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    • TomZ

      Didn’t matter unless there was an actual hope that by 19 Dec Hillary would have gotten at least 270 electoral votes.

    • Old Codger

      Looks like some of the progs are starting to get a hint of wisdom. Now, if they could only begin to develop serenity – like we’ve had to employ since ’08 (“I won, deal with it.”) – things could settle down.

      LOL! Who am I kidding? Progs; SERENITY!?!?

      This just in. The Islamic world is in shock as the Grand Mufti of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem all announce that they have renounced Islam and converted to Evangelical Christianity. ISIS Leader weeps openly and cries out “من فضلك، الله، ويقول انه ليس كذلك!” (“Please, God, say it is not so!”)


    • AlexJ

      Why fight in PA court when you can fight in Obama/Clinton Federal court? “Green Party switches strategy in Pennsylvania recount”.

      I’m getting pretty-sick-and-tired of the continuing attempts to delegitimize the will of the people. I wonder if Libs realize how much damage they’re doing to themselves?

      • markm

        It’s Congress (mainly the House) that decides when there is a dispute about electoral college votes:

        There have been elections where Congress threw out returns from one state or selected between two different returns from the same state. At worst, you wind up with no majority; then Congress selects from the 3 leading candidates. It will still be a Republican Congress, so they aren’t going for Clinton or Johnson…

      • RickS

        Damage?? They don’t care about things like that, they want to win anyway possible. Winning to them means CONTROL. If Trump is Damaged, they win. They do not think in terms like us, only in terms of POWER AND CONTROL.

  • JTC

    Nice shootin’, Tex!

    And coming soon…”hot couture”.


  • j

    I love Sam.

  • Colleen


  • Norm

    Snake just wantsta be left alone. Much like most of us.

    • eon

      When a rattler rattles, it means “don’t bother me”. When he doesn’t, it means he’s either asleep, hunting or just in a bad mood, and is going to be peevish any way you look at it.

      Speaking of Sam’s sartorial preferences (which sound nice), anybody here remember “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”? The HQ women there dressed like that, and wore .32 Berettas in Lawrence concealment holsters on the back of their belts.

      NB; in reality, the Berettas were plastic toy dart guns like the green one I had as a kid. With a coat of black spray paint, they looked real enough on camera.



      • Maj Arkay

        Eon, in most of Texas now, the rattlers have learned not to rattle. Why? Because that rattle signals meal time for wild hogs, who are apparently immune to rattlesnake venom.

        Makes the rattlers even more dangerous to humans and other non-wild hog types…

        • rickn8or

          So you let the hogs clear out the rattlers and then you clear out the hogs; izzat how it works?

        • markm

          There’s no magic about hog’s immunity to rattlesnake venom – they’re thick skinned with inches of fat underneath. If the fangs even get through the skin, the venom is injected into fat, and there’s little or no blood flow to spread the venom. It just stays there until immune cells congregate and break it down.

          So to a wild hog, a rattler is a Slim Jim with a built-in dinner bell. Wild hogs aren’t native to the Americas, but they sure adapted to the land.

          One custom the English colonists brought with them and expanded in the eastern states was to graze pigs in the forest free-range. That is, you marked them as your property and turned them loose, just keeping track so you could catch some when it was time to butcher for the winter, and so when they made young ones, you could mark them and castrate the males. It didn’t make for fat or high-quality hogs, but it was meat grown from wild plants and fungus you couldn’t harvest otherwise, and with a rather small input of labor. Such hogs were known as razorbacks. The razorbacks that consistently got away became the ancestors of the present-day feral hogs. I guess the reason feral hogs are much more common in the South is that in the northern states farmers would need to gather the pigs into a barn for the winter or few would survive, while in the south the pigs could roam year-round.

          Anyway, free-range hogs were limited to forested or brush areas, so they only spread west of the Missippi in limited areas such as East Texas. The rattlesnake is nearly extinct almost everywhere there were free-range hogs. The hogs ate them. Where you’ll find a large population of rattlers together with feral hogs today is the Texas brush country, where hogs can live but only if their population is thin – they need a lot of territory to find enough food, and so they never reached the numbers needed to clean out the rattlers.

        • Delilah T.

          The wild hogs are half Russian boar and half domestic hog. It takes a domestic American hog about three weeks to go ‘feral’, lose the slim & slender appearance, and grow to the size of a small dinosaur by the 6th month off the farm. Look for photos online of wild hogs and the guys who’ve hunted them. Their heads alone are as big as the hunter who shot them.

          Nasty? Yes. Smart? Killer smart. They damage everything.

          Shoot to kill, cook the meat thoroughly to kill parasites, and send the hides to a tannery for pigskin things like purses, belts, car seats.

    • RegT

      Not a real good idea to “leave them alone” when they are hanging out where your children and other loved ones (and livestock) are living. When I’m out in the rough, I let them be. When they are near my people, pets, and livestock, they die. Sam did just fine. (I’m sure she and Zed were close to home at the time.)

      • RegT

        BTW, if you shoot one, be careful when you approach it. I shot one through and through about six inches behind its head with a hard-cast .44 Mag. from about 10 yards. Saw it flip in the air and lie still when it hit the ground. Got up to it (about ten feet away) and it sat up and got ready to strike. I had reloaded with CCI snake shot on my walk over to it, and blew its head off with one of the snake loads. When I examined the body, there was a big hole through the snake, but it went through below the spine, which wasn’t enough to kill it, at least until it had bled enough. Watch yourself, and be careful.

        • PaulS

          Crush the serpents head with a rock.

          If only Eve had paid attention.

  • Pamela


    Sam~~ Please shoot a few more snakes.
    I need some rattlesnake skin boots to go with my new dress…
    Can’t do it here in Cali, since it might be a case of mistaken identity for various politicians.

    • S Hooks

      Pamela, if you want to hear something truly insane, here in North Carolina about a decade ago, when the legislature and governorship were in Democrat hands, a loony lib State House rep managed to slip a provision into some conservation legislation that makes it illegal to kill a snake. When I’ve tried to tell this to folks here they absolutely refuse to believe it. The saving grace is that it’s so stupidly absurd that it’s not enforced, but it’s there, another poison pill gotcha that an LEO could use against you if he chooses.

      • Interventor

        How long before someone tosses a bucket of copperheads in his office?

        • GWB

          And, how absurdly appropriate that would be, eh? Copperheads, heh.

      • GWB

        Yet one more weight on the scale – one more un-enforced law, making the law itself a joke. That sort of thing is how you get tyranny. (or Trump)

        • JTC

          That sort of thing is how you get Trump.

          Fixed it.

      • Pamela

        Maybe it’s time to get all the silly ass laws and regulations cleared from the books Nation wide?

  • Ah, the days before Political Correctness are to be the Preference Cascade? Will wonders never cease?

  • Bart Hall

    Taurus Judge with .410 shot shells is a much better snake gun. Just sayin’…

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Speaking of which, I caught this on another site,
      “Purses are for lipstick”. I giggle every time I watch it.

      Damn! If only I weren’t old enough to be her father, and married for 40+ years to boot……

      • John Farmer

        My wife and D-i-L are trying to decide which of her rigs they want…

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    I’m glad at least one person carries when stepping outside the doors of the Double Dee. Snakes and Libtards (but I repeat myself) are everywhere.

    And speaking of “hot”, that all depends on the point of view. To the women, Zed is hawt. To men, Sam is hawt. And to everyone here at DBD, any well designed and built machinery (especially guns), is HAWT!

    • PaulS

      Yeah, but one round doesn’t really make anything hot enough to bother. Well, one round of Sam does. 🙂

  • Pete231

    Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein,etc. have no need to worry about snake bites. Something to do with professional courtesy, n’est ce pas ?

    • Pamela

      Nah, Snakes realize the above referenced humans are more lethal and avoid them at all cost.

  • John Farmer

    Why didn’t I know that Sam was a lefty? Another reason to like her!

  • Physics Ninja

    So very true. But she could have had a 38.
    [or 9 mm]
    Hey Neil, wake up you canuck. Canada needs to join the new PC.

    • Unfortunately not going to happen any time soon.

      Multi-party systems can suck support by devolving voters into smaller groups and allowing a party to get a majority gov’t without actually having the majority of votes. Imagine if the Tea Party was a real, standalone party and what it would have done to the Republican vote.

      Our Conservative party was ripped up about 15 yrs ago with inter-divisional politics and became two different political entities. Along came a strong leader who pulled it all together and won several elections giving majority and minority gov’ts. Minority gov’t here is the party that has the most seats forms the gov’t, even if not a 50%+1 seat winner.

      This party has again busted up and allowed the Liberal party to gather a majority. Current status is only one Province to have a Conservative leadership and the rest progressive parties that have shown themselves to be really regressive.

      Unless the Conservatives can settle their inter-party differences, which ain’t likely to happen anytime soon seeing what is running for the leadership, this is not going to change for a while.

      • Which really SUCKS, Grumps. I love Canada as much as the USA!

      • JTC

        Best hope for there is a repeat of what happened here.

        Forget the various parties and the critters who populate them.

        Realize there is a “hidden” preference cascade made up of good people just like you who are sick and tired of the stupid PC socialist/commie sympathizers. Realize thse hidden cascade tributaries will gain volume and speed until they develop into a tidal wave of frustration, anger, and participation.

        Find a somewhat crazy self-made man who doesn’t need anybody’s money or support except that of the people he has so presciently ID’d and given voice to. Encourage him to stick to his guns and never back down. VOTE!

        That’s it in a nutshell, and that’s what happened here. That’s what’s happening across Europe and even South America right now too. Most encouragingly for canucks, it’s happening right there in their Mother France. Who’da thunk that? And if it can happen there it can happen anywhere.

        There just might be hope for the old blue marble after all.

        • “Most encouragingly for canucks, it’s happening right there in their Mother France.”

          That would probably be best presented as Mother France and Mother Britain 🙂

          • JTC

            Correct as to most encouragingly… More specifically to France would be most surprisingly.

        • Wayne beat me to it 🙁

          But to add on to the style of gov’t here, it is a parliamentary proportional representation in the House of Commons. The number of seats, and their boundaries, are changing as our population grows and moves around.

          When you consider that the urban areas are the ones with regular heavy growth, it is not hard to see where the balance of power will be controlled.

          There is a lot at play in Canada, which can be pretty interesting if not as “in your face” as US politics. We have Eastern Canada against Central Canada (Quebec and Ontario) and then Western Canada. All have their priorities and they are not in line with each other. Even Quebec and the RoC (rest of Canada) issues. Even our Provinces have more governing power than the Feds do, though the current regime is working at changing that.

          There are a couple of good possible candidates in the Trump role that have the gumption you speak of, though they are still hanging on the outside watching the show. Kevin O’Leary is the most outstanding of them.

          Unfortunately, there are a couple that exemplify the worst of the Trump campaign hits, and ride the coat-tails without understanding the nuances of the play. They are just making it worse, and easier for our unbalanced media to paint with a broad brush.

          We have a few years of sitting gov’ts to deal with, hopefully we can get some closure on the inter-party issues and move forward with some good conservative candidates at Provincial and Federal levels soon.

      • GWB

        Which is why the American founders designed the national gov’t to do so very little. The less power the gov’t has, the less it matters who runs it for a few years.
        Sure wish we could elect enough people who see that, here in America.

      • WayneM

        Canadian politics are usually pretty boring compared to our neighbours to the south. In some ways, it mirrors similar issues with a few key differences. We don’t have direct executive selection. We have nothing equivolent to the voter college. When we register to vote, we aren’t asked about our preference of party. So we cast our vote for the local candidate only.

        As a result, in all of the riding across the country, the local voters have the opportunity to decide on who they send to the House of Commons. It is called so because the Prime Minister does not have direct veto power. He controls the largest voting block and if he has enough seats in the House, that provides effective veto so long as he maintains party discipline.

        Long story short, in the US, the electoral college prevents the tyranny of the majority but the large cities still have significant power. In Canada, the lack of direct executive and disbursement of seats across the country has a significantly similar effect however it is not as effective as the electoral college so the most populous cities and provinces have the balance of power.

        Add to this our lamestream media are every bit as corrupt and biased as the US lamestream media. So we’ve had a predominance of liberal governments.

        Your most liberal POTUS of late, 0bama, reminds me of our worst Prime Minister (from a conservative perspective), Pierre Trudeau… the father of our current Prime Minister, Justin! Trudeau. Both were elected on personality rather than policy. Both were great admirers of communist regimes, especially China and Cuba.

        For close to 10 years, the Conservatives were led by a pragmatic and reasonably effective social conservative, Stephen Harper. In the most recent election, the progressive movement joined focuses with the liberals and threw a metric shit ton of identity political attacks at Harper. As a result, Trudeau won a majority government.

        At the point, Trudeau seems focused on eradicating the legislative legacy of Stephen Harper’s government. Outside of that, he hasn’t been particularly effective or damaging. The proliferation of alternative media in Canada has allowed some effective pushback against some of the excesses of Trudeau and his merry band of politically correct assholes. Whether that will be enough to sway the next election remains to be seen.

        Shortly after his loss in the election, Harper announced he was stepping down. The Conservative Party hasn’t replaced him yet. Most of the declared candidates aren’t hugely appealing but there are a couple who are making the right kind of noises. Time will tell.

        • JTC

          Never been to Canada but I was up to the UP of Michigan couple times when I was a kid… Gods country! I think it must be like that in a large swath of Canada.

          You could have stopped when you said in the last election the various leftist forces joined, and that they packed the population centers and cities with reliable progressive liberal sheep and immigrants who’s vote was a bought and paid for guarantee… They overwhelmed the rest of the country just like damn near happened right here, how is it possible that the tiny number of counties on a red blue national map equal the votes of that huge sea of red counties even and so-called blue states? In Canada they were successful at getting their Obama, in our case we damn near got something far more vicious and vindictive and evil and it would have all been over for the republic.

          We got a reprieve, and I believe we have emboldened the world to fight back. In Canada your Hillary is next and will be hot on the heels of your mini-tru if you don’t build your cascade in a tsunami and take action now. If there is a red/blue map of Canada I’m betting it is almost entirely red with tiny dots densely populated blue sewers of progressivism that is right now the tail wagging the dog and ruining your country and your lives. Will Canucks let that happen?

          • Yes, a good portion of Eastern Canada is similar to Michigan cottage country. Though the small towns in the country are much further apart. I’ve traveled most of the States and almost all of Canada (by car, not a flyover) and the similarities are terrific. We don’t have a deep south (NC, SC, TX, Miss, Al) but most of the same. The Dakota’s and Washington state carry up into Western Canada quite nicely.

            We have more to fear than just the next general election having a continuation of the current Liberal gov’t.

            The current gov’t is exploring other types of election voting results other than First Past the Post or even who receives the majority of votes in their riding (Multi Party system so a Member may be elected with less than 50%+1 of the vote).

            Currently on the table are several different types of Representational Gov’ts. Imagine a full general vote on a multiparty platform where the final decision of who wins a riding is not determined by the local voters, but by the overall federal results and percentage of party voters.

            One such system would split the seats in the House of Commons according to the popular vote. So in a 100 seat house, any party that got 1% of the vote would get a seat, even if the selected candidate did not do well in their own riding! So your parliamentary representative may not even be the person selected as the best choice by the riding voters.

            Another is preferential voting where the voter rates the candidates on their preference, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Should no candidate clearly win a majority, the 2nd and 3rd place votes come into play.

            What is even more egregious is the sitting gov’t has recently ignored and insulted the all-party committee researching the possibilities. And it has stated that they are not interested in holding a referendum on instituting the changes they want, being a majority gov’t it can force through the changes.

            It may get much harder to unseat the Progressives.

          • Kafiroon

            Sounds like they are trying to set up the democrat “Never Lose An Election Again” scenario, Grumps.

            And: “Say Yah To The U.P. Eh!” (from Green Bay, Eh!)

    • Bet you all didn’t expect a crash course in the Canadian Parliamentary System 🙂

      • JTC

        No, but it sounds like the CPS needs to be put on a crash course with a tusunami of popular uprising.

        All of that chaos you describe is the perfect breeding ground for muslim nation building, and all of those fine resources and sufficient land area to support the entire muzzie population of their current known territory is not something I relish hanging over our head up there, so to speak.

        Get goin’, eh?

      • It seems to me that Ontario’s going to have a hell of a hard time unseating the Liberal Premier, Kathleen Wynne…..

  • Old Codger

    I couldn’t tell how big the rattler was but those things make pretty good eating. Dipped in cornbread batter and deep fried; rattle burgers; rattler tempura (course ANY tastes good in tempura); rattler sloppy joes; rattler chili

    The options are endless.

    Oh, and to me it doesn’t taste anything at all like chicken.

    • gafling

      Roger that! I preferred the chili actually.

      When I was in my 20s I lived in San Angelo TX. I went on a couple of Rattlesnake Roundups with the local Optimist Club. These are held in late February or early March when it is still cold enough that the rattlers are still hibernating or moving relatively slow. Remember they are cold-blooded critters so temperature affects their mobility. Cold ambient temp = slow snakes.

      Anyway we would catch and bag the snakes and take them to the SA Coliseum for milking, skinning and food prep.

      Some fun times …

    • Brasspounder

      Rattler is good stuff. Tastes like gator tail.

    • Interventor

      I rather like it broiled and served with cocktail sauce.

  • jackdeth72

    Pencil skirt?…. Inside the left thigh concealment holster with a demi, short gripped Glock.

  • I don’t have to go out to shoot snakes. They come to me. Rattlers, cottonmouths and moccasins. Wanna see the OCG walk on water? Just let her go nose to nose with a moccasin in our pool. I saw her once chase a rattler across our north pasture with a chainsaw. She plowed a nice furrow before she got it. We get snakes in our coy pond pump all the time, and snakes in our pool sump. If you want to empty a house, just let OCG see a snake in her kitchen.

    • Kafiroon

      They do Not like weed whippers also.

    • GWB

      With a CHAINSAW?!?
      Remind me never to piss off OCG. Dayum. (Is she a redhead, perchance?)

    • Pamela


      You are one lucky man to have your OCG at your side.

    • JTC

      I’ve always liked the saying,

      “Don’t fuck with the Old Guy, he’ll just kill you.”

      Which for many reasons is true. As it is for quite a few Old Girls, including mine, and apparently yours. 🙂

  • PaulS

    JTC, regarding usefulness of the.500 S&W.

    Originally I was inclined to think the same thing, but after firing one found it to be quite reasonable for what you are getting. I also have a 14″ Contender in .45-70 that bucks a bit, though it would be far less practical to carry. But either are fun to launch heavy bullets at Targets 1/4 mile away. And just in case that grizzly wants you more than your salmon, 5 available rounds can do the trick.

    • JTC

      PaulS, fired them both, the TC’s many times in many calibers, it is in a class by itself as a short rifle with wide appreciation in hobby use and very limited application in practical use.

      The limitation of the .500 is deeper; few use it for target sport like the TC, and any who use it for grizzly would only do so if they can’t get to their rifle or shotgun, and even then there are better and much more practical/useful alternatives. And I have seen people injured by them notably the youtube girl who shoots herself in the head with her second recoil-directed shot after some idiots think it would be great fun to put that canon in the hands of an innocent if dumb newbie. Just a personal view, formed by interaction over many years with all manner of one-up machinery and too many one-up men.

      But, different strokes. A guy wants one, I sold it to him, that was my job. And it boils down to that; need has nothing to do with what manner of firearm a free man can have, if he wants it he should have it. But with it comes the responsibility of it, I made a big point of hammering that home with every lethal weapon I sold.

  • Pamela

    And the pendulum starts is swing once again. Let’s make sure the pit is filled in this time and sealed for good.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Cascade events.
    My specialty.

    And some of that DBD loot cascaded out when I found a very recent mailer from the DBQ homestead. I like the stuff. TY

    A danger always exists when people with no depth cascade into the events. Some of those people are just trying to be with the cool people. ‘Who are you?’ is a question not really answered by many who follow the cascade and bandwagon and jump on the train. The truth and analysis which gets us to the dance does not always get the value accorded to it that it should. Sometimes they do not stick with who brung them.

    • JTC

      Interesting NYIAC…

      So far all the clumps of cool kids I’ve been seeing are the ones lamenting their fate, going apoplectic, creating fake news and burning shit down in the streets.

      If you are saying that there are false flags and Benedict Arnold’s among us, and also on a global scale, I would be interested to know the basis for that? And also what harm or affect you think might result?

      • NotYetInACamp

        First. Most people leading a trend think for themselves.
        Second. many people jumping on the trend do so only because some lesser amount of thought has occurred.
        Third. Most people do not give a damn unless their own ox is gored. ( Al? )
        Fourth. People do mole in. Merkel and her friends in government saw the handwriting on the wall and switched out of the Communist Party to enable them to prosper as political people in the new government that was to come. She wormed her way to the top using the new liberal pablum whjile always having the goals in mind that she is doing. Obama is a mole risen to the top by those who found him useful.
        Fifth. How do we keep the purity? We don’t. Keeping pure means that a Ron Paul would win and crush much good no matter how much good he brought in. And purists do not care about those results, as they have kept it pure. They kept the faith and will not do what is needed for the people of the USA, The USA, Western Civilization, and humanity. Purists result in Nazism, Islam, The Inquisition, pogroms, and much evil that is not thought out.
        The battle shifts from winning overall, to winning within the winning group. Many rats jump on board the ship. They begin accumulating the accolades that those on the front line or the heart of the battle never consider. They work to get streets and projects named after themselves. Or similar such. They may carry out the purifying like George Bernard Shaw said of eliminating those that cannot justify their existence every few years.

        And so on. Just generalizations mainly there. Framework to look at what will occur, is occurring.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Also RINOs and others may have needed skills and will use them as the governments needs while under close supervision and with limited power for limited time. Not all enemies are purely evil. Like building a building, a Progressive may do a good foundation pour, be an electrician, or bricklayer, or landscape architect or planter or such.

        • JTC

          Good historical perspective. Thing is, this is a whole new kind of movement, Trump may be its face but it is actually leaderless, the cascade having welled up from the deep. Call it the Prags, for pragmatics, a term I saw used and explained by Michal Massie. It is a primal eruption causing the cascade which causes tsunamis. Posers like Merkel and Obama for that matter, cannot usurp it because they do not understand it…it will instead drown them and their like as it spreads worldwide. Let’s give it a chance.

          • Chris Muir


  • Grunt GI

    Loved the FB art!!

  • WayneM

    For some reason, the conversation between Sam and Zed made me think of a quote from some famous general…

    “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.” ~General (rtd) James “Mad Dog” Mattis

  • NotYetInACamp

    Speaking of worldwide preference cascades, the greater destroyer of German, European, and Western Civilization since the corporal, himself, is discussed.
    and in it; “Justice Minister Heiko Maas called for tighter weapons laws to prevent guns from falling in to the wrong hands.” With this latest initiative, Minister Maas does not mean to target the Islamists
    and election winning patterns allowed and other stuff that proposes deviations from normal patterns worldwide

  • NotYetInACamp

    There are still lots of snakes out there. We are not even close to done. The war they have wages against us for so long has just become apparent and the battles needed to counteract their victories are being planned and some begun.
    Many will likely need be brought into the administration to bite some of the other evil.

    • Kafiroon

      We have not begun to deal with the naive, willingly self deceived “educated” youths yet.
      The old commies are a lost cause. Although I could re-indoctrinate them in some far north gulag.

      • NotYetInACamp

        At the BILL AYERS Weathered Underground Old Commie and Old Progressive Rehabilitation Facility. North Annex.

        • Kafiroon

          How about: The BILL AYERS MEMORIAL Weathered Underground Old Commie and Old Progressive Rehabilitation and Highway Construction Facility. Far North Annex.

          • NotYetInACamp

            I did not strangle the weasel the one time that I met him. If God or a trial rendered him to room temperature, so be it. Go for it then.
            They discussed back then, according to an FBI informant, that at least 25,000,000 Americans would not pass rehabilitation and would be terminated. Can you feel the love?

  • Nom dePlume

    I was going to say:

    How about: The BILL AYERS MEMORIAL Weathered Underground Old Commie and Old Progressive Rehabilitation and Highway Construction Facility. Far North Annex.
    Don’t forget to append “and graveyard”.

    These are, truly, clever comments. All of them. And I can enjoy them to an extent. As I brood over the matter, though, Ayers and his ilk are so thoroughly disgusting that I don’t want to taint humor with their names. Jeremiah Wright, the whole lot of useful idiots. Read Irina Ratushinskaya’s story. And it is one out of millions. Michael J. Totten get’s it right in my opinion. The Castros SUCK. Give a hotel bar of soap (one bar!) to a Cuban and they will cry from gratitude. That’s a reliable report. How often? 100% of the time (Totten). Thank God Trump won.

  • LifeofTheMind

    Mr Plisskin does NOT approve of this message, but he admires how it was delivered.

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