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  • Solaratov

    Somehow, I think that if Sam reached out to Skye, her hand would be severely slapped away. There’s no love, understanding or appreciation in a leftist/progressive.

  • KenH

    Doubling down on stupid is a hallmark of the left, Sam
    You need to stop doing that stuff

  • If you reach out to Skye, make sure you’re wearing rubber gloves.
    I wonder how long that “allowance” will last?
    I have a niece like her. She got a $50,000 settlement from an accident. Three months later it was gone.
    Three months and one second later, so were all of her new friends.

    • Solaratov

      Been there, done that.. Back in my callow youth (oh, so long ago).
      It’s probably always been that way, though; and it probably always will be.

      • Wearyman

        Problem is that many Leftists never grow up. They grow OLD, but they never grow up, and the whole country is suffering for it. Hence Trump. Time to put all the kids in time out.

        • The 300

          To be a leftist is to be a permanent adolescent: I’m independent! I’m grown up! You can’t tell me what to do! It’s my life! Now give me the keys to the car dad and it better be full of gas!

        • They don’ wanna grow up! They are Toys-R-Us kids. Or as we used to say, They think they are hot snot, but they are just cold bugers!

    • John

      And make that chainmail over the rubber.
      She might bite the hand that fed her.

      • John D. Egbert

        Odds on re the biting . . .

  • WayneM

    One of the finest examples of the progressives losing their collective shit as their cultural marxism is exposed was recently described in glowing detail by an Irish skeptic vblogger….

    I don’t know about anyone else but I rather enjoy watching the discomfort of the SJW and other progressive prats as they throw their tantrums… 🙂

    • They only way that the Libs will stop crying and bewailing the election is if they realize how much their enemies are enjoying the show.
      Which means that it will never stop, they are that oblivious.

    • Well, if that don’t jes’ put the hobnails right in the boot sole!!!

      OK, there is a trend underway – seminal, so far, but slowly growing – in Europe, a trend that shows the political and ideological pendulum is beginning its swing to the right side of the political/ideological fence.

      Keep an eye on it. It may make the reaction to Brexit look like a picnic in Hyde Park. Castro is dead. Raul is his weak shadow. Maduro diwb ub Venezuela is slowly losing control as multinational corps have been dumping/vacating their facilities, meaning no jobs/no cash in Venezuela. Keep an eye on all of this. And OPECkers are not having quite the field day they used to have, as crude prices slip backward and Vlad Putin bumped up his production level.

      If you keep a weather eye on all of this, you’ll see that it isn’t just US. It is everywhere. Human Rights critters are upset with Duterte in the Phillippines? Yeah, like he gives a crap that they’re more worried about the lives of drug dealers than about P.I. citizens.

      Keep a weather eye on it all. Watching the SJW howler monkeys having conniption fits is like watching a 4-year-old throw a screaming fit over a box of cereal at the store, when there are 8 – EIGHT – untouched boxes at home. Eight long years of socialist crap are, I hope, coming to an end, once and for all.

      If they really want to be peasant serfs, I hear the Jupiter has some empty real estate available.

    • Bill G

      Excellent video. One item the gentleman missed is how many of these professors refuse to permit taping of their lectures.
      Oh, yes, free speech is vital to them, but don’t let those outside the classroom know what the speech is.

    • Brasspounder

      A couple leftists of my acquaintance have begun hoping for a military coup to displace President Trump. That a rogue military would never install Clinton, Sanders, or Crockajawea Warren as a replacement for Trump doesn’t seem to factor into their fantasy.

      • John

        It is a particularly ironic pipedream when you consider that most officers are honorable, perhaps violently so, and _will_ pursue the demands of their oath of office.
        And don’t think for a second they don’t know who the turncoat political types are in their ranks.
        And yes, they _do_ know what an illegal order is.

        • Old Codger

          “most officers are honorable, perhaps violently so, and _will_ pursue the demands of their oath of office.”

          Sorry, but I must disagree. For years now I have been approaching service members in uniform and asking them how they would respond to an order to do something in violation to their oath. The majority state that they trust the chain of command implicitly and cannot conceive of being given such an order. They also say that they would obey any order given and that it is not their place to question the lawfulness of any order given them.

          It is understandable they would think like that since the UCMJ in no wise defines what might or might not constitute an “unlawful” order. The only way to definitively whether an order was unlawful would be to disobey and fight it out in a court martial. There the person disobeying the order would be prosecuted by, defended by (unless the defendant were independently wealth enough to afford to hire a civilian attorney sufficiently knowledgeable in military law) and judged by members of the selfsame power elite who would be threatened by the disobedience. I suspect that the phrase “military justice” has a significant oxymoron component.

      • eon

        So, they hate the military except when they think they can use it to overturn an election they lost?

        I can’t wait for them to go full-Weather Underground again. I suspect this time around, the Iron Bar Hotel will need a couple of extra wings.

        clear ether


    • mort

      Thanks for the video on the professor implosion;
      it`s about time they got theirs.

  • Pamela

    As an observer always on the outside, being “a cool kid” was a transitory condition which shifted with the waning and waxing of the moon.

    I want Sam’s dress.

    • I used to have a pattern for a dress like that. Not sure if it was Burda or Vogue or Butterick. It was a while back. A sundress, made with stretch material like cotton. Very comfortable.

    • Interventor

      That’s a great dress she’s nearly wearing.

    • jackdeth72

      There’s a dress?!!

    • noncom

      There is no explanation for it, but I somehow feel you might just wear it as well as Sam….

    • NotYetInACamp

      You wearin that dress.

      That’d be cool.

      • Pamela

        I think I know where I can find a seamstress to ask since I haven’t sewn anything except for baby quilts in years

  • Interventor

    Cool was invented to avoid work.

  • eclark1894

    #Liberals are hypocrites.

    • Old Codger

      “Liberals are hypocrites”

      Perfect example of a verbal redundancy. The first term implies/includes the second. Sort of like “young and stupid”. I used to use the phrase “young and stupid” until I realized the 2nd and 3rd words of the phrase were redundant. The 1st word said it all.

      • eclark

        Maybe, but anyone who’s liberal won’t recognize the redundancy.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Nah. I’m cool”
    Is there a hired hand, name’a’ Luke nearby?

    (ducks and runs)

  • Priceless. Precede that how you will, that was a smooth one indeed.

  • eclark1894

    BTW, Chris, not being critical of your artwork, but when I first saw your first panel, I thought Zed was lying in a coffin.

    • Unca Walt

      (*snork*) Freudian?

    • Pamela

      That looks like a comfy couch for snuggling, and other things, on with your other half.

    • Agreed. It looks like a double-sized chaise longue, what my grandmother used to call a ‘fainting couch’ (corsets, hoops, etc.) that will comfortably hold two people watching romantic movies.

  • Bill

    Listen to the way the mainstream media is reporting the Bergdoll story where he asked Obama for a pardon. The”re spinning the story as if Bergdoll just accidentally wandered away from his post and was captured by the evil Taliban and held for five years making him the victim rather than his fellow soldiers who were killed trying to find him. The media hasn’t learned any lesson.

    • Unca Walt

      Agree. I come from a long-history military family… and I think Bergdoll should be shot.

      • John

        Shoot’ns too good fer ‘im.

        • Solaratov

          True. But shooting or hanging is what’s called for.

  • Bill G

    Skye will be back, in person or calling for help, when her life heats up.
    It’s a dizzying time we’re in; the progenitors of fake news are calling fake on the sources or real news and out in Battle Creek the progenitors of a great deal of fake food are whining because they’ve bought into the fake news.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Sam and friend’s were never the cool kids in any real sense of what is cool.

    • PaulS

      Or perhaps they were always the cool kids in the sense of what is really cool.

  • RickS

    I look and laugh at the fools who bought into the whole Roman Emperor schtick Obama pulled off in Denver Aug 2008 with the acceptance speech with the Roman Columns. Like the Emperors, Obama tried to rule by decree and more or less had the weak of mind buy into the Roman Emperor god thing. Then the god-head was ordained to be passed to Killary (some goddess there, HEH), but Trump showed up and destroyed that notion. Now the sycophants no longer have their diety.

    • You do know that Caligula was assassinated by the Praetorian Guard, don’t you?
      And Crassus was assassinated by his own troops, who were fed up with his notions of warfare against the Parthians.
      I had forgotten that image of the Duly Elected Birdbrain pretending to be Caesar. Thanks for the reminder.

      • eon

        The One has always reminded me of Nero. A narcissist and would-be superstar who, in the words of Colin Wilson, found himself endlessly fascinating.

        Like Nero, every public appearance by The One is an ode to himself. And his reaction to every crisis is always “Let’s talk about me”.

        The One says the American people, and the world, have failed him, and that they don’t deserve him. ( I agree on that last- but not the way he means it.)

        When Nero committed suicide to avoid being run through by the Praetorian Guard like Gaius Germanicus (Caligula) before him, he had to have a courtier help him draw the dagger across his throat because he just couldn’t bring himself to do the deed.

        His last words?

        “What a great artist the world is losing in me.”

        If you want to understand The One, study Nero.

        clear ether


        • Mort

          Re: the “one”,his backing of the ‘Coronation’ of the
          psychopathic liar, and the down fall of the Democratic
          party…the late great Bobby Fisher, world champion
          chess player, was once asked what his favorite thing
          about chess was: “When the other guy`s ego cracks”,
          he replied; now usually in a chess match you can`t
          really assume you will win, however, the Democrats
          were assured of winning, therefore, while I, and I believe,
          most here felt like a huge weight was lifted from them
          when Trump won the election…..the Hilamonster`s
          backers are totally destroyed….Must stay alert.

  • JTC

    Further to the professors losing their shit and leftists wishing death, despair and starvation on any who should step out of the line:

    Lady doctor makes an ill-advised online comment and MUST PAY WITH HER LIFE! Never mind the horrid racist, threatening, and libelous comments that POUR out of the pages of leftist sites, this is the CHOSEN ONE OF OUR CHOSEN ONE you’re speaking about here and YOU MUST DIE!

    Sickening but oh so comical…like the name of that website which is positively giddy with glee at the price extracted for one who disagrees with them speaking their mind, albeit inadvisedly…

    “BIPARTISANREPORT.COM”! Now that is just too funny. Funnier still that they know their emporer and empress are dead along with their regime…and that they themselves are soon to follow.

    • Kafiroon

      They are mentally incapable of acknowledging their own hypocrisy.
      JTC: re-cargo pants. I will comment before going again.

    • Lemmings, everyone of them. Not the same as the little furry rodents. Different subspecies gone mad.

  • JTC

    And don’t grok at all the irony of the movement of peace, love, harmony, and inclusiveness wishing the most horrible pain and suffering on any who are not them.

    Thanks about the pants! I was joking and wouldn’t ask you to do that, but that is very nice of you.

    I have a former customer who runs a small private religious college here, kids from all over who when the school year is over take a two-week sojourn to Israel with this headmaster/pastor who is apparently an authority and author on Biblical history and antiquities.

    He’s a gun nut too, especially for Israeli stuff and I made him a friend for life by selling him a whole case of rare red-tip Uzi 9mm rifle ammo for a great price. He has already given me coins from Jesus time and had his boys help move a whole pawnshop of merchandise and fixtures into storage last year as a community service activity (wouldn’t let me pay them but I dropped a chunk into their trip fund for the end of the year).

    He’d probably bring me pants too if I mentioned it, I might have to dig out his contact info!

    • JTC

      That was response to Kafiroon, of course…

      • JTC

        I’ve old a few dozen deagles over the years, last I heard most models were available as easy as plunking down your 2K and running the nics. But then I remembered from whence you hail, and I’m not sure, but in America a deagle is just a pistol like any other…albeit a badass one. Certainly no new barriers will be added and maybe some will fall in the new admin, maybe even in Kali.

        And I know how you meant “under Trump” but I think the treatment of the 2A issue and many others will be ongoing evidence that we will not be under him but over him. That’s a distinction that has been lost for many years but I think DT understands he is our hired CEO and it’s important for us to remember it too.

        • JTC

          I’ve “old” a few dozen deagles? Well I’m the one that’s old but I’ve “”sold a few dozen…

      • Old Codger

        One of my cousins has a DE in .50AE. He said the first time he took it to the range, his wrist was swollen for a couple of days afterward. I remember when the DE first came out and the .50AE was the most powerful handgun cartridge around (made Dirty Harry’s .44 Magnum look like a 97 lb. weakling). Now days I figure the .500 Win Mag is the king. It can produce muzzle energies comparable to my FNAR in 7.62X51/.308 Win. With the right load the .500 Win Mag produces almost as much energy as a 1″ 12gau SLUG! I personally would rather the recoil from all that power go into my shoulder than my wrist. But that’s just me.

      • Kafiroon

        As much as I Love heavy metal, I am too slim to carry something like that. Even a small compact stands out. I am Not going back to snow country just to conceal. Had a30-30 pistol, also was to big to carry unless openly.

  • JTC

    Don’t remember the exact years but when the first deagle came out it actually was chambered in Dirty Harry’s fave .44M just like his Smif 29. Then the first autoloader in .44M was used in a sequel, the ill-fated Automag. The Israeli version that Pamela referenced came along first in .357 and .44, and later the VII in .50 All of the autos from a mechanical design standpoint essentially are short rifles, and all of them including the revolver are a major handful and would benefit from a shoulder stock…the ridiculous .500 revolver is so unpleasant to shoot as to render it almost useless, and many poke fun at it as a jump-the-shark exercise in the vein of a Taurus Judge.

    • Pamela

      This is the Approved list for the DEagles here is Californication.

      Then there is the micro stamping requirement for which the technology doesn’t exist.

      I think this could be tossed out with the New Supreme Court.

      • JTC

        Link doesn’t work for me but I can imagine that like many Kali gun regs the intent is to effectively ban them…I and many FFL’s simply didn’t ship anything there; that too amounted to a defacto ban and/or restraint of legal trade and Constitutional rights.

        So yes indeed your first thought that change is a-coming in the guise of an adherent of as-written Constitutional law coming into office with the sweet promise of justices who will share that commitment. Or you could move to ‘murica. 🙂

        Either way, when you get your hands on one of these big boys, have fun! If you haven’t used one, consider a rental range where you can try out a few different models, maybe even run a few bursts on a full-auto just for S’s & G’s…unless that too is banned in the Republik.

        • Pamela

          I belong to a local tactical shooting range with rental privileges

    • Look at La-La-land from my viewpoint. (No offense meant, Pam!)

      If CA is invaded by some aggressive entities, there won’t be anyone available to chase away the bad guys because the good guys won’t be living there any more, and the military will be at least 4 hours away, closest.

      And then, there’s the mountains, and the desert between the mountains, and — well, gee whiz, the parts of CA that would be desirable to invaders will just have to take care of themselves.

      I don’t get the conflict existing with Hollywood making movies that require ballistic weaponry at all levels, and the paranoia about guns by the population, AND constant anti-gun yapping by H’wood actors. I just do not get it. They use guns in their jobs (acting) but no one should be allowed to have any for self-defense.

      Do you all see the disconnect from reality there?

      • Interventor

        Actors do not deal well with reality. Hence, all the pills and booze.

  • Nom dePlume

    How do you email Chris?

  • Nom dePlume

    Thank you, Pamela.

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