Day By Day


  • Spin Drift

    And the foot is in the other shoe. A case of mistaken identities looms in the future. This is gonna be good. BTW can we get some ‘Q recipes?

    Cordon Blue ‘Q is here for you!

    • Old Codger, Spin.

  • jackdeth72


    “The Dude abides.”

  • Treadhead 2/69

    Jackdeth for the win.

  • Wade will find the truth of this.

    • And there’s more to Travis than we thought, eh Chris?

      • Old Codger

        I suspect that lot (most?) of us thought there was “more” to Travis than you thought, Mr Blake. From the get go something smelt something slightly “off” about this guy. You look back to around the time Travis first appeared. My bravo sierra detector was going off full tilt. It still is. I just muted the audible alarm.

        Paranoia is a survival positive trait unless it becomes so extreme that it paralyses you.

  • Joel

    Is it just me, or the beard looks fake?

  • Pamela

    Between Zed, Naomi and Don P, they have enough contacts to run Travis’s prints. Time to verify the Q.

  • Bill G

    Infiltrator? Or perhaps his beard covers a face showing him to be the scion of one of the ‘damn useless candidates’ that he wants to distance himself from.
    We’ll learn. As for prints, I imagine the Sheriff could handle running a check for Zed.

    • Pamela

      That is true. Though sometimes there are hidden details and locked files not normally available to locals. A borrowed suit hides the truth.

  • GWB

    As someone concerned about Stolen Ardor*, I have been curious about those very dark eyebrows……….

    (*fake redheads)

  • Grape

    Does the beard hide the lack of an adams apple?

    Also seems to be some chest fat protuberances behind that vest.

  • PaulS

    Wow, it’s like asking 10 economics professors to speculate on what will happen.
    (ending up with 11 different answers)

    • Old Codger

      Wow, it’s like asking 10 economics professors to speculate on what will happen. (ending up with 11 different answers)

      +4 overlaps

      It’s kind of like an experiment I read about some years back. Seems they gave 50 top IRS auditors the same exact set of data and asked them to audit the return. When they handed in their results, the experimenters found that the 50 auditors had at 49 different conclusions. I don’t know which is more troubling; the 49 different results or the one overlap. Scary, isn’t it?

    • NotYetInACamp

      I called it a type of Rorschach test.
      We see what we see. Window on our knowledge and judgement and analysis.
      I have waxed at length on about ideas I have seen in these photons emitting from the screen. This is a very good source of imagination stimulation, I say.

      Now what thickened soup goe with Q and the plot as it develops? We shall see. Some of us may stimulate the activity in the mind of the artist, thus influencing what we shall see. We all are a part of the great wonder.

  • B Woodman

    Today, the plot thickens.

    Tomorrow, the plot sickens.


    Ummm….Folks? What about a relative of Zed’s from the past?


    Nope. Just realized unless he’s really coloring his hair he’s waaaay to young for any unknown relative of Zed’s. Run in, from the past?

  • Pamela

    It’s Valentines Day tomorrow. As long as there is a bit of romance, tequila and dark chocolate, it will be a good day.

    • Old Codger

      It’ also happens to be THE day, in 1972 that I asked my lady to marry me.

      (trust me. it was entirely an accident. I never can remember what day it was. always tend to remember it’s like the day before or after Valentine’s Day. Hey! I’m a guy. Sue me.)

  • Polly Cy

    Well, I can’t think who Travis might be under all that hair other than a real-deal good ol’ boy. I LIKE Travis. But then I’ve been partial to redheads since an unrequited crush that lasted off and on from kindergarten through high school. And if he can ‘Q? Holy hickory smoke, be still my heart.

  • Old Codger

    Just remember, Miss Polly. Anything that SEEMS too good to be true …

    Almost CERTAINLY is!

    • Polly Cy

      [sigh] Story of my life.

  • Oliver Heaviside

    I love this strip for many reasons, but sometimes I wish Chris would post a plot synopsis or something. The DD is closed and we are talking BBQ? huh?

    • SteveInCO

      So I’m not the only one who sometimes reads five days in a row and doesn’t have a clue what the heck everyone’s yapping about?

  • JTC

    So, Scalia’s dead. Wags say no replacement ’til after elections. We shall see; you know zero has been itching to fix the court. Will he try to get somebody through the ‘pub gauntlet, since his goals and theirs have jibed I think he could buy some advice and consent. But if the Beast or the Donald get to nominate, I think there’d be a protracted battle; for hers what remains of real conservatives might coalesce and for his the rinos would certainly try to exact their revenge. So what to hope for here? A lot hangs on it.

    As for speculation about Red Beard, it is good to recall Chris’ masterful employment of the Fourth Wall in reverse; ain’t nothing pre-ordained, so speculation is masturbation…feels good but won’t produce anything.

  • Polly Cy

    RIP Antonin Scalia. What a crushing loss for our country. Please, PLEASE Republicans, do not allow Obama to get a replacement through as his farewell “gift” to the American people.

  • Spin Drift

    If the cheese eating surrender monkeys in the Senate approve any of Zero’s nominations then burning the house down via Trump will be in the peoples interest. The People know and care when it counts and this counts.
    A progressive (spit) justice would be like the clap, the gift that keeps on giving. I thought we were getting a conservative constitutionalist in Roberts. The People took that one with out any lube.

    Dollars to donuts the first debate question is how the new pResident will appoint to the Federal and Supreme bench. The term litmus test will be bandied about.

    Also Travis is an agent provocateur just like the guy outside Twin Peaks who makes a signal and then runs just before the shooting starts and disappears.

    RIP Justice Scalia

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