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  • Bill G

    The U.S. certainly does not appear to be his priority.
    BTW, would he recognize an Eagles tune, or would his music listening have been confined to more politically active types?

  • Cato

    The US has been his priority, Bill G. But to diminish it, to degrade it, not improve it.

    Prediction: Obama will renounce his US citizenship in 2017, move back to his boyhood home in Indonesia, then have himself named UN Secretary General for Life.

    • Darth McLeod

      Be fair. Obama only destroys what he intends to be rebuilt. The traditional US, founded as it was on greed and selfing national interest must be set aside so we can take our place as citizens of the world, building millions of green jobs on carbon-credits and renewable energy. A more humble US that doesn’t belie it has some special role in the world and is content to merely be one of many.

      So from Obama’s POV, diminishing the US and showing less favoritism to it plus an emphasis on the third world, especially long-suffering Africa, is all a part of a common theme of change and rebirth for the US.

      This is why is is insanely vital that the Rpublicans put up a conservative but not a religious/social conservative…and for God’s sake run a decent campaign for once… I’d swear the only reason the R’s make gain in offyear elections is BECAUSE they aren’t running a prez candidate.

  • Uffdaphil

    I expect all the Young Pioneers in Hawaii were Top 40 devotees. Which must have led to lively self-criticism while passing the doob at meetings.

  • Brian K

    Nice take on Hotel California Chris! As an aside, original Eagles bass player Randy Meisner grew up just a few miles down the road from here (in Scottsbluff, NE). I was pretty young back in the early 60s, but remember him playing at a number of gigs around the Panhandle while a member of a local band called the Dynamics. From there, he headed to California and future fame. Man, that was a long time ago.

  • Dennis

    Oh yes, The Eagles…Hotel California.

    Obama is holding back until after the midterms to unveil his agenda to the low-information folks and they are not going to be too happy. I can hear them now “why didn’t someone tell us about this.” That’s the problem with the low-information people they don’t know that they are.

  • this is a clear case of the federal goverment ACTUALLY doing something…
    importing africans to solve our ebola shortage…

    seriously though the goverment rules by taxation, regulation and litigation…
    notice I didn’t mention law…

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