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  • LifeofTheMind

    The WaPo is under new management since Bezos bought it. There is no reason given his history of political activity, and some ethical concerns with his corporate history, to expect any good to come of that. Still there have been some signs of people committing journalism recently at the Washington Post that must be disturbing to the Democrats.

    • Morgan Michaels

      The Washington Post has always been delivered by drones.

      • Doug Dean

        Makes sense – it’s always been authored by them.

  • There can be no question this is intentional. None.

  • The dog that didn’t bark…because Obama ate him??

    • Chris Muir


  • Laird


  • Jason Thorn

    Wow. I guess we really have to be worried. I’d better stock up on masks. I should track the Ebola epidemic raging through America!

    Let’s see…how many people have died? Zero? Okay, but the number of cases…

    Three? All right, but the number of cities…oh, it’s only Dallas right now.

    Guess I have a little time to get ready. Right now, the odds are higher that the flu might kill me rather than Ebola.

    • Another rule in the obomanaut play book is, “Don’t need a real body count to have a “crisis” to”manage”. Just say one.”

    • Darth McLeod

      May I point out how fast cases in the US went from 1 to 3?

      At the moment Obama is only exposing the US to unnecessary and unwise risk.

      But there are 4,000 US soldiers in the middle of the it. The only question is how many get ebola, not if.

      This has CF written all over it.

    • Newshawk

      Um, Jason, didn’t you hear? The first patient in Dallas died days ago.

  • Bill G

    Jason, you can get a flu shot. An ebola vaccination? Nah, the FDA is doing it’s usual slow jam of any advances there.
    Death and Taxes? Oh, yeah, favorites of the left. It’s elementary.

    • LibraryGryffon

      Jason is also forgetting that the majority of folks survive getting the flu, evenif they didn’t have the vaccination. Ebola? Not so much.

      • htom

        The combination of influenza and pneumonia kill about 60,000 a year in the USA (although it is true that most who get either do survive; I used to get one or the other annually; since I started getting vaccinated for both, I’ve had neither in four decades.)

  • clayusmcret

    Is Jason really Juan Williams or Bob Beckel? SQUIRREL!!

    Actually, Chris forgot that the WH Press Feeder said our new Ebola Czar might not even start for 5-6 months.

  • Jack

    What does the Tweet say? I can’t get resolution on it & suspect it is at the heart of the ‘toon.

    • Chris Muir

      sorry ’bout that-says @The WashingtonPost and the NYT:Thanks for not barking’.

      • Really good strip, Sir!

  • rain of lead

    let’s not forget enterovirus 68 a disease that has been very rare in the us
    until just a few months ago,when president obola allowed thousands
    of illiterate disease infested central american peasants into this country and seeded them in all 50 states now there are hundreds of cases

  • dirtbiker

    I guess JT forgot about the poor guy that died in Texas a couple weeks ago, but he wasn’t a citizen, so to JT, he doesn’t count.

    Good job there, bud. You hit all of Barry Golfsalot’s talking points, just like a good liberal drone should. Your bonus will be included on your next month’s EBT card.

  • rain of lead

    oh yeah, prez obola just exec ordered 100,000 haitians to be allowed in
    like right now
    I wonder what sort of nasty viruses are rampant in haiti right now

  • Barbara Skolaut

    Yee-OUCH, Chris! Good one. ;-p

    (But aren’t they all.)

  • Daniel O'Brien

    Hmmm, Ebama is so competently incompetent at his job that it seems all these bad decisions are on purpose!

  • Old1811

    One mistake.
    DHS does NOT issue visas to ENTER the U.S. The State Department does. The rule you refer to is a rule offering RELIEF (Temporary Protected Status) to aliens who are ALREADY HERE AS OF THE DATE OF THE RULE (i.e., August) to avoid deportation of HEALTHY aliens who are NO RISK TO ANYONE back to a plague zone.

    • Gordon Shurtleff

      RIGHT ON, Old1811!

  • Thucydides

    If we want to stop Ebola in its tracks, just start spreading the rumour that it is rampant on American golf courses. Obama will take steps in seconds….

  • Richard

    E-mail delivery is vastly improved. The daily horizontal strips display correctly, but the large vertical weekend strips are back to postage stamp size and are unreadable.
    BTW, the dirt on Dem misuse of CDC funding is brilliant! Thank you.

  • Buz Ozburn

    Dead On AGAIN…. thanks Chris. Wonder how much it would cost to get a full page in the WaPo with this strip on it? I can hear the heads exploding inside the beltway down here in Central Texas!!! LOL

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    So, OK, where do we get that “Death & Taxes” poster ??

    THAT needs to be prominently displayed around the InnerTubez .

  • RRW

    I don’t mind clicking on the strip icon in the email and being routed here; good to see all of the Faithful, makes me feel less alone here Inside the Accursed Beltway.

    Chris is good tonight, in’nt he?

  • Pamela

    I hazard to think how many Obola Mary’s are out there infected but not symptomatic.
    If he thinks he will bring this Nation to her knees in blind obedience, think again, we are already there in prayer.

  • Winger

    President Ebola got elected huh? Wonder who the GOP ran against him. Probably Mitt Romney again? More proof Republicans couldn’t possibly win another presidential election.

  • Shonkin

    That house — it looks just like a fortified house in South Africa that was all over the Internet a couple of years ago. They’re building those in Argentina now?

  • Shonkin

    Excuse me; I looked it up. The house is in Poland, although the B.S. that got passed around in e-mails said it was in South Africa.
    Anyway, maybe it would be a good fit for Argentina too.

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