Day By Day


  • KenH

    It’s St Paddy’s day; would you settle for some Guinness and Bushmills?

    • Bill G

      Just don’t try for the wrong Black Bush.

  • WayneM

    Ah, Jan… My goodness!!

  • Big Jim

    Not Jan, YET. That’s SAM…..

    • formwiz

      Black hair, that’s Jan.

      • Chris Muir


    • JTC

      Jan AND Sam. Is it bad that the shot of Jan is more my thing?

      Yeah, I’ll say it again…I’m an ass man.

      • PaulS

        I’m with you there, but maybe for a different reason. A barely safe for work version of this is more alluring to my tastes. I know what lies beyond the edge of concealment and the anticipation of revealment is a strong force.

        • JTC

          Tease to please, chuck it to…well, you know.

    • Grunt GI

      Yes sir. Some of us knew that right away.
      Sam is unforgettable.

  • formwiz

    A hot time in the old town, to be sure.

  • Grunt GI

    Aye. Our own pot of gold on this St Paddy’s Day.
    These ladies definitely have some lucky charms.
    Well done Mr Muir.
    Gonna be a great weekend.

  • Pamela

    Gentlemen ~ Please enjoy yourselves.

    • Too Tall

      I’m still enjoying your poetry.

      • Pamela


    • JTC

      Lady Sam, Lady Pam, and Lady Palm…it’s an enjoyment trifecta! 😉

  • Old Codger

    Sunday bodes well to be very interesting. Very interesting, indeed. At least when Mr. Muir promos something he delivers – unlike a certain butch MSNBC reporter who will remain unnamed.

    Anybody here figure she (or anybody else involved in leaking the Prez’s tax return) will even be charged or indicted? Much less actually TRIED.

    MSNBC = Mighty Sleezy (and) Nothing But Crap

    • Who cares? She bitchslapped her stupid self over it. That’s the 2nd time (count ’em) she’s made an utter ass of herself on live TV. You should enjoy the spectacle of watching her castle crumble into sawdust.

      • Pamela

        Seems they couldn’t flip her to “DON’T TALK, Just smile like the idiot you are.”

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Da. Spasibo.
    Macht schnell
    Veet. Veet.

    Oh, and don’t forget the liquid libations.

  • Pete231

    That center frame reminds me of a poker game long ago where I bet my ass on a pair like that…….

  • caved1ver01

    That’s Jan. Nice camel toe. Sam’s accent is RED.

    • PaulS

      It is red, just in low light.
      Thanks Chris, YOWSA! 🙂

  • Southpaw

    As a German would say: She’s hotter than a freshly fired Luger

  • Bill M

    Let’s go skinny-dippin’ down to the pond.

  • Bill G

    Popcorn? That’s not what I’d be thinking of munching on…

  • Pamela

    Careful with who you speak to in tongues

    • Bill G

      In dreams no care is needed.

    • RegT

      Bill G is a cunning linguist. As are many of us.

  • Dread

    I’m wondering though, what kind of husband sits there clandestinely spying on his wife getting nude, sharing the view with another guy, while they both ogle their best friend’s naked wife? Gives me the creeps. Some friends.

    • Chris Muir

      It is weird,for sure.Stay tuned.

      • Grunt GI

        I prefer to think of it as your commentary on the pervasiveness of the surveillance state. 🙂

        I have no doubt the DBD wimminz can take care of themselves if they discover what their men are up to.

        Perhaps some payback with a little spying in the men’s locker room or such at the DDQ? That might make our resident ladies Pamela and Delilah happy.

        All’s fair, right?

        Or it could just be a chance to show off some awesome female form artwork. Either way.

        • Playgirl Magazine is still live and now available online.

          29 hrs in fine art post-BA, plus many, many more classes while a working stiff, most in figure drawing, all with live models. Drawing is fundamental to painting.

          You come into this world buck naked and that’s most likely the way you will leave it. As a very vise 5 year old once said ‘Boys have penises, girls have vaginas.’ What’s the big deal? I enjoy being a girl.

          • Grunt GI

            Heh. I can envision that a “Men of DBD” feature would have been well received by a certain demographic of DBD readers.


            I have no doubt you enjoy being a girl, and that some lucky person is equally happy you’re a girl.


    • JTC

      Not that weird for some folks…I had several customers for years at my gun/jewelry/pawn place that had pool parties and took vacations together, where nude was the thing. Not swingers, not really nudists, just a personal choice with select friends. Couple high-ranking LEO’s, a judge, the property appraiser, and a bank VP among them, all respectable types…most pretty attractive types too, I guess that was a prerequisite for their club.

      I found it interesting, and apparently they thought of me like a bartender or something, they trusted me with some pretty private info, personal and professional, esp. the cops. They actually invited wifey and I to join in (hey I wasn’t always old, fat, and ugly…and my little blond was and is a knockout). Not for us, but different strokes and all that I guess.

      But back to the DD guys, the high likelihood of their tech genius son having remote vid access is a whole ‘nother kettle of um, should I say it? Fish. But while the “friends” scenario similar to the group I mentioned doesn’t seem outside the realm for this tight-knit group who share home, biz, child-care, and have each others backs…I’m sure there’s a fail-safe in place to protect the young’n.

    • JIMV

      I’d call that a very good friend, proud of his wife and lucky to be married to a woman who is not shy or silly.

      • And you just hit it exactly. This is what I see in this chain of events. As well, this is a very tight group. They’re not swingers, they are relaxed about the level of family.

  • ses1066

    Chris, you can certainly do the female form with the best! I am very much looking forward to the next strip(s)! When we get to the fund raiser for 2017, you might consider auctioning off the artwork for these. Might bring a pretty penny from the connoisseurs of female beauty – subcategory of unwrapped!

  • This is a tight knit group of friends and family. I’d be proud to be in a group like that anymore. Ah yes, once upon a time there was a group of us that had no qualms about sunbathing or skinny dipping together, nothing more. Not to mention the desire to maintain security, given their location and things that have occurred at the DD in the not that distant past. The dawgs are a solid security layer, but this group of men are not ones to leave it dependent on the machines alone. Not to mention it being a great pleasure to provide said overwatch. 😀

    • RegT

      Reminds me of a time about thirty years ago. My girlfriend and another female mutual friend went camping in a secluded prt of the forest on Mt. Laguna, in So. Cal. After setting up the tent, we put out some lawen chairs, got nude and started sunning ourselves. All of a sudden, thirty people of both genders started walking right past us, on the other side of some low bushes. Nothing to do but smile and wave.

      Turned out we had set up ten feet from the Pacific Coast Trail, just in time for the entire membership of the local Sierra Club to come by.

      • B Woodman

        Sierra Club….always talking about “back to nature”, and “preserving nature”. Hopefully they didn’t squawk.

  • And yes, that is Sam, and she is a glorious work of art.

  • Maybe the middle panel is an ‘in your face’ at those who think women should hide under yards of fabric. Just sayin’.

    • RegT

      From what I have seen, I think most of the world’s population of muslimas are actually doing us a favor.

      My father (RIP) was fond of saying, “There is no such thing as an ugly woman. Some are just prettier than others”. He passed away before he had a chance to see Janet Reno or Nancy Pelosi.

      • Steve

        Ah, but even Reno and Pelosi are only ugly because that’s what’s in their hearts. They’d be perfectly acceptable company if they behaved like the ladies who comment here. 🙂

        • John D. Egbert

          So mote it be.

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