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  • Merle

    Yeah, just bury the hatchet between her shoulder blades…..

    • Old Codger

      I was thinking more along the lines of the top of the skull. It would be quicker and we wouldn’t have to listen to her moans.

  • Calvin

    Target should be a little higher.

    • Merle

      A skull that dense would probably bend the blade…..

      • interventor

        Not, if its flint.

  • Epador

    Remember how he said he wouldn’t enjoy examining her…

    Definitely not the caliber he’s used to burying his hatchet, oh never mind.

  • Random Internet Guy

    I laughed right out loud at this one. Well done, Mr. Muir.

  • Delilah T

    I think Liawatha knows where SHE can bury the hatchet.

    There are so many times you want to confront people like her…. and it ain’t worth it because pseudologia fantastica and mythomania are part and parcel of being on that side of the political fence.

    • JTC

      So, lefties are pathological liears? Why didn’t you just say so?

      JK, you made me look that shit up; learning is good. Thanks D.

      • Delilah T

        My pleasure, JTC!

    • Old Codger

      I read somewhere that Willy Jeff lies about even small things because he enjoys it.The source I read indicated that Willy Jeff will lie even when it confers no advantage to him. For him. apparently, it’s a way to demonstrate that he is the smartest person in the room.

      I’m no Rhode’s Scholar but I can spin a year as well as the best of ’em. I don’t do so because 1) it takes a little effort and 2) you have to keep track of what you told to who. For my taste that is too much like work. That’s why I always tell the truth as I know it. I’m lazy in some ways and to me it isn’t worth the effort to craft a falsehood even I couldn’t pick apart.

      • Old Codger

        Oops, meant to write “spin a yarn”. blasted lack of an edit button.

      • eon

        One of the “tells” of a pathological liar is that even when telling the truth would be to their benefit, they will lie just for the thrill of getting away with it. Both the Clintons fit this profile exactly.

        clear ether


  • Peregrine John

    Please, Mr. Prez. I’m begging you. Make this call verbatim.

    • That would be TOO sweet!

      • Rooftopvoter

        Yes it would, and it is exactly something he would do. Go Trump GO!

  • interventor

    Bury the hatchet face? Pelosi, I presume!

  • Pamela

    Dude! Slip her some peyote so she can commune with the ancestors.

    • JTC

      You mean Equus africanus asinus? I think she’s claiming the wrong ancestry. But yeah, they have been known to hit the loco weed.

      • Henry

        Actually, they are quite bright. They will touch neither loco weed (datura out here) or oleander. They also won’t eat your flowers like horses will. And they are the “sheepdogs” of the corral: horses will flee from a predator (doesn’t work too well in a pen), while the burro will face it as in “make my day.” Ours occasionally escapes for a day in the desert; last time he came back four days later with mountain lion scars, meaning the lion likely never made it back home. The donkey is so much nobler than those who abuse its image as a mob totem.

        • JTC

          @Henry, yeah I’m with you that the actual ass suffers in the comparison to this bipedal one, I was speaking more of the facial resemblance than intellect and courage which we know are not present in the genus I had meant to edit to Equus africanus assimus. 🙂

          Also fwiw it seems the africanus version may be of separate lineage and somewhat different in attributes from your mexicanus burro? Years ago at the nadir of my earning years I tried to adopt a BLM burro for my kids. Burro was free. Transportation from New Mexico was not. Kids didn’t get a burro. 🙁

          • JTC

            Dammit, “assinus”.

        • interventor

          Similar in Alabama, a gator threatened horses. The jackass tap danced all over the gator. Later, the farmer found a seriously deflated gator. Gator found out who the real bad ass was.

    • Delilah T

      Haha! Haha! Haah!

    • JTC

      “Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) great-great-great grandfather Jonathan Crawford was a member of the Tennessee Militia that rounded up Cherokees living there at the time for the Trail of Tears journey to Oklahoma in the 1830s. This gives Warren a 1/32, or 3.125 percent, Tennessee Militia heritage, at least double the maximum 1.56 percent, minimum 0.1 percent, Native American heritage in a DNA report released by Sen. Warren on Monday.”

      I am sure those exact words will be featured in all the MSM. And that both the faux injun and her academic and ideological comrade researcher will make certain all of those details come out.

  • jdow

    Um, I hear Trump is cutting her a check for 1/1024th of a million dollars, $976.56.


  • PaulS

    Shouldn’t that be “Tomahawk “?

    Anyone watching Designated Survivor?
    The show completely floggs out every progressive talking point, rarely does anything about them, has an Independent as president, who actually does conservative things while being lambasted by the MMS. And in the background there is a RussoBritAlt-right conspiracy playing out.
    Basically a complete Charlie Foxtrot that aired for the last two years of DJT, displaying the insane wet dream of the Dems trying to shape actual public opinion.
    Got cancelled after the second season probably because of not having the desired effect, but rather being laughable when compared to real reality!
    Kiefer should go back to being Jack Bauer, applying ample “Shittofix” where needed.

    • eon

      After a few seasons of 24, he had to do something to prove his progressive fides. Expect him to “come out” as “gay” soon, as a last-ditch desperation move.

      It works for fading actresses; they can no longer be criticized (because they did something stupid) or denied roles (because they’d be no good at them), for fear of the critic or producer being tarred with the “homophobia” brush. It’s called “bulletproofing” in Hollywood.

      KS will likely be the first male actor to cross that particular Rubicon for that particular reason. As opposed to the ones who actually are homosexual, that is.

      clear ether


      • JTC

        Huh. In the case of “actresses” I would think that means giving up their main and currently most potent weapon, the #metoo, with which a mere rumor of maybe possibly being brushed against or being called beautiful has the power to destroy…and rather than the distinctly defensive tone of “bulletproofing” the metoo is an offensive tactical nuclear bomb with the button available to almost anything with two X chromosomes. No I don’t see them giving that up to play the gay card right now and the two seem kind of mutually exclusive.

        • eon

          That kind of “bulletproofing” gambit goes back a lot farther than #Metoo. Consider Rosie O’Donnell, who pulled it after her unfortunate experience with Child Protective Services due to her romance with ‎C2H6O, and Ellen DeGeneres, who may or may not really be sapphic- depending on the time of day.

          clear ether


          • JTC

            Allowing the weaponizing of sexuality may be the most sick and anti-God element of all of our sick and anti-God culture.

  • Paladin

    The thing that get’s about progressives, is that will default to a lie even though the truth does them no harm. Every word they use is to manipulate your thoughts, and opinions about them.

  • interventor

    Designated Survivor was resurrected on Netflix for 2019. Another reason I don’t watch Netflix. Rather like watching The Last Ship Series. Nothing like the book, which was enviro hippy dippy. Bit over the top, but the navy shines.

  • PCNot

    Shot coffee out of my nose across the keyboard. Now that (cartoon) was funny. I don’t care who you are, or are not. Thanks Chris. Kill them with humor.

  • nonncom

    You got me….laughed out loud….

  • James Gemind

    Mention should be made that the Cherokees have come out and stated that Warren is in no way Cherokee…

    loved it, by the way. Her look of Incredulity at not getting the cash is priceless, and the President’s use of humor was awesome!

    For those who have not yet seen the poem/epic entitled ‘Lieawatha’ by Tom Kratman, it is up on Baen’s Bar in the Kratskeller. Freaking awesome!

    • Henry

      Well, yeah. Basically, what the Cherokees said is that they don’t compute tribe membership by DNA, but by bureaucratic red tape BS carefully designed to produce the results they want. Ironically, this response is more likely to devastate progressives, who consider this protocol entirely proper for a ruling class, than conservatives, who are likely to simply dismiss it as SSDD from a different swamp.

    • John

      They don’t deserve your civility?
      Since when was civility conditional?
      Only a barbarian would consider such a thing, house trained or not.

    • gafling

      I also saw that article … best response I noted was ‘… and skewer the hand that is in your food with your fork or steak knife.’

    • Delilah T

      This does not surprise me. I don’t know why it doesn’t, but it does not.

      I believe the Golden Rule is ‘treat others as you want them to treat you’. Is there a disconnect here, or did I miss something in this nearly psychotic hostility?

      Thanks for the link, Old Codger.

  • Astroprisoner

    As a resident of Massachusetts, and having watched her in her original run for the Senate seven years ago, it’s clear that the woman isn’t terribly bright. In the early days of her campaign, she was always accompanied by senior Democrats (then-Governor Patrick, or the mayor of Boston, for example) who could jump in quickly when she was stumped by relatively simple questions from the press.

    She hasn’t improved any over the years.

    For goodness sake, the smart thing to do about this test would be to have been mum about taking it until the results came back, and then when they -did- come back with these numbers, not announce it but on the other hand never ever refer to her alleged ancestry again…and some years down the road let it out in a sort of “this is old news” way that her bloodline wasn’t what she had been lead to believe.

    Instead, she announced she’d taken the test before the results were back, and then when it came back as it did tried to use it to bolster her claim.

    The woman is an idiot.

    I kinda hope she runs, the rest of the country will finally be able to see that as well.

  • WayneM

    The funniest part was the predictable surge of Lamestream Media briefly blaring how the DNA test “proved” Faux-cahontas had a Cherokee ancestor… Well, not funny, per se, but you know what I mean.


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