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  • B Woodman

    Beer mugs may be cold, but do they ever make those nipples stand up and salute!

  • B Woodman

    No hand bras? Damn! Could have REAL fun asking for something that takes both hands. . . like carrying plates for a party of four to the table. Uummmm. . . . .

    • Pamela

      I will keep my own counsel regarding hand bras and spill over.

      The debate donor thingy on the other hand needs to be grabbed by the short and curlies, cranked hard and down twisted.

      • B Woodman

        Lady Pamela,
        Maybe you could demonstrate for us this “hand bra” thing, and carrying of objects requiring one hand and two hands? I’ll be sure to take careful notes. . . .and pictures. . . .

        And as I said below, Trump is just the man to trip the Dem-S-M AND the presidential debate commission flat on their “collective” (see what I did there?) faces.

        • Pamela


          Let’s just say there is no safe way to demonstrate said hand bra coverage.

      • Second that! Are we going to have a repeat of Candy Whatsherface’s improper interference in the last pre-election debates?

        Man, these people are so close to crazypants stuff, you wonder how far they really will go.

        • Bill G

          Are we going to have a repeat? If at all possible, yes.

        • Grunt GI

          HAHAH, I’d like to see that fat broad try that BS on the Trumper…he will filet her fat ass. Sorry, got a bit worked up there.

      • JIMV

        I agree…as long as the GOP lets the opposition run the election process from a partisan media to debate rules, the GOP will deserve to lose.

    • Steve_1066

      Would that not be something like “All hands on deck!” and then everybody could salute?

  • B Woodman

    Wait. . . what. . ?
    What in the name of holy hell does being a billionaire have to do with the debate commission all donating to the opposition party?

    And thankfully, Trump is the MAN to be able to stand up and give as good as he gets. Not like the spineless RINOs and GOPe that We, The People, have been saddled with the last decade, from presidents down to dog catchers.

  • Projection? I see no Toasters!

  • WayneM

    Mugs and jugs; if I might be so bold.
    One is best cold; both are fun to hold.

    I’m surprised the Hildebeast’s flunkies didn’t invite Gary Johnson into the debates. Perhaps she feared Johnson would steal more votes from her than from the Donald?

    • NotYetInACamp

      Some polls seem to show that.
      Hillary’s stalking horse has kicked her in the face.

    • TheOriginalMexicanBob

      “Mugs and Jugs”…sounds like the name of a tavern. It could be franchised all over. Gawd I love political incorrectness! Anther franchise could be the “T&A Bar and Grille”.

      • JTC

        They’re all over FL, don’t know about elsewhere.

        Anyway, gotta remember what they’re really selling there; hard to beat the innuendo of DDQ next to a pic of those babes in their micro daisy dukes and nearly-there t-shirts, arms raised with a platter of Q to promote great food and greater view. Why yes, I am biased, why do you ask? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • TheOriginalMexicanBob

          I bet they do a big business…even if just from the curious. I wonder what local Libs think of the place.

        • JTC

          I dunno, I’m guessing just a Hooters redux, meh.

          They tried to put one here in Sebring and the church ladies ran ’em out on a rail same as they did the proposed “toy” store a while back.

          But, for less constipated places than here, my comment above might have some gold to mine, “The Q & View” has a ring to it don’t it?

          I’m always with the catchy promo hooks…The Double Down Club, The DDQ, Q & View…

          Too bad that’s as far as it goes for me; no fire in the belly to actually do anything anymore. Glad Chris’ pen and the guys at DD make my ideers and fantasies come “alive”.

          Okay, and Cry for Dawn Pamatar too ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Pamela

            Everyone needs a comfortable place where they can kick back, be themselves and enjoy life eating really great Q, cold brews and something sweet to nibble afterwards.

    • Merle

      I recall a topless oil change place from the midwest.

      It was called “boob & lube”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Grunt GI

    Actually, hand bras means Skye can only carry half as many beers. That can’t be good to an engineer like Sam…not very efficient…although awesome to watch no doubt.

  • Texas is state of Mind

    How many beers can Jan carry? We will never know ๐Ÿ™

  • formwiz

    If she’s that cold, has she been balancing things on her bazoobs and carrying more with her hands?

    • B Woodman

      That would be fun to watch, quite the balancing act. If I thought she could do it.

      Ever seen the frauleins carrying multiple half liter steins of beer at Oktoberfest? Not only for the leverage, but also because of the crowds in the bier tents, they keep the steins close to their sweater puppies.

      • interventor

        Ever seen the size of those frauleins? Muse keep them in the Alps the rest of the year.

        • Merle

          Not all of them !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • NotYetInACamp

    I have to do this. All of the spineless betas the Progressives have produced cannot comprehend nor stand up to the beta male Donald.
    His control of his own environment and use of it and of his tools and possessions, and his dealings with many other males as an alpha male enable him to handle whatever is thrown at him with aplomb and dignity, or at least strength.
    Dame Jane Goodall says it reminds her of dominance by an alpha male in our near cousins, considering the high percentage similarity of DNA.
    The โ€œnonpartisanโ€ Commission on Presidential Debates appears a collection of betas attempting to dominate an alpha by a proxy champion. Poor choice of champion, though unanimous.'s-chimp-like-antics-behind-success:-jane-goodall/7856010

    Yet Dame Jane Goodall never broaches the issues! nor does Dr Goodall voice approval or disapproval or like Donaldโ€™s objectives or alpha actions?

    I suppose that mention by Dame Goodall is better than inclusion on Hillaryโ€™s Dead List. There are multiple trillions of dollars, yen, euros, Yuan, etc at stake here for them. Our lives, republic, culture, civilization and families are at stake for us. Anything and everything is possible in the attempt to derail the American nationalist alpha male. Good luck. Take it to them. Facts and law rule. If you can handle those roasts, you could handle anything those 16 handed you in the primary, and whatever will be handed you. You are refining your schtick. It is real, unlike the act all others are doing for their rulers agendas.
    Be yourself. Be the good caring man you are. Be the alpha male who learns, gives orders, directs and enable people to get things done. And most definitely, Be the President. That is who you are and will be as you win for us all. Be the President. You have done wonderfully so far. Free us all up.
    Someday I might have to drive into town and find a TV to watch one of these debates on. I have heard one and a half live on the radio. I do live in the sticks.

    Partial revelation is often more effective than brunt full information, though full is always good. Skye is like so many. They feel things and project what they feel out into the world. They don’t see reality, yet that does not make the feelings less of reality to them.
    Pardon me for taking Skye’s top. I still play catch and release. It sometimes is the only way to see if anything of value is there. … Take it easy. Skye is an obvious release before bringing her into the boat. I know there is a real trophy out there somewhere. Fishing is rewarding in itself and can be such fun.

    • B Woodman

      So YOU’RE the one Skye gave her top to. Lucky man.

      • NotYetInACamp

        As much as I have avoided such conflict, I have held my own and never been the loser. Those are past me, I hope.
        A woman loves attention. Paying attention to her and valuing what she is may be what they all want. There are any things and reasons to pay attention to Skye about. Unfortunately her real personal view and world view preclude any intense attention. Attention falsely given is too common, and it creates many problems. I really don’t like alpha male competition, except I seem to get chosen to be the one the false thinking ones choose to confront. Usually they lose. Often I just did not see any value in the conflict, and gave him the cheapest thing in the world to give. space. I prefer building and cooperation.
        Good video. It is always what is at stake that determines what should be put at risk.

        • JTC

          A man that understands,

          Best way to win a fight (fist, gun, pissing), don’t get into one.

          Fighting is for when you have no choice, and only when worth fighting for…battles can be lethal, choose carefully.

          I saw Skye toss you that shirt y’know. I think I pissed her off when I told her she’d be great as a sex doll; sexy but not communicative, mentally or physically. I didn’t think it was worth fighting for and I think I’d choose you as ally not enemy anyway. So, what’d ya do, place it for highest bid in the parking lot or ebay? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Pamela

            Oh hell and damnation!

            Like any of you men would be desperate enough to use a sex doll. Might be a tad safer, and the conversation would be less than stellar, but sheesh. I know Skye is not the best example of womanly virtue, but she is human even at her misguided best.

            So NotYet, what is the bid amount for the shirt?

          • JTC

            Sex doll or Skye? Neither, thanks.

            The former out of self-respect, the latter out of self-preservation…give me Mrs. Palm and the five daughters anytime.

            But when I compared Skye to plastic she shed that shirt and yelled, “THEY’RE REAL, AND THEY’RE SPECTACULAR!”

            She had a point there. Couple of ’em actually. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            But I’ll still pass.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Pardon I meant alpha male Donald in the first sentence
    Even his playacting as a beta is more dominant than any around now. alpha or beta.

  • JTC

    Am I missing something? The link makes clear that no commission member is a Trump donor, but not that every member is a Clinton donor.

    He doesn’t need their money nor does she Skye, you ignorant slut.

    But the donations made and other support shown should disqualify them from this commission which is designed to be non-partisan to allow the candidates the equal opportunity to make their own case to voters.

    What’s funny is that the growing shift in support to Trump seems tied directly to the various powers that be -commissions like this one, the debate moderators, the progs within both parties, and most especially the media in its slanted spin on everything Trump or Clinton- seeking to rig the whole thing just as Trump has said, and even fools don’t like to be played like fools.

    They may not be convinced that Trump is the man, but they are more and more convinced in direct proportion to attempts to convince them otherwise, that Clinton is just a tool for those powers who see their power and influence and control slipping away. It’s a beautiful thing, and has for the first time made me begin to wonder if this thing is not the foregone conclusion that it has seemed to be.

    So I hope they all keep it up. Keep lying and spinning and pretending at non-partisanship, let the zillionaires keep throwing their money at their never-Trump goal. Because it has become so obvious not just to us but to everyone now, that they believe the choice is theirs not the voters’ as even I had come to believe. But it has now gotten to the point that they are so scared and obvious and blatant about it that everything they do now has exactly the opposite effect that they intend.

    Hopefully they keep it up until it’s too late to recognize the reverse effects and change their behavior. Trump actually might not be *the* man. But absolutely that bitch is not *the* woman to be the first of her kind to be in the position of leader of the world.

    • TJ

      To which I add:

      No matter how the media have tried to spin it this week, nobody with even a single half-functioning brain cell can watch that video of Hillary collapsing and being hustled into her van with all the dignity of a sack of rotten potatoes without realizing there is more wrong than walking pneumonia.

      “Vote for the crook, it’s important” won’t fly this time around, particularly when the crook is self-evidently incapable of working for herself.

      That’s why I fear one possible outcome will be “Hillary hasn’t the health to hack it, and we can’t let the crazy man have it; so…” write your own conclusion. Whatever you write, it won’t be pretty.

      Particularly since the Internet will be in the hands of the globalists for the month before the election.

  • I know Skye is there for facepalm humor, but I’m sure there really are people that stupid.

  • Blue Quasar

    I could watch Sam exercise all day.

    Actually I could watch her stand around all day as long as she’s wearing Daisy Dukes and a small shirt.

  • Bill G

    There is still lots of time for October Surprises, including but not limited to Hildabeast’s health collapsing, the democrat party pulling a Lautenberg Maneuver*, or even the Injustice Department deciding to indict Trump for Fraud on the Trump University imbroglio. (In my tin-foil hat moments I look at that possibility as Obola’s final push at a tipping point to provoke actions that could let him say he’s justified in cancelling the election and invoking Martial Law.)


  • Second thought: If Skye gave her top away, she can get by without it. Now, use both hands and serve as you should.

  • CaptDMO

    Gosh, if that’s how they handle a debate panel, imagine how they’d handle a Supreme (and other) Court!
    Imagine the “regulatory” office appointments!

  • CaptDMO

    Careful, too many cold mugs, and those bad boys can cut glass.

  • JTC

    So far, they’re sticking with their failed program…today’s MSN headline blurbs:

    “Obama says sexism leads voters to Trump”

    “Sanders rails at his millennials to back Clinton”

    “Clinton vexed by Trumps working class white men”

    Yeah, there’s tons of racism, sexism, classism, and elitism going on here, and while we’ve known it forever, now even “their” peeps are seeing through the ruse. Keep it up just a little longer!

    • Pamela

      I don’t think there are enough available supplies of viagra for them to keep it up just a little longer.

      • JTC

        Pamela>mind>gutter…usually a good thing.

        But in this context? That’s a mind image I’d have rather avoided.

        • Pamela


          Actually, there wouldn’t be much to see in any context regarding the left. They are irrefutably linked and will self-destruct.

          As a mind cleanser, think Intelligent Sexy Redheads to clear the dross from your mind.

          • JTC

            There’s the mind-gutter girl we all know and love. ๐Ÿ˜‰

            We’re talking illustrated mind cleanser? Yes please.

  • JIMV

    I love the ‘always projecting’ line…very clever

    • NotYetInACamp

      Multiple meanings.

      Without the top she projects unobstructed.

  • Justin Case

    Just goes to show that the Democrats are staying true to form and cheating in any way they can. It’s what they do.

  • TB

    Somewhat off topic, but does anyone know what happened to Mike Hendrix at Website stopped working, and today says domain has expired.

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