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  • Good one, Chris. More stuff up your sleeve than a long hairy arm.

    Government spying on my car…. hmmmm. Not so sure about that. Mine’s a 2001 Escape. No blueteeth or other strange ergonomic dental works to be found. Just the old-fashioned AM/FM radio, and maybe, if things get tough again, I’ll get a new CB unit. Das Spionieren is the reason I resist assimilation into new technocrap.

  • formwiz

    Is the one in the water Sam?

    Looks like somebody went wild with the black ink.

    • JIMV

      also had trouble figuring out who that was…sort of murky

    • Chris Muir


      • formwiz

        She changed her hair and lipstick?

        • It’s night!

          • formwiz

            Good one.

            A moonlight skinny dip.

            Too bad the hubbos weren’t invited.

          • 'TreHammer

            …red is grey/black and yellow, white…but we decide which is right and which is an illusion…with apologies to the Moody Blues

      • Old Codger

        I was wonderin’ too, oh most wise story teller. The face was definitely Sam but the dark hair threw me. I suspect it’s what made the others unsure.

        • PaulS

          Yeah, at first glance I was thinking Skye had swum in, family resemblance and all.

  • Spin Drift

    Bought new truck on black Friday, do I think it knows where I go, you betcha but that can be defeated if needed. Better mileage and 36 gallon tank and enough room to hold pretty wife and daughter if bug out is needed.

    The girls are beautiful as usual, thanks Chris.

    Carpe Scrotum to the invaders crossing property lines.
    “Who let the dogs out?”

    • JTC

      OT, SD…but the tech of these new vehicles gives and takes. Yes my truck (F-150 crewcab) is a computer on wheels for better or worse. That big tank and cavernous backseat area of yours makes me wonder if that’s what your new truck is too.

      And I almost mentioned this the other day during the vintage hotrod thread that as much as I love them, this damn 6-cylinder twin-turbo “ecoboost” matches that ‘Cuda 340 4 bbl in the quarter at 94mph, and makes more hp and torque than the available 5.0 V-8, all the while getting nearly 20mpg combined mileage on regular!

      We bitch a lot about the future and it’s intrusive tech, and all of us of a certain age will always miss those beautiful automotive icons of our youth…but that’s pretty badass right there.

      • Kafiroon

        When I need to get a new vehicle, I think I will shop around to see what engines might get a carb adaptation and some kind of distributor (Mag?) Probably going to be a truck. I can shove an old straight 6 in about any of them.Then I feed the “computer” 480v.

        • JTC

          I’ve always said that instead of wasting zillions on designing/building coal-fired self-driving rolling computers, somebody with too much money and great senses of humor, style, and history could tool up to make the full 1967 Chevy line.

          The Impala, Chevelle, Camaro, and Nova SS models from that year are to my taste the best Detroit ever made…not to mention you could get yourself a real-deal all-steel straight-6 three on the tree pick ‘m up truck, Kafiroon. I’d take a mortgage on the house to buy at least a couple of ’em.

          • JTC

            And of course the ’67 was the last of the real Corvettes, but that would be a whole different mfg. process, maybe a different plant, different rich dude…

            What was that advice McGuire gave the graduate? One word…plastics. What year was that? Oh yeah, 1967. He didn’t listen then, maybe now?

      • Spin Drift

        16′ F150 Screw with the coyote derivative. The 3.5 has cam chain problems at 90k miles so didn’t want that. 2.7 is too wound up to last to 250k miles. I also chose the ’16 because it was the last year for the 6 speed. I’m tired of being the beta test site for the car companies and the new ten speed. I had a self machining tranny in an Acura once. I’m also a degreed auto engineer who is a 33 year SAE member. And I’d kill for a ’67 427 vette, best looking one they ever made.

        Donuts are the spice of life.

  • JTC

    Yep, different strokes like I said. It’s only spying if not consensual, and for Naomi it’s not. Glad she can’t get to me out here.

    Is spying inevitable and unavoidable though?

    Hey, even Suckerburg tapes up his webcam. The irony burns.

    • JIMV

      “It’s only spying if not consensual”

      I used to live in Portland Maine next door to a rental property where 4 coeds lived. The place was only 20 feet from my house and one of the young ladies had no need of curtains. She had a casual disregard for clothing all summer. She would even wave if she saw me pass my window. It was a very good couple of years.

  • Old Codger

    Mega kudos, Mr Muir. Mega kudos for that (last? next to last?) panel with Sam in the water. The water effect is truly great. And your depiction of Jan and Naomi’s lush curves is superb!

    This was well worth the wait and the build-up.

  • Noelegy

    I have to admit I wonder where the DBD ladies get their wax jobs done, living out in the middle of nowhere as they do.

    • Grunt GI

      Interesting question…Self Service? Helping Hand? or Hands?


  • Grunt GI

    Yup. As anticipated, the DBD babes are no wilting violets.

    DAMN fine artwork though. Very happy to see Jan and Naomi in FINE form.

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    Now, about them mes’sicans in the South 40…… Dawgs seem to be “off the job”, I’m thinkin’ — where’s the drone?

  • caved1ver01

    OK. So everyone is shaving their “accent”?

  • Greg B

    Hot Damn. Finally.
    Thanks, Mr Muir.

  • Pete231

    As an admirer of feminine symmetry and form, it’s rather difficult to tell if the carpets match the drapes what with all the bare mons. The only thing that should be waxed is nostalgia. Leave a little for us connoisseurs, s’il vous plait…..

    • Brasspounder

      The “landing strip” style would look great on any of the DBD beauties.

    • caved1ver01

      The previous “landing strip” style (?), where the carpet did match the draperies, DID look great on said ladies.

    • Pamela

      I did that years ago and stopped. Not worth the pain or expense.
      Plus I can prove I’m a redhead if needs be.

  • Bill G

    The dawgs need to find the coyote, who will end up wishing for a roadrunner.

  • You had us thinking they were watching the girls. πŸ˜› So the girls have one dawg with them on guard, and the others are in the field about to hunt?

  • PaulS

    W a i t a s e c o n d…..
    They are not spying on the gals, but we are?
    Lucky us! πŸ™‚

    • JTC

      Yep, I said above we’re lucky that Israeli killer can’t get to us out here!

      CM, I failed to mention above the awesomeness of that Samfish in water shot, very artful and very nice…and as the lady says, finally! πŸ™‚

    • Yup,you readers r dawgs,everyone of ya!

      • Kafiroon

        As I and I’m certain quite a few of us ‘old dogs’ have said to various officers of the law with radar guns; “Who? Me?”

  • Dread

    HAH! Another Muir slight of hand! Good one! It’s the twists and turns, and “curves”, that keep the road interesting! Great work!

  • Malatrope

    Has everyone missed the possibility that panel 2 is setting up a confrontation between illegals, the ladies, and the dawgs at the ole watering hole? Unless I am totally misinterpreting it, this could get interesting.

    • Grunt GI

      Well, yes, especially since I am sure Sam and Naomi are packing more than a pair of 38s each, knowwhatta mean?

      I would not want to be those invasores….the dawgs may be the least of their problems.

    • Chris Muir

      Lake’s near the house in the north parcel,not the south.:)

      • Grunt GI

        Heh. Good thing for those trespassing knuckleheads. Like I said, I am sure those babes are packing more than one kind of heat.


    • Pamela

      Did some Bluetick or Redbone hound attributes get included in the Dawgs programming?

  • JIMV

    The cast needs a hot tub romp while being surveilled…

  • Pamela

    Looks like you gentlemen are having all sorts of fun. Just got back from the desert dealing with estate issues. The one good thing about the weekend was I finally had my Man in a jacuzzi after all these years. It really helped his back.

    • Swansonic

      I’m sure that wasn’t all that got helped on the lucky guy.

      Jacuzzi’s are good for a lot. My wife and I can attest to that…

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