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  • William Henry

    Just remember… cats are only your friend because you can’t fit in their mouth.

    • John

      Although, on occasion, they do make the attempt.

  • Too Tall

    “Do a self-portrait.”

    Is that along the lines of “Let’s go Brandon?”

    A refined way of saying GFY?

    Could get added to the Southern dictionary as an updated version of “Bless your little heart!”

    Hunter, you may not have been successful in giving Skye the business, but if she has any moxie at all as a reporter, she is about to get all up in your “bidness,” and it won’t be pretty. Could be downright medieval.

      • Valerie

        I learn so much from the comments on this toon. I probably could have lived the rest of my life not knowing this, but thanks, cb, for the link.

      • Wood

        what’s the matter with kids today…. The more I see the more I’m determined to keep them off the internet in general, and social media in specific.

        • Roland Deshain

          When has there been a generation that has not asked that question?

      • Pamela

        Now that I’ve stopped laughing and thinking that is way too gross. Wonder if Hunter pays his hookers to clean the self portrait

      • Man, the useless and disturbing things you learn here at the DBD…

        Why do I think it wouldn’t be the Hunter’s first self-facial?

      • Dan Ryan Galt

        Well, that was more than I needed to know….but now I know. Thanks…I guess.

    • Son Of A Valkyrie

      Suppose the “bidness” involves Sam, Zed and all? Would be interesting?

  • Lifeofthe Mind

    Which cat inspired Sam? Which inspired Skye? Which inspired Jo?

  • Beth Elliott

    I did! I did taw a puddy tat!

  • Mike-SMO

    THAT is worrisome: A nuclear powered Jo with feline attitudes. The “tail talk” would be worth the ride, however.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    CATS!!! You got ’em!! And you got ’em BAD!! lol

  • John M.

    I see you have “the crew” guarding the merch ’til you can get it all sorted and mailed.

    • John M.

      Speaking of which, I got one envelope with a coaster and a CRA I.D. – I can’t remember exactly which were which. I made five or six separate donations, but marked several “no merch” because it would duplicate material.

      To be honest, the next year’s strips would be enough “merch” for me

      • CRA ID? Can you elaborate on that? Anybody else?

        • cb

          No clue, sounds like something that’d get you solitary confinement.

  • cz93x62

    That’s a nice-looking crew on duty there, Mr. Muir. I am pretty fond of those fur units myself.

    • DCE

      I have a similar crew helping me when I work from home – Minnie, Pip, and Cole.

      They always seem to be present whenever I am involved in an online meeting, demanding attention. Then, once the webcam is shut off, they disappear…unless I am working on documentation for one of the many engineering projects I work on.

    • Piper, Cuddles, Flo, And Suzie are breaking in new recruit Jaquie, our one-eyed rescue. She has finally figured out the cat hatch and is discovering this thing called “outdoors”, or at least the back yard part of it.

      Zar Belk!

    • John D. Egbert

      Our rescue, Hobbes (our name for him), is settling in after what must have been an unfortunate existence before he came into our home. He’s getting affectionate — and pushy . . .

      • John D. Egbert

        It’s interesting to contemplate the ramifications if cats were to develop opposable thumbs . . .

        • John

          The lack of opposable thumbs is the only thing that allows tuna cans to survive.

  • Major Matt Mason

    Norma Bates Kitteh and Sylvia Siamese send their regards. 🙂

  • DeeKayT

    Just think: if your cat could text you back, it wouldn’t.

    • Wood

      A thing to which the youth should aspire.

  • Son Of A Valkyrie

    Suppose the “bidness” involves Sam, Zed and all? Would be interesting?

  • aelfheld

    If you need additional helpers I’ve a surfeit at the moment.

  • David

    Looks like most of the merch is Chinese.

    • Coolies have always been the slaves of production.

      The art, ntellectual property, and control of the process are all domestic…and, as clearly shown in panel 3, domesticated. Somewhat.

  • We had cats and they all moved in with us and stayed. All were kittens when we found them except one. The one that was older, probably a year old and she was our first cat. She was a black and brown calico, pretty kitty. We were living in the city then and my wife and I were sitting on the front porch and we saw her walking down the sidewalk and she looked scared. My wife asked me if she should call to her and I said sure. So she called to the cat and she came running up to and on the porch and just then, my older son came out the front door and she scooted in the house and was with us for 17 years! Then came others! 🙂 The thing is, my wife didn’t even like cats but Coco won her over. Such a good cat!

  • I’ve been “acceptable “ by a number of Felines.
    The craziest were the red furred one and the cross eyed Siamese.

    Is there a pool on when the 21st century’s “ Shot heard around
    the world may be ?

    • Henry

      When? No, but my money is on the Where being a Virginia school board meeting.

  • Arkay

    Can’t even count the number of cats for whom I’ve been support staff over the decades. Even won over Spousal Unit, who now believes a house without a cat or two or three is empty and hollow.

    We rescued a four-year-old in July. We still have to keep her (SU’s cat) and my three-year-old cat (I’m definitely his human) separate. It’s gonna be a seriously slow process getting them to tolerate each other in the same room. But tiny Harley Girl needed to be rescued, and Czarny’s just gonna have to deal.

    • CDR 215

      We have had a total of 7 over the years, not all at the same time: Mouse & Tacker, Thomas, Lily, Smudge & Timber, & Squiggles. They’ve all gone, along with their Momcat, Pamela. I miss them all.

  • Hardball

    Id rather they be purdy tatas

    • JTC

      Or purdy puddy’s…

      Funny, wife is off to Publix and Wally’s so she leaves the teevee on cartoons to entertain the critters, including the 3 cats, two old male cur rescues and the red Maine Coon female who runs the crew…

      Yep it was tuned to Boomerang and a Tweety Pie segment just as I walk by…“I tawt I taw a puddy tat…I did, I did taw a puddy tat!”

  • Pamela

    Our furry critters are Orange, Gizmo and Zoe. All Rescues and all totally different cat attitudes. They all want the Mama lap. That’s one cool looking crew Mr. Muir.

  • Two big elements pending;

    One is the subpoena storm over 1/6 being weaponized with promised arrests for no-shows with the agenda of the suppression and deterrence of anything and anyone connected to Trump…would you hold or fold if threatened with total destruction?

    The other is this from Trump’s direct email yesterday…

    “If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24…it is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.”

    Ignoring the garbled tense there, that sounds pretty damn ominous; is it finally an actual demarcation that has been missing for nearly a year now? What will it mean?

    The two may seem unrelated but they are inextricably intertwined; the former a threat that any elected resistance to the junta will be cancelled and killed, and the latter a promise to embrace that threat preemptively and eliminate that fake process altogether in favor one must think, of a new process and new representatives of a Free American Republic.

    Am I reading too much into it? I sure hope not, we have had so many false promises and unanswered questions that if this is just another one of those then our looking to Trump directly for any path forward is over and done, and his time of significant impact and leadership will be well and truly ended. I hope that is not the case.

    • Kafiroon

      My expectation is right after the new year, the Repubs will “start looking into” election reform. That will occupy most of the year without it accomplishing anything more than global warming. Thus leaving us in a worse position for 24 than before their usual talking BS. Sorry to be that way, but I have lived too long watching them all rob us blind. Pray Harder for SMOD!

    • Halley

      Yes… not to be Debbie Downer, but I could not believe he thinks Republicans (of the 23 Knives) have any intention of ”fixing” election fraud in time for ’22 or ’24. They will be far too busy obediantly fawning over ”Our first historic female president of diversity”.

      • cb

        Probably only one way to fix election fraud now… same as stupid can be fixed. And we know that ain’t legal.

  • Richard

    I’d like to propose that “Pixel” be named the “Greatest Cat of All Time”. After all, he can walk through walls.

  • William Henry

    We have 2 furballs…. my beautiful sweet Russian Blue ( Baby Blue ) who is my best bud and Miss Kitty.

    Miss Kitty was a half starved semi-feral stray when she showed up 13 years back and she has mellowed a bit over the years.

    She still has one goal in life…. find something, kill it and eat it. best mouser we’ve ever had.

  • JTC

    So John M alluded upthread that included in his swag bag the cats included a coaster and/or a CRA ID. Since I checked no merch when I deposited my shekels I didn’t get and haven’t seen it.
    Little help please?

    • Chris Muir

      CRA ID is simply the yellow plastic ‘credit card’.

      • Thank you sir. It is more than that to me. Could you stick one in an envelope and mail to me?

  • Mort

    I`ve had three dogs, and more than my share
    of cats.
    Hard to believe that anyone can draw cats as
    well as these are.

  • steveb919

    Cats are smart and can be pushy. Had a couple and they were good pets, but I really prefer dogs. Dogs are my favorite people and smarter than some political folks in congress.

    • the Chicken of Depression

      I’ve got couch pillows smarter than a lot of folk in congress.

  • cb

    Neighborhood strays come and go, 3 currently homesteading on back porch. Under foot outside is one thing, inside … forget it, I’m clumsy enough on my own.

  • Kafiroon

    Having spent a number of years living in different houses for months at a time, I got to feed quite a few feral cats. Most made their own rounds of different houses that fed them. Like a circuit. There was one the owner named Fritz and first, he brought a small female with him after a time. Then four kittens showed up with him. They showed until they were larger. Finally, only Fritz was showing up.
    He used to spend hours trying to stare down a Cony (Israel) that was larger than him by a good bit.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Let’s Go Brandon!

    Send him to Brandon!

  • NotYetInACamp

    All of my Cat Overlords found me and established domination and ownership.
    There are no stray cats to find me where I am now.
    I miss my Kitty.
    They used to bring me some of their trophy kills. I suppose they wanted me to improve my diet. (Not trying to say that this could happen to anyone in particular.)


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