Day By Day


  • formwiz

    The racks are more than ample.

    • noncom

      I say the rack is fine….

  • JIMV

    One cannot have too many ‘racks’ on the menu

  • Ol' Tanker

    Rack ’em up, girls!

  • TomZ

    FB page is back.

    • I think that Zuckerberg needs to stop being such a pissant. As much as I detested Robert Mapplethorpe’s self-abuse in photos, when FB removed a photo of Mapplethorpe’s pecker sticking out of his pants because it was ‘indecent’, that somehow offended people.

      It becomes a problem if children see it and don’t understand the psychotic idiocy that infested Mapplethorpe. Otherwise, boys have penises and girls have vaginas, and Zukie is a little girl. Parents are supposed to monitor what their children look at, aren’t they?

      Let’s remember that Henry Miller’s books were banned in the USA until the 1960s because his written works were so bluntly sexual that they were considered obscene. He did fine in Europe, but in the USA, prissiness still prevailed, regardless of Henry’s fine prose. In today’s world, Henry would likely be considered pretty mild.

      • Pamela

        I wrote book reports in the 8th grade on Miller’s Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. Got called into the office to explain myself. Was asked how I had gotten my hands on them. Considering they were in the library at home, it was easy.

      • Old Codger

        I think that Zuckerberg needs to stop being such a pissant.

        Of course, dear Delilah, you do realize that a few days after Zuckerberg stops being a pissant (and I hope the Pissant Anti-Defamation League doesn’t sue us for comparing him to one) they will be burying him. Not that would be a BAD thing, mind you, but merely indicative of when I believe he will cease to be a pissant.

    • TomZ

      It’s gone again.

  • Steve_1066

    I’d have taken a moment too. DDBQ looks to have some rockin racks, spicy racks, great racks, splendiferous racks and good BBQ as well!

  • Pamela

    Someone needs to give Travis a kiss or three.

    • Grunt GI

      Yes, sometimes the right look, says it all.

    • jackdeth72


      *Rim Shot*

      “Travis is here all weeks, folks. And through the weekend.

      Try the Ribs and the Pulled Pork.

      And don’t forget to tip your Wait Staff!”

      • Pamela


        Travis needs a Lady Friend to ease his burdens. And maybe has a great pie recipe to boot. Plus a deft hand.

  • iowaan

    The trouble with slow cooking is that by the time you figure out you haven’t made enough, it’s too late.

    But we can always look for another rack tomorrow.

    • jackdeth72

      Make enough the first time….

      What’s left can be chopped up for stews and chili!

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Naomi left herself WIDE open for that one. (Lucky ‘Toly.)
    The silence spoke volumes. And Travis was masterful.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    What did I do today to celebrate?
    I was at work, and turned on my radio early to a local station, with the volume up. At 9:55 (UT local time), as had been suggested on another site, I faced east and gave O’Bozo the Royal Hawaiian One Finger Salute. At 10:01, I had a shot (just one. I was at work, after all) that I had brought with me. Then it was back to work and listening to the inauguration and speeches.
    Life was good today.

    • Norm

      Very good. Listened to DJT’s speech at least twice. Can’t find a word to disagree with.

      • Norm

        PS LOVE the pink nipples!

      • eon

        He spoke for a bit over 15 minutes. Used 1,455 words. Referred to “I” a total of 3 times in two sentences, referred to “we” (Americans) 45 times.

        I believe it was the shortest inaugural speech since Calvin Coolidge.

        He then went to the Oval Office and began signing orders repealing the God-Wannabee’s (formerly The One) EOs and etc., specifically those regarding O-Care.

        Compare that to the God-Wannabee, who would ramble on for an hour, going I,I,I,me,me,me endlessly- and then go play golf.

        I’d say our new President has a far better grasp of the job than his predecessor.

        Actions speak much louder than words.

        clear ether


        • Yes, and his wife has better taste in clothing, too.

          • Redleg

            Thank God that Michelle’s designers refused to design for Melanie.

          • Deplorable B Woodman

            Thank God Melania has the sense to refuse even if they did offer.

          • MasterDiver

            Omar the Tent Maker will have to go back to work for Coleman.

            Zar Belk!

  • Well, I’m glad this is done. I really did not think Doofus would show up at the Inauguration, but he did. And then he left. There were protesters in a few places, but fewer than the crowd at the WDC Mall. I am glad the nonsense is over and done with.

    Now, can we get back to normal?

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Normal? Not yet. Immediately after the inauguration the riots started…..fires, rocks, windows, cars, head bashing, hundreds arrested……

      Ahhhhh, to be there, in the thick of it, made up as an old man (wouldn’t take much), using a shinai (wood or bamboo) as a walking stick. Then start using said walking stick for its original purpose. Wouldn’t kill anyone, but there would be more then a few with bruises, contusions, possibly broken bones. hehehehehe

      Remind me again, how many people were arrested for rioting during O’Zero’s inaugurations?

      • Old Codger

        Normal? Not yet. Immediately after the inauguration the riots started…..fires, rocks, windows, cars, head bashing, hundreds arrested……

        Actually, DBW, they were pretty much going on – sporadically – the whole time; before during and after. I was talking to the cop moonlighting at WalMart last evening, and asked him didn’t he wish he coulda been in DC Friday. He gave me a “Whatchu talkin’ bout Willis” look and replied icily “no”. Then he smiled (he’s been doing that gig for years there) and said he couldn’t understand the protesters’ actions when the police started spraying OC every which way. The boobs further away were walking up to get a better look! And getting a face full of OC in the process! He said that if he ever saw OC come out for crowd control, he’d be walking the other way. I said I’D be running – preferably up wind or at least cross wind. I also said that the crowd’s actions looked awfully close to insurrection, to me. He didn’t agree aloud but neither did he argue. Be interesting to see how the demonstrations today go.

      • JTC

        Funny, the ‘tards on NBC last night said the “small number” of violent thuggies, some in black uni’s, were separate from and without any connection to the lovely throngs of peacefull protestors along the route.

        So after many months of encouraging and regaling the riots with teevee coverage, now they’re going to disassociate? So funny…they learn slow from their past stupid, that’s a good sign for us.

  • Pete231

    Love the dramatic pause in the middle frame. BTW, anyone notice Wild Bill giving Ivanka the once over at the dog and pony show this morn ? What a schlemiel !……….

    • GWB

      Did you see the look Hillary gave him? Hillaryous!

    • Pamela

      Bill, you might as well forget it. Ivanka is way out of your league and even on your best day at any age you would never have a chance.

  • WayneM

    The lovely Naomi sets herself up well…

  • Truly, the Israelis are a blessed people. *AHEM*

    And, Norm? If you want to see it a few more times it is at my blog.

      • MasterDiver

        Miche didn’t look too happy about the goings-on either. Looked like she found a dead mouse in her Coke, after she drank it..

        Zar Belk!

        • Old Codger

          Looked like she found a dead mouse in her Coke, after she drank it..

          Nah, just her usual immediate-post-eating-a-basket-of-persimmons expression.

  • Thundercloud65

    I just now saw a post on yesterday’s board by MasterDriver who commented about a school system coming up with all kinds of excuses as to why they could not let the kids watch the inauguration.

    The grade school I went to didn’t even have a telephone nor did it have an outdoor TV antenna but every inauguration day the teachers would bring in a portable TV and we’d watch. We also saw the first manned space launch and Kennedy’s funeral.

    If a tiny little rural school back in the 50’s and 60’s could do that you’d think the mental midgets that run schools today could figure something out.

    • Old Codger

      I figure it was because it would interfere with the indoctrination/programming.

    • JTC

      As OC says here and as I replied to MD yesterday, it’s not a matter of “can’t” but of “won’t”. But they better enjoy what remains of their lesson-plan narrative…I’m thinking major DOE changes and voucher programs will be a pretty high Trump admin priority, he knows those young ‘uns are the thinkers and doers of tomorrow.

  • Greg B

    Sam yesterday.
    Naomi today.
    Pray for Jan tomorrow. 🙂

    • Grunt GI

      You and me both, brother, you and me both.

  • GD2

    A rack. Not just a Middle Eastern country.

  • Bill G

    Great racks. But no one should try to decide that they’re rib-tickling good.

  • GWB

    What’s the “KEK!” reference at the bottom of the first frame?

    • PaulS

      I think it’s the sound your brain makes when that view presents itself unexpectedly. At least it’s what I hear.

    • Pepe reference…

    • fortyback

      South Korean flavor of LOL that is currently spreading in adoption to Western countries.

  • Bill

    I don’t know how good the ribs were but my New York strip was the best.

  • Ol' Tanker

    Kek literally translates to lol on World of Warcraft.

  • Unca Walt

    I gotta say it.

    I actually whooped at one point. Trump told everybody that Obama was a masterful, brilliant president… then proceeded to rip his narcissistic ass apart for miserable, disruptive incompetence.

    It wuz beyootiful.

    • Yes indeed, it were beautious!

  • Unca Walt

    I gotta say it.

    I actually whooped at one point. Trump told everybody that Obama was a masterful, brilliant president… then proceeded to rip his narcissistic ass apart for miserable, disruptive, crooked incompetence.

    It wuz beyootiful.

  • Dread

    There should be a tip goal board that gets the tops off. One top off for each level reached. Kah-ching!

  • Unca Walt

    Hm. It wuz worth sayin’ twicet. 🙂

  • NotYetInACamp

    Silence is Golden.

  • NotYetInACamp

    This has been a stressful time. I am now on day 15 of my worst illness in over 8 years. I am well on the way to recovery. Only some deep congestion remains.
    Interspersed with this marvelous victory I have recovered from fever, sweats, congestion, malaise, lack of energy, much sleeping, and a reduction by over 20 pounds from my weight, and other incidentals of the illness. One of my brothers picked up the bug and dropped it off here. I have avoided people so as not to gift it to others. No gatherings for me during this time, and not for some time more. Some things one keeps to oneself.
    I do not recommend this as a weight loss method.
    Pamela had better suggestions for weight reduction. I must not have listened well.
    Aside from that little matter, it has been a pretty darn good 15 days. All in all I would say that we have headed back in the right direction, and that with the massive amount of work ahead for the USA and the world, it all looks much better. There is hope for us all. Western Civilization looks like it can survive the war against it if they act in time. The adults are in charge again. Reality is again being seen and acted upon.

    • Pamela


      Green tea with lemongrass and ginger, a pinch of baking soda in warm water every few hours to alkalinize your system (the wee beasties don’t like an alkaline environment) , hot water with lemon juice and honey.

      And yes there are better and a lot more fun ways to lose weight.

      We are also on a better path forward in curing the ills of the Nation.

      • NotYetInACamp

        The better path is great.

        I have been doing some of that. I should do all of it. I have not really been a ginger guy. Blonde. 🙂

        I also used sauerkraut as my secret weapon. It is an old flu remedy from before the time of antibiotics. It has a significant effect over not using it from tests. It was about the only thing available during the Great Flu Pandemic. It also changes body chemistry. It was the point it turned. Now for some more lemon and honey water. I had some sea food today. Not a see food diet.

        • Deplorable B Woodman

          Best wishes on a continuing swift recovery.

  • Grunt GI

    I just posted this on my FB. Waiting on liberal meltdown.
    So good luck and stay safe out there to all the women protestors today. We hope it stays peaceful.

    One question though. Where were all of you in the 90s when Bill Clinton was accused of rape and sexual assault?

    Did you stand with those women or, like Hillary, denigrate them as “trailer trash?” Did you take seriously the charges of Kathleen Wiley or Juanita Brodderick?

    Just a thought.

    • Yeah, strange how that works huh?

      • Grunt GI

        Sadly no, not strange at all. Most “protest” groups are merely the stormtrooper wings in the Democratic Party.

        For example, I read the other day that Code Pink is back.


        Where were these crazy bitches the last 8 years as Obama surged into Afghanistan, started a war in Libya, used drones ALL OVER the Middle East and nearly got into war in Syria? OH, and Obama sent US troops BACK to Iraq after that country fell apart because if his ideological stupidity.

        But GWB was the devil incarnate.

        This is why I have a problem taking any of the poltroons seriously. They seem to only protest Republican Presidents. Coincidence? I think not.


    • NotYetInACamp

      Why did the liberal women all support the ISIS Muslims taking Yazhidi women as sex slaves and then say nothing about the slave markets where they sold them across the Middle East?

      • Grunt GI

        Because all those shrewish harpies care about is taxpayer funded abortions.

        That’s why they gave a pass to Bill Clinton.

        They have no clue about the real dangers women face from Radical Islam.

  • TreHammer

    Sorry, KEK?

  • Roger

    Did anyone look at the Obama’s during the wonderful performance of the “Star Spangled Banner?” Barack actually looked- or tried to look- appreciative of the beautiful singing, but Michelle looked like she was smelling a dead skunk! I actually think the hag hates America more than her husband!

    • JTC

      But we can thank her for these inspirational words,

      “For the first time in (about eight years), I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback”.

      • Henry

        Yeah: Hope, Arkansas — just less competent.

    • Noticed that face. Punk ass tranny needs to suck start a 12 ga.

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