Day By Day


  • Punta Gorda

    Those are TaTas… not tumble weeds.

    • Pamela

      Looks like the primer for continuing the steal forever.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Old Rule. They only have to win one election, once.

    • Kafiroon

      I can never understand how self deceiving people are. After seeing All of the blatant election fraud they are Still talking about future elections.
      Dumber than a box of rocks will never win for dog catcher if there is a prog running against them.

      • JTC

        Well that is some depressing truth.

        But, New Rule;

        The Old Rules and the Old Fraud don’t count and don’t matter in the Constitutional Republic of America.

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

    “Tumbleweed just rolled past the camera”

  • John M.

    Not sure I believe it either – Russian Thistle grows in dry climates, not swamps…

  • Pete231

    Reminds me of Duhbama’s inauguration . He had over one million people show up and only 12 missed work…..

  • Halley

    Is there a Tumbleweed Connection…?

    Feels like we don’t really know yet what actually happened on Wednesday. There are yuge puzzle pieces not fitting and dots refusing to connect.

    • Wot, Eh?

      It’s another PAYDAY for the “Keystone Cop” Republican Leadership *probably as big as the ACA was.*

    • Punta Gorda

      McConnell is a turd, just like his demonCRAP handlers.

    • John

      McConnell is highly motivated to dump Trump.
      He uses the same methods to get reelected they used to cheat Trump out of his reelection. The last thing McConnell needs is a Federal Election Standards Act.

  • TBeholder

    Maybe the tumbleweed was a delegate from tumblr?

  • Paul

    first glance (other then biological appreciation) Tumbleweeds made me think of the old cartoon strip

  • Halley

    “There was never any election fraud. The election was not stolen.
    Democrats never crimes of treason, Republicans never enable them.
    Only extreme-right domestic terrorists talk of election fraud.
    We will silence all extreme-right domestic terrorists.
    There was never any election fraud.
    You are getting sleepy, sleepy… “

  • DogByte6RER

    Biden’s “Inauguration” with the thousands of National Guard troops and the hundreds of thousands of US flags symbolizing … what … COVID deaths? the number of stolen votes he managed in the swing states? … is the modern day version of the thousands of ancient Chinese terracotta warriors. And yeah … there is some symbolism in there too about the ChiComs.,Shaanxi%2C%20China.%20The%20cavalry%20horses%20are%20approximately%20life-size.

    • NotYetInACamp

      McConnell loves being the Washington Generals to the Harlem Globalist Trotters. That pay is great for ensuring the win for the Globalists when it is possible to stop them, and sometimes even beat the Globalists.
      Everyone has their own point of view, their own money shot, and their own sweet spot, all with the people be damned.

  • PCChaos

    Keystone Pipeline: Buttigjudged, whatever his name is, and Biden just cornholed an entire industry and union. Bravo Zulu good man. 11,000 immediate jobs gone, 42,000 in maintenance jobs gone, and a nod to our adversaries to bend us over at the gas tank. The lack of understanding that energy policy is national security policy is simply bewildering, jaw-droppingly stupid.

    • WayneM

      And I see Twatter suspended the account hosting the video… That was quick…

  • Halley

    As has been revealed now – given the 2000% Emmanuel Goldstein hate from the congressional majority Dem0crats and the 99.9% Emmanuel Goldstein hate from the congressional minority Republicans (exposed now as eager Democrat enablers) – what could a 2nd Trump term have accomplished anyway? Yes, it could have stuck a temporary finger in the dike of the raging insanity… but really?

    We are playing in an entirely new ballpark. At the very least, it’s in our favor that we know that.

    Was this written for 2021? Crank it way up

    • JTC

      Agreed. Out from behind the walls; there lies dragons.

      Civil (or uncivil) Separation, before the damage is irreparable.

      And agreed DJT will not be at the helm. Old soldiers get tired too. He doesn’t owe us anything.

  • jane j stamey

    I noticed even NEWSMAX peeps are shutting down any mention of the election being rigged. Other channels too, of course. Waiting for someone to come back and say, “Just exactly WHY can’t I talk about the illegitimate election?”

    • Kafiroon

      Oh absolutely! Ask any country how well it has gone with the Useless Nitwits protecting.
      Like in Israel, where the blue targets run to hide behind Israeli troops whenever the moslimes get a bug or wild hair up. Yes, that sounds about right for what President Fraud Pedojoe wants to be the head of protecting us from the coming invasion

      • JTC

        Actually Mr. K, ask your new meatspace friend NYIAC about his direct experience with the methods and mal-management of the UN, the Clinton Foundation, and various other thieves and thugs vis a vis Haiti ca. 2004.

        • NotYetInACamp

          I have no personal evidence on what the Foundation did in Haiti.
          What I was told that was hearsay makes it appear that it cost me more than several times my net worth, and it also cost the Haitian people and nation much much more.
          But that is just who she is and has been.
          But she is entitled. She has privilege for all the mean names people have called her. She deserves whatever she gets. So she believes or says.
          Or as Sergeant Schultz said, “I know nothing. NOTHING!”
          The Haitians know what happened.

          • JTC

            Well shit, don’t want to get my friend Arkancided for hearsay…

            But may that bitch suffer in the eternal hereafter exactly what she has done to so many innocents in the here present.

      • NotYetInACamp

        The aid to Haiti was widely criticized.
        The joke (Joke???) was that the UN people claimed about their lobster and various fish and or the proper vintages from the French vineyard chateaus not being available in their favorite high end restaurant where that had to go through the inconvenience of parking their UN issued Range Rovers in places where they had to set over a dead or dying child(ren) on the sidewalk while walking into their fine eatery. How about the UN actually following others agendas that are meant to disrupt the area so refugees will invade target nations.
        That foundation was slick. They stole the billions before the Haitian elite could steal them.
        Just ask in Little Haiti in Miami. The parishioners at the Notre Dame Church, located in the former Notre Dame Academy just down the street from my former high school, they know what happened. They still show up around the world and protest whenever the two protagonists from that foundation show up publicly. I have had many Haitian employees over the years.

    • NotYetInACamp

      That was / is the right thing to do.

      • Chris Muir

        WTF are DC cops doing there?

        • NotYetInACamp

          Opportunists? I wonder where that video is that I saw where DC cops were standing about 50 yards away with some people battering doors and windows while a guy in street clothes wearing a Trump hat is chastising them for doing nothing to stop them, and it seemed like a number of people in the crowd were trying to stop them. He asked them to help and they did nothing. But the Supreme Court has ruled in the past that police do not have a duty to act or to protect.
          But police can be used and manipulated for political purposes.

  • CaptDMO

    30,000 troops, for less folks at a Turkey dinner.
    And they didn’t even have to face deep fried artillery.

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

      I can see a lot of military deserting……with their weapons.
      They signed up to fight an enemy, most likely external. They DIDN’T sign up to have their loyalty questioned, and personal weapons confiscated.
      We’re at the prequel stages of “Absolved”.
      Damn it, Mike, why couldn’t you have gotten your book finished before you died? And where are the rest of the chapters?

      • JTC

        This is a very positive development.

        The Constitutional Republic of America needs the support of military who knows and has learned the truth.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Helping police is always (almost) a good idea. Get a good attorney’s advice. But the DC elite kicking them to the curb or under the buses when finished with them, does contrast to PDJT helping another group of guys also not a member of club of the DC “elite” in their own mind, that is.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Some could demand immediate release from service with an honorable discharge and benefits due to the military violating their constitutional rights. Get a go fund me to fund it.

  • JavaMan

    Was that tumbleweed in DC or at one of the turkey dinners?


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