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  • B Woodman

    Are we SURE the Wrong Reverend Al Not-Too-Sharp-Ton wasn’t gazing in a mirror when he said that??
    And here all along I had thought that it was, “Vanity, thy name is woman”. I guess I was wrong. Maybe it should be, “Vanity, thy name is LibTard.”

  • Wayne

    If anyone would know cheap demagogues trying to score cheap points, Rev. Sharpton should know. If not, he can consult with his cohort, Rev. Jackson.

  • Mister B

    Good thing Al is a better orator than a writer. Oh, wait…

  • Matt Parkhouse

    Al Sharpton, now THERE is someone who is really worth turning your back to….. What a race/poverty pimp!!

  • “the deaths of the recent deaths of”

    [shrug] I’m an editor.

  • Earl Goudie

    Didn’t this used to be known as ‘The pot calling the kettle black’?

  • Another flap tongued fool who can not speak. The deaths of the deaths? WTF?

    This is NOT the clean articulate negro Joe Biden prophesied about. Next!

    • Doug Dean

      Well he was the one who said “Resist we much”. Of course be was reading it off the teleprompter at the time.

  • So where my gravatar be at? Took me so much time to do all that for Gravatar, I lost my place in line twice. And my comment content. And no avatar shows up! Grrr.

  • Keith Arnold

    Calling Al Sharpton a “reverend” is like calling Jeffrey Daumer a “chef.”

    • RegT

      Good one, Keith.

  • rpopp

    We may hear self-awareness from Rev. Sharpton (Genuine? – Doubtful!) but will we understand it when it happens?

  • piotr1600

    Remember folks:*Every* day is “Opposites Day” with these vile creeps.

  • My goodness…2 more years to go of this crap!

  • Bill G

    Rev. Al knows all about demagoguery. He far prefers making a profit over ‘his people’ suffering instead of giving a prophecy of how to improve anything.

  • B Woodman

    Oh, yes. Has ANYONE in the LSDM (Lame Stream Dinosaur Media) mentioned that Brinsley was a card carrying muzzie jihadist? I thought not.

    • Uncle Grumpy

      The ONLY site on which I saw the Muslim connection mentioned was Walid Shoebat’s. He has a unique perspective on Islam:

  • Nohbody

    I’ve always wondered what the left thinks they’d actually do if they were in full control, given how they regularly demonize “The Authority”. Do they think (sic) that their plans will just implement themselves, without enforcement by the same agencies they denigrate?

    • A_Nonny_Mouse

      NO, of course not.

      They *want* you to believe that they JUST HATE the idea of some entity having sufficient power to force somebody else to do something.

      But what they REALLY TRULY hate is the idea of such power ===> in any hands but THEIRS.

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