Day By Day


  • Sfbagger

    It was Pogo hisself what said it…

  • JTC

    “…it is us.”

    Yes Pogo said it then, but it’s McTurtle living it now…

    That wise saying always reminds me if this one in Walt Kelley’s B.C…

    Caveman customer asks caveman pawnbroker “What makes things valuable?”, pawnbroker says “rarity.”, customer says “Wow I bet gold is number one on the list!”, pawnbroker days “No, kept campaign promises is number one.”

    Eh, Turtleman Mitch?

    • JTC

      Crap, Johnny Hart…had Walt in the scrambled brain.

      And “he is us” is correct. So used to correcting it the opposite way.

      Took a break and a nap but when I woke up the nightmare was real. I may have PTSD.

    • Punta Gorda

      “CLAMS GOT LEGS!!!”

      • MasterDiver

        “Now I have to kill him…”

        Zar Belk!

      • WayneM

        One of my favs!!

  • interventor

    Lefties call him Moscow Mitch. Beijing Mitch is the call.

  • Kafiroon

    She obviously hands out the brib… Pay checks to them.

    • John M.

      They’re called “Lobbying Fees.”

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    Rather difficult to jump high when you’re on top of a fence post, eh?, Post Turtle Mitch?

    • John M.

      Funny – I thought I was the only one that thinks of Mitch as a Post Turtle!

      • Punta Gorda

        No, you got that right.

        Nothing else fits as well.

  • steveb919

    Well looks’ like we are going to get a bunch of new Dems as the ass in power has a plan to stack the dem party. No more building of the wall. Stopped. Open boarders and citizenship. That ass hole has rescinded 17 of President Trumps edicts. Lord help the USA.

    • TBeholder

      This will effectively switch the circus from two pseudoparties (1984) to one-pseudoparty system (USSR). So the unmasking continues even without Trump goading them. It went supercritical.

    • He reversed 9 of the 17, he left 8 in place maybe modified. Like the one on student loans.

      • John

        The student loans will take care of themselves due to the coming hyperinflation.

    • WayneM

      If Biden manages to pack in enough new voters, they might not need to keep cheating… but they will…

  • TBeholder

    Still, could be worse, like relationship between that Disney crew and their lemmings — poor things didn’t even get to ask how high.
    Which doesn’t appear to be too unusual lately.

  • Halley

    Why does “Lady Macbeth” pop into my head every time I see Jill Biden?
    The guilt dripping from these worms’ faces cannot be hidden by Instagram filters…

    • Punta Gorda

      With regards to McJill and Camelbitch… don’t forget that the first recorded instance of defenstration happened to Jezebel trying to push her own religion on people.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I somehow think of this. Who makes the orders that the others will jump on command.

    How far will it go? It has reached dystopian levels already, Add the censorship that cut communication. There was no ability to educate prior ro the event so that people were of the agreed on mind set to control those many so they would stop the very small percentage of rioters.

    Someone that I have known for a very long time speaks of a group she follows and rejoices in the doxing and destroying of the lives of people on videos that have committed some infraction against the new rued rules. They were very active after the Capitol riot and unacceptable behavior. They even were supplying the FBI with information and one said that she had an agent assigned to her.

    • steveb919

      Yuri got it right on the nail. It is what has happened to the USA with the socialist teachers that form our young ones thinking.

  • Wot, Eh?

    Marvellous “touche!” bt Chris……. I use those ol’ strips a lot to remind friends that rebellion didn’t begin with the internet.

  • Calvin

    BC also had another strip that was very popular on board the ship. BC spies a long branch with a single dead leaf at the end. He stands over the leaf and pulls it off the branch. The branch comes up suddenly enough to jack BC’s neck about three feet high. The moral, “if you don’t know what it does, don’t fuck with it.” Sorry, navy terminology there. Did you hear what I said Joe?

  • irongrampa

    It seems these slobbering droolbuckets won a battle. But WE OWN THE WAR.

    Looking back through our history you’ll see we have met and prevailed over various situations and issues, some even more serious than the current mess. An unending string of victories, if you will. This one ultimately will prove no different.

    So remember we are Americans, thus you hold that head HIGH and PROUD–our heritage requires it.

    • John

      The war is far from won.
      The Left still has a choke-hold on the instruments of culture, especially the school system. It will take at least a generation to undo the damage inflicted there.

  • My Way Or --->

    What goes around, comes around.

    It’s that little law in physics: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction – something like that.

    We can’t exactly dump boxes of tea in Boston Harbor, but there are other things more modern that are just as effective. I would prefer to NOT see a repeat of the Boxton Commons event. NOT my cup of tea.

  • Halley

    On Sydney Powell’s ACTUAL electoral map you can see that Trump even flipped CA, which therefore is now a Red State!

    The illegitimate Harris/Xi Regime cannot, and shall not stand.

    • WayneM

      Given the sheer amount of hyperbole & rhetoric tossed around by the prominent lawyers who were supposedly defending Trump, is it too early to suggest the Kraken was underwhelming? If this is 4D Chess, it seems like the game boards aren’t leveled.

  • Halley

    I notice not a single Democrat has thanked the star of their Steal-the-Vote arsenal – Covid-1984 – for being such a great team player and helping them destroy so much. Are they not grateful for all the little guy did for them last year?

    Was it a gift, or did they have to reimburse Xi for it? Oh wait, Biden is the reimbursement…

  • Browncoat57

    “Captain! We’re humped!”

    Hoban Washburn, ‘Firefly’, Episode 1

    “So no more runnin’… I aim to misbehave.”

    Malcolm Reynolds, ‘Serenity’, some months later…

    • Pamela

      So where are you hiding the Reavers…
      Better yet River Tam

  • Spin Drift

    Ok, I just have to add a little Ancient Chinese Wisdom:

    When strong feign weakness
    When your enemy is calm, provoke him
    Encourage hubris so he is in disarray
    Isolate his strength and then surround like water
    Use secret agents to sow discord among his soldiers
    Give the illusion of choice so that outcomes are preordained
    Know the ground on which you fight
    Be everywhere and nowhere
    When on the attack, be like the hawk in swiftness and timing

    Spin Drift
    Hold Fast
    Drink from the skulls of your enemy

    • Punta Gorda

      I spotted a deadpool for Bidet yesterday asking how until they replace his decrepit ass. Bugger has a very large target on his back.

  • Kafiroon

    Was still roaming the internet and found another what I think is a gem in truth. In Duck Duck Go, you type:
    It went to the White House.

    • Henry

      Yeah. It used to go to Biden’s campaign website. Some conservative wag owns the domain name.

  • Halley

    How many elected Republicans certified what they knew was a fraudulent electoral vote count, and what is the punishment for that crime?

    • Exgunman

      Too Many and reelection…………………:>(

    • Punta Gorda

      I propose hanging by the gonads.

  • Oliver Shank

    Have to say, perhaps OT, that this is the best drawn strip I have ever seen, even including old Prince Valiant. Have followed from the beginning. The first strip was well drawn; the progress was remarkable. Hats off…

  • Spin Drift

    The 45th comment: Kick John Brennan in the nads.

    Hold Fast

  • cb

    Ok kiddies, just for fun… gotta come up with design for ”Coup Participation Award”. Just picture grandpa trying to explain when asked ”And what’s that one for, grandpa?”

    • JTC

      This is a good thing for the future military support of the CRA.

  • JTC

    Sorry about this length Chris but I’m too ignorant to figure how to make it a link.

    Important though for us to recognize the incredible brilliance of our new Leader…huge reductions in civics in just one day!

    “If you had any skepticism of the extent to which COVID science has been manipulated and politicized, let this be your wake up call.
    The W.H.O. just changed their criteria for being called a “COVID case” — to exactly what the “conspiracy theorists” have been suggesting for nearly a year now.
    “PCR positive is no longer = Covid. You are not Covid now unless you get a second test to confirm it, and are presenting clinical symptoms.” ~The Ethical Skeptic”
    Anyone who knows how the PCR test works, knows that all you’d have to do to dramatically lower the case numbers they’re finding is simply to lower the threshold of the number of cycles of amplification that they use to determine a positive result.
    I.e. If you allow labs to use very high cycle thresholds (above 32 CT) and claim all those positive tests as “Covid cases”, you’ll have a tidal wave of positives that are not true positives. (Not actual live infections). That’s exactly what’s been going on for the last year.
    Countless virologists and epidemiologists have been calling out this pseudoscience for nearly a YEAR now. They’ve been calling out the nonsense of diagnosing COVID based on PCR tests, and explaining how PCR tests with cycle thresholds above 32 is EXTREMELY unscientific and is therefore massively inflating the numbers of cases.
    That is, they’ve been calling for the lowering of the cycle threshold of the test, and for only SYMPTOMATIC people to be labeled as being a COVID case.
    All the while, we had people scoffing at these criticisms and insulting those people pointing out these flaws, calling them “conspiracy theorists” for daring to “question the science.”
    Now, as soon as the vaccine is rolled out, and Trump is out of office, guess what *coincidentally* now is happening?
    As “luck” would have it, the WHO is now changing their guidelines of what constitutes a COVID case!
    What are they changing it to? Exactly what many people (including me) have been saying all along — lowering the cycle threshold, re-test a second time, and confirm with symptoms.
    Hooray! Now they’re finally following this simple, common sense stuff that should’ve been happening all along. (The very things those crazy “conspiracy theorists” were calling for them to do).
    This WOULD actually be great news, if it were done 6 or 8 months ago, as it should have been.
    But now, it will do nothing except serve to obfuscate the truth even more. Now cases will drop dramatically in the coming months as a result of these simple changes in the testing requirements for being labeled a COVID case.
    And the narrative will be spun that the reason COVID cases are declining so dramatically is because of lockdowns, Biden’s mask mandates, and vaccines. The world will then celebrate lockdowns, masks, and vaccines as the reason why cases are dropping so dramatically. (When in reality, it’s largely the simple result of slightly altering the PCR testing criteria for being called a “COVID case.”)
    P.S. BTW, in case you were wondering… Unless you believe this is all purely coincidence that they’re changing the COVID case criteria in this specific way at THIS specific point in time, then you’re a “conspiracy theorist.” You don’t want to be called that bad word, do you? So you better believe the timing of all this is just a big coincidence!
    Trust the narrative. Keep ignoring all the overtly shady pseudoscience. Otherwise, you’re a crazy “conspiracy theorist.”

    • JTC

      …reduction in covids…God I hate spellcrap