • John

      Is there room enough left on Mt. Rushmore?

  • Pete231

    Must have something to do with his precious bodily fluids……

    • Ozymandius

      Or purity of essence.

      • Pamela

        Nah! It’s the strength of his fiber…

        • Too Tall

          Lady Wisdom speaks to those who will listen.

  • Mike-SMO

    I never understand. He says, “Invisible Enemy”, but I see Democrats everywhere. It is worse when I cross over into Illinois where there are more Democrats than people.

    • Too Tall

      As an escapee from the People’s Democratic Republic of Ill-Annoy (State Motto: Where Our Former Governors Make Our License Plates), I have firsthand knowledge of the regular, and uniformly high, turnout for the Progtard DildoCrats from the cemeteries.

      My grandfather lived in Chicago all his life, was a staunch Republican, and died in 1951. Twenty years later my grandmother moved to the far western exurbs and changed her voter registration. They asked her if her husband need to change his. It turns out that for twenty years after his death, my grandfather cast a ballot in every DildoCrat primary without fail.

  • OldGoat36

    It’s the power ties. The right ones just can’t be beat.

  • Paladin

    I was so wrong about “Donny Two Scopes”. Pleasantly supersized does not cover it. I am ecstatic with his Presidency. If only the GOP-e was on board. The things that could have been accomplished. A tee shirt I picked up at Bikeweek Daytona says it best. “Finally, Somebody with Balls”

    • Sarge

      exactly right !!!

    • Pamela

      I wonder if he has them tattooed

      • Too Tall

        Engraved, deeply engraved.

  • Dread

    Given that it was either Trump or Hillary would be showing us all her hubris; I’m happy!

  • Kafiroon

    Politicians and Academics. Supposedly the best to be in office.
    Finally proven to be a false belief. Showing they are full of lies, lots of hot air,
    no substance and terrible theories on how to run a country.
    Definitely a man with substance. Note the First Lady vs. the previous.
    Give him three scoops.

    • interventor

      Add, no executive experience — use to making decisions and living with the results.


    Think about it, PDT is probably much more like the Founding Fathers than any politician today. They were businessmen who served their country at peril to their personal businesses. They did not seek career offices because they had more profitable ventures waiting for them at home.

    • WayneM

      Spot on…

      As an outsider looking in curiously, I always wondered what motivated the Founders in their experiment into creating a new form of government. Why put such sustained effort into such?

      I’ve come to the conclusion they were engaged in a form of activity which resembled the ancient Greek saying “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they’ll never sit in”

      Perhaps that’s part of Trump’s motivation as well.

      • John

        The Founders knew by hard experience that there is always room for improvement in the face of human folly. They suffered under a thoughtless King and Parliament who later killed a million Irishmen by their greed and neglect.
        And the Founders knew that they, and we, are by no means perfect.
        I suspect their hopes lay in building a system that would allow their posterity the opportunity to correct mistakes in a timely manner, hence all the checks and balances built into the Constitution and even provisions for its alteration or abolishment.

  • CaptDMO

    Fancy, misunderstood word!
    Also not the right word for progressive propaganda gaslighting.

    • John

      A word better understood in the overconfident attitude that DJT _cannot_ lose his reelection.

      • War Pig

        If he does not lose it will not be for lack of effort from the Left. This is going to be the dirtiest, most corrupt election in history. The left is going to pull out all the stops, use their entire bag of dirty tricks and cheating and intimidation in order to get in the White House then suppress any investigations as Bill and Hillary did and as Obama did as well. The left feels morally justified in cheating, lying, etc because of Trump Derangement Syndrome. They feel the ends justifies the means. I also look for them to appoint either Hillary or Pelosi as VP, then if Sleepy Joe does win, to have him resign for health reasons and put their hand-chosen VP in the presidency.

  • DogByte6RER

    It’s true … and I am frequently referred to as an Alpha Male.

    Women swoon at DJT. Men want to be like DJT.

    Okay … so that makes me an A- (Alpha) Male …

  • Roland Deschain

    It’s all in the attitude, baby! And being able to back it up, of course!

  • JTC

    If they’re showing you their hubris, just grab ’em by it DT! You and I both know they don’t want to date you they want to do you!

  • Halley

    Playmate of the Year, check!
    (is my envy showing?)

  • JTC

    Webster: “To the Greeks, hubris referred to extreme pride, especially pride and ambition so great that they offend the gods and lead to one’s downfall. Hubris was a character flaw often seen in the heroes of classical Greek tragedy, including Oedipus and Achilles.”

    Seems like exacty the right word.

    • JTC

      Intended response for CaptDMO

  • Pamela

    Just Got Locked Down!
    Just hope he doesn’t have ChiComs in the wings to Aid and Assist.


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