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  • JTC

    So, does a Sam event involve a gas hatchet?

    And while we’re at it, is it impervious to a Jo event?

    My advice to them both though, let it go.

    • Let it go, what many Democrats are saying about the Horowitz report when the choices are there was a cabal and a conspiracy against Trump, or the FBI is full of incompetents from top to bottom for the entire FISA process. Let it go? Nah.

      • Jefferson A Selvy

        They say it like gross incompetence is somehow more acceptable than actual intent. Either way the agency needs to be purged as a whole. Not that I can find a power granted to the federal government in the constitution that allows the creation of such an agency. If course I’m no constitutional scholar, I mean, I can parse the words “Shall Not Be Infringed” and can find no place for the NFA .

      • JTC

        Yeah, I wouldn’t go comparing Sam’s I’ll-advised curiosity to Marxist Dims…talk about Hell and Fury!!

        • JTC

          ill-advised…stupid cyber editor.

  • Too Tall

    Sam, you are being set up.

    And, your lack of trust is…disturbing.

  • Don D.

    Hell hath no fury than a Redhead provoked to anger.

    • WayneM

      In my experience, the provoking wasn’t difficult.

  • epador

    Ah, C’mon, Sam is just messing with him. She knows it includes C batteries s for her…

    • Pamela

      As if Sam would need one of those…
      Now, I surmise certain members of Congress and the media probably have warehouses of C batteries.

  • Protecting data from EMP’s is easy, use optical media like DVD’s. Protecting what reads the data is the challenge.

    So Sam really wants Zed to show her what’s in the box. Christmas is coming. There is a classic Christmas video by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg about a Christmas gift in a box

    • eon

      Hard copy. EMP proof, cannot be “accessed” remotely, and all you need to read it is light to see by.

      Those who claim “print is dead” mostly mean “I want everything of yours where I can get at it”.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        And a fireproof room to store it in and a librarian with top security clearance to curate it and arrange it.

        But yeah, kind of like we look at the old homesteaders in wonder with no power or running water, how did we survive without the inter tubes to run our lives?

        But they and we got by fine. Might come back to all of that.

      • After a large SHTF paper may become considerably scarce and what the ‘artisan papermakers’ seem to know is recycling existing wood pulp products. And who wants to backpack an encyclopedia set?

        I have small fanless mini-ITX motherboards with little fanless Mini-Box picoPSU’s. They are happy to live embedded in a sealed metal enclosure and be fed just 12VDC, could be from a car or solar panels. There are “wide input” versions for 12-32V. With SSD and/or flash drives, the big worry is having working peripheral equipment and connectors. Remember when flatscreen monitors came out and they lived for warranty length plus one day?

    • Punta Gorda

      Dunno about optical media being safe.

      Ever see a CD or DVD in a microwave?

      With enough power, even a brick can fly.

  • Jim

    Over 9,000 gigglejewels

  • interventor

    Protecting data from EMP is easy. If, the data is in books.

  • Pamela

    The Third Law of Physics ~ Never Piss Off A Redhead

    • JTC

      What’s worse than the Fury of a Red?

      The quiet Anger of a Zed.

      That’s the First Law of Nature.

      • Too Tall

        I am fairly certain that is a direct quote from “Miss No Pants in the Barn with the Ping Pong Paddle.”

        • Too Tall

          And I am certain that Jo can quote that chapter and verse after she “impersonated” Sam while in Federal custody.

  • The Real Paul Bunyan

    Remember Sam’s not a real redhead, I recall Zed throwing money at Skye to take the girls for ice cream when Sam walked in after the initial dye job at Muir’s off camera salon.

    • JTC

      I did not know that. 🙁

      • Not so, but I gave it a pass.Red as red can be.

    • Bob in Houston

      That wasn’t a dye job, it was a return to the Louise Brooksish page boy hair style after she had grown it out long like it is now.

  • GWB

    Yeah, Sam needs to let it go. She should know that Zed won’t have anything in there that would compromise their relationship.

  • Tagg

    Emp’s dont effect gun powder trigger springs or lead objects. My data is safe.

    • SAAMI warns:

      Precautions should be taken to avoid buildup of static electricity on the person when handling primers or conducting handloading procedures. Loading equipment should be electrically grounded.

      Sparks can set off primers. Storing primers in bulk is not recommended, one goes and they all go. Consider your storage precautions accordingly.

  • Merle

    Sam needs to back off – unless she is willing to reveal all of her secrets too! 🙂

  • drew458

    Real Paul Bunyan: Sam’s been a redhead since the first panels. She had a far less sexy hairstyle, but it was still red up top. Yeah, ok, she’s Japanese, so maybe it is dyed. But she’s been consistent with it for years.

    • The Real Paul Bunyan

      yes looking into the archives (and from the Redvolution days) I see it was only a style change that incited Zed to bribe Skye to evacuate the kids so he could get the house a rockin’. In the Bush Clinton Bush Obama era vernacular I ‘misremembered’.

  • Pamela

    There is another way to determine she’s a red head if Zed is so inclined…

    • GWB

      And we’ve seen that. *grin*
      Yes, she is a redhead.

    • interventor

      I suspect Zed has visited that venue many times.

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