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  • Too Tall

    Chris, I’m pretty sure I got whiplash going from the joy of yesterday’s celebration to the harsh reality of overabundant stupidity that infects the progressive areas of this country depicted above.

    Today’s ‘toon should have come with a black box warning or something.

    • JTC

      Funny TT, I got an advance warning in a chat with CE yesterday and referenced a comment I made in the old days with a radical change up every few days, I said “Whiplash!” 😀

      • JTC

        Heh. Don’t know who the hell CE is, but my phone chat was with CM.

  • interventor

    Spent a bit of time in the Green Zone (Baghdad).

    • JTC

      Might have been safer there than where Skye is now…

      She’ll be getting naked for love or money soon there, have to see the why’s and guys involved with that. Like I said, dangerous.

      • JTC

        Shit, reading that back it looks like I’m making light of where you were and what you did in the real world, no disrespect intended. Thank you.

        • interventor

          No problem.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      Was thinking the same. Never been there, but…..Green Zone? Iran? RUN, do not walk, to the nearest exit.

      • interventor


    • Chris Muir

      Yup, me too.

  • Where was Skye shacking when she was with Pantifa, Seattle or Portland? Gotta be careful her old “Comrades” dont get wind of her whereabouts, could get fugly….

  • James/G

    Portland is bad, and about to get WAY worse. Apparently, a Christian event at the wharf was violently assaulted by Antifa/BLM, with women and children targeted with mace, rocks, bottles, etc.

    And Portland PD did *nothing.*

    According to the angry webmaster, Proud Boys had to step up.

    Skye is a working mother, and more important, a Convert to Conservatism, and like a reformed prostitute, she will not be swayed.

    She needs a place farther out than the Green Zone, for her kids…

    • A place farther out? Might I suggest Bowbells, North Dakaota?

      Zar Belk!

  • Kafiroon

    Being too old to have been in those places…
    Were they not subject to mortars, truck bombs, and assorted other forms of attack on the so-called safe area?

    • interventor

      Truck bombs were stopped at the gates. Mortars and rockets, not so much. Rediscovered an old skill from Nam. Recognizing AK 47 fire from M16/M4.

  • Pamela

    Castle. Moat. Draw Bridge. Dragon. Needs list for anyone these days.

  • Hardball

    A week ago, I was at the women’s soccer game in Portland. No incident. Things were perfect.

    • Simple Minded

      If it was a soccer game in Portland, are you sure it was a woman’s game, and not a tranny’s?

    • UBUIBME-PaulS

      Wow! Even Pantifa won’t show up for women’s soccer?!?! I think you might be onto something. 😉

      • UBUIBME-PaulS

        I got it!
        “Midnight Women’s Soccer!”

        • Henry

          That sounds interesting, depending on which pair of words are parenthesized.

  • Mike-SMO

    Portlamd!? Why?

    The cores of Dem cities were trashed during “mostly peaceful” demonstrations to make way for the new population as in Compton (California). After a wave of “unpleasantness”, the Vibrancy would decamp and leave clear ground for the new population. Life several blocks away from that transition would be “interesting” for awhile. In Compton, the “Pioneers” were fairly careful about their new neighbors, but transitions can be difficult to manage.

    What kind of tortillas do you like?

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    “Vibrancy”…….is that the new “dog whistle”, the new “code word”, for “riots, looting, and burning”? Understatement much? Makes me think the new code word for 6.0 earthquake should be “minor groundswell”.

    • Pamela

      Shimmy Shake and Slide

    • Henry

      Vibrancy isn’t an activity so much as it a characteristic of existence. It comes from real estate ad language of the later ‘80s, where the seller’s agent was careful to praise the advantages of a home located in a “vibrant, diverse neighborhood,” instead of using the words ghetto, barrio, or s*hole. Everybody knew what it meant, same as 100 years ago everybody knew that “eccentric” meant “batshit crazy but rich.”

  • JTC

    That overabundant stupidity that Too Tall mentioned stress the top is not limited to Portland or to the US, they are just giddy that we are back to finance it/them. And they are coming after us, the next big get whitey kill humans phase.

    Can you imagine the resources wasted (such bittersweet irony) on those thousands of studies and reports?


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