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  • Pamela

    This is going to be interesting. No cameras, press or directional mics allowed?

    What will the uniform be for said workshop? Please tell me Skye won’t be showing up during. Will there be exploding heads?

  • Grunt GI

    I predict a YUGE weekend.

    Things are likely to be busting out all over.

    We can only hope.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Yeah, but HE came in through the “front door”, legal, papers, etc, etc. Nice ad, but if Budweiser is trying to send a Libtard message about borders, it’s a NO-GO at this station.

      • TomZ

        Belgian brewer Inbev.
        They own Anheiser Bush.

        • Now, yes. Then, no. Red, Blue, it’s all based around Green.

      • Absolutely. But, again, legal contribution vs illegal leeches.

    • Absolute monster difference between LEGAL immigrants who contribute to our economy, and “the other kind”, yes?

    • Bill

      Who cares I haven’t drunk that swill since it was $1.25 a six pack

  • eclark1849

    Hey! DDQ does take out?

    • eclark1849

      Drone delivery, right? Slaw come with that? 😉

    • JTC

      I’m thinking more fly-in.

      A little surprised that Bannon is on Jan’s list. She has really evolved, as have so many.

      Skye? I dunno, but something (someone?) tells me we may soon see. 😉

    • Oh, noess!!! (gigglesnort!!)

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    To paraquote the Bible. In reference to Libtards; “For they are as a man who built up his house on the shifting sands. And the rains came, and the winds blew, and mighty was the fall of that house thereof.”

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    So, are the girls going to wear their usual “uniforms”? Or something a little more formal? (koff! koff!)

    • MasterDiver

      As Heinlein would put it: “Formal Skin”!

      • Pamela

        They could be dressed for going to church at the Papal Mainframe.

      • Grunt GI

        Heh…”Formal Skin”
        Like that idea 🙂

  • Oh, I see what you’re setting up Chris. I’m looking VERY forward to this. It’s gonna be YUGE!

  • NotYetInACamp

    BBQ. DDQ.
    Real people. And more DDQ.
    The State will be better.

  • Bill G

    Trump’s Ship of State is turning into a Q Ship, and sinking liberal asperations all over the place.
    Regarding the beer ad, what in the, er, heck is a company producing alcoholic beverages doing supporting mass inflow of people who would destroy them?
    Alleged feminists supporting sharia is merely another demonstration that the movement is only about liberal political power, but these are businessmen that are trying to cut their own throats.

  • GWB

    Will our BBQer’s cover be blown with all these Swamp Denizens showing up? Or will the hair balaclava fool them?

  • WayneM

    It’s worthwhile to watch the British parliament where the leader of the opposition is trying to persuade Prime Minister Theresa May to cancel the planned visit from POTUS Trump. Best line from the PM… “The honoured member can lead a protest. I, however, have a country to lead.”

    • Has Lady Margaret come back to life?

      • WayneM

        It almost seems that way. Although May was a tepid Remain Camper, as the leader, she has embraced Brexit with a passion and determination… much to the chagrin of the assorted wastrels in Labour and even some within her own party.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      OUCH! That’s going to leave a bruise.

  • JTC

    Aussie PM: “Sir, will you honor your commitment to you ally?” (translation: Take these murderous muzzies off our hands!).

    The Donald:” We will support our loyal allies throughout the world.” (translation: Fuck this noise, g’bye, mate!)

    I gather he won’t be invited to the Q.

  • Grunt GI

    OK, just one link from me…

    The awesomeness of this cannot be underestimated.

    Trump is gaslighting the shit of out the Democrats and they don’t even know it.

    Scott Walker is the perfect example of how you kill and gut the Democratic party…and Trump appears, at least for now, to be doing it well.

    All of the rage, riots, and destruction just makes Trump voters in the Midwest…where all those Democratic Senate seats are up for grabs in two years…more pissed off at these assholes.

    And now that the media can now longer protect them…it will be even more fun to watch their total devolution into a sputtering mass of coastal rioters burning their own towns in protest, a la the assclowns at Berkley.

    I say the DDQ girls should let it ALL hang out for their new guests…the fun is just starting.

    OH, and new jobless claims dropped and more than expected jobs were added..

    So much WINNING…

    • Pamela

      Trump deals a real cool hand and they do not like it one bit

  • JTC

    Like the man said, “America First!”

    It’s the perfect and only necessary response to pretty much everything the leftist establishment whines about; wish it was what was put on all those hats.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I had way too much time on my hands and a new phone with a good data link. Finally. Now where is that next site? (SMAK!) OK.
    Now I am running out of data.

    I need a job to keep me busy. The right job. I don’t want to try to take over the world. I want to empower others to keep the world from being taken over by evil, and to build humanity by building their own nations.

    Links are not evil. Too many by one person can rise to that level. Or so I see it.
    Chris engenders so much good thought. Why a BBQ at the DDQ with senators, Steve, and real people would cause so many interesting ideas to be slung around with the ribs, fries, slaw and other things.

    • Pamela

      Ditto on the job.

      Will they be serving pie for dessert or serving up nuts should anyone get out of hand…

      • Deplorable B Woodman

        “Serving pie”……..(whistles aimlessly…….)
        I need to wash my mouth and mind out with some good scotch……

    • Solved the job issue to keep me busy by contracting to businesses that do stuff I’m interested in. I keep the term short and renew as I want. Currently contracted with a Federal dept doing some fun stuff that will keep me busy until golf season starts again. This and photography keeps the mind and heart ticking.
      Seems like a lot of businesses and gov’t dept like the short term contracting with experienced workers. Wouldn’t suggest it as a way to make a living and pay the bills for a career, but great for a retired guy with other income!
      Work when you want, where you want!

  • Spin Drift

    If the girls wear the usual outfits, then I say it’s gonna be Yuuuugggeeee!

    Set the defibrillator to stun.

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