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  • Wayne

    Hmmm… So Skye said Anatoly wasn’t the father but, for some reason, I don’t find it hard to imagine a free spirited socialist like Skye prevaricating…

    • RooftopVoter

      I’m thinking a return of Karl…….. perhaps in a dream?

      Immaculate conception……. Oh wait, Progs. don’t do that.

      • Dastardly Dan

        You mean ‘en masse’ conception. I get the impression that Skye was pretty much ‘open to all comers’.

      • JT

        Sure they do.

        Remember when Obama was trying to sell us on cradle-to-grave entitlements? I forget the name of the fictional female example that was used.

        The woman in their example “chose to have a baby” even though single, etc. with no mention of how this happened. Skye’s pregnancy looks very like a satire on that campaign.

        • Pamela

          The female’s name was Julia.

  • Maybe he watched what she ate?

  • Leo AutoDidact

    DNA Test!

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