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  • HankR

    Shine some light and watch the bugs scurry for cover

    • WayneM

      To misquote Chief Brody from Jaws… “We’re gonna need a bigger light.”

      If you want to get an idea of how big of a light, watch Stefan Molyneux’s recent video on McCarthyism… It’s long but well worth the view.

  • Old Codger

    I read somewhere that Soros bet big that the stock market was gonna tank when Trump was elected and stood to make back everything he spent on various campaigns and initiatives this year. Unfortunately (for Soros) after Trump won the stock market took off and Georgie boy lost $MILLIONS! LOL Could it happen to a MORE deserving person? I don’t see how.

    • Interventor

      Lost about $1 billion.

    • Yes, I saw that. I know a financial analyst who predicted the surge in the markets weeks before it happened. Fortunately, I have better sense than to post his name where Soros the Shitbag might see it. We don’t want that person to get any bright ideas, do we, now?

    • Brasspounder

      Learning that Sonderkommando Soros took it in the shorts was among the many things about the recent election that made me smile.

      • JTC

        “Soros took it in the shorts”

        That is either brilliant market snark or yoogely serendipitous phrasing.

        Either way, funny as hell. 🙂

  • Southpaw

    Day By Day joke for the day:

    Q: Why is it so difficult to go out to dinner with Elizabeth Warren?

    A: Because she always needs a reservation.

    • noncom

      I heard she went to a psychiatrist and told him “Sometimes I feel like a teepee and sometimes I feel like a wigwam”….he told her to relax, she was two tents….

      • Old Codger

        That joke was sheepish. it was baaaaaaad.

  • Heltau

    What is this deep state that you talk about in this episode?
    And who is part of this deep state?

    • eon

      It’s right there in panel # 6. The permanent, largely unelected Ruling Class which Angelo Codevilla describes here;

      BTW, said ruling class is now seriously pissed at about 68,000,000 Americans;

      I will say this about the Tim Kreider article. Having read Jennifer Finney Boylan’s book, She’s Not There: A Life In Two Genders, I’m quite sure I could enjoy spending an afternoon chatting with Prof. Boylan a lot more than I could tolerate spending five minute listening to Tim Krieder rant about everybody he wants dead.

      Including me and pretty much everyone here.

      clear ether


      • WayneM

        Thanks for the links, eon.

        People like Tim Kreider are the backbone of the progressive movement, the useful idiots who do not recognize their cultural marxism and who blindly hate anyone who disagree with the tenets of their cult.

    • silvergreycat

      Mike Lofgren offers an explanation…

      *…a disconnected, self-serving bureaucracy that is … simply evolving to do what it’s doing now. That is, to maintain and enhance its own power.

      …The key institutions are exactly what people would think they are. The military-industrial complex; the Pentagon and all their contractors (but also, now, our entire homeland security apparatus); the Department of Treasury; the Justice Department; certain courts, like the southern district of Manhattan, and the eastern district of Virginia; the FISA courts. And you got this kind of rump Congress that consists of certain people in the leadership, defense and intelligence committees who kind of know what’s going on. The rest of Congress doesn’t really know or care; they’re too busy looking about the next election.

      …You’ve got Wall Street. Many of these people — whether it is David Petraeus … or someone like [Bill] Daley, who is the former chief of staff to President Obama … or Hank Paulson, who came from Goldman Sachs to become Treasury Secretary and bailed out Wall Street in 2008; or the people that Obama chose to be Treasury secretary — like Tim Geithner. They all have that Wall Street connection.

      And the third thing now is Silicon Valley…Because they generate so much money that they are rivaling and sometimes surpassing Wall Street. The heads of Google or Apple make more money than the guys running Wall Street…But it also has access to an unfathomable amount of


      • Thundercloud65

        I’ll add a little to Silver’s post here.

        They are the same people who during a budget crisis will cut back on services that the public uses everyday. The employees who do the work there are sent home on paid leave but are told they won’t be paid in hopes they’ll go raise hell to the media.

        The goal is to get the people so upset that they’ll demand anything be done to end the crisis… Like raise taxes.

        Once the crisis is over and taxes are raised not all of those services are brought back. The politicians have a windfall of new money to steal.

      • Old Codger

        All bureaucracy is both disconnected and utterly self-serving. A wise man I know says, “Those who can,do. Those who cannot go into civil service so they don’t have to.” He has also been known to ask, “When have you known a civil servant who was either?”

  • Craig

    What is he holding, what’s the huge reference, help! 🙂

    • Chris Muir

      It’s a cable for internet connection.

      • Bill

        Damn and here I thought that was just a Yuge suppository…..

      • Lucius Severus Pertinax

        Git ‘er Done!

    • Th3o

      Just a guess but isn’t that a cable plug (internet)(power source) in his hand?

    • Steve_1066

      Coax cable is what is being held, indicating connection to the Internet. Internet is also ‘Twitter’ which is without a gate keeper. Ronald Reagan had to ask for ‘Air Time’ from the Broadcast Networks, Donald Trump, with the Internet does not need them or their permission!

      • Aha! Pure freedom of speech, expression and information!

        Ain’t it just grand??

        • GWB

          It’s like Gutenberg all over again!

        • Randy

          And to top it off (the true freedom part) each American gets to filter “The Donald” as they see fit. The MSM would throw fits when he’d unleash a tweet and start spinning him as an extremist. Many took Donald Trump “literally, but not seriously,” while most of Trump’s supporters took him “seriously, but not literally.” If you don’t like the new Pres change the channel, that’s what I’ve been doing the last 8+ years 😉

        • Pamela

          In a pinch coaxial cable can be used to tie someone up or fashion into a noose. In a round about way I guess you can call it the instrument to shine freedom’s torchlight into all the dark places.

    • Craig

      Thanks everybody!

  • Guitanguran

    Well, I guess it can’t be T&A EVERY panel…

    • tomstockton


      • tomstockton

        But seriously… even I know there are times (too many as of late) where business MUST be taken care of before we can sit back and enjoy the wonderful “eye candy” that Mr. Muir blesses us with from time to time.

    • Bill

      It’s there you just have to read the strip backwards

      • Bill G

        And played at 78.
        (Yeah, I’m old enough to remember.)

        • MasterDiver

          With a diamond stylus, on a counter-balanced tone arm!

          Zar Belk!

  • LifeofTheMind

    Twitter Facebook and Wikipedia are all purging opponents of the Deep State.

    It is no longer a matter of subtle maneuvering. The Deep State is the self regulating and renewing perpetual government, the American version of the Soviet “nomenklatura,” who are embeded in the Civil Service but have allies in other institutions. It was the Deep State that attempted a coup d’etat against Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Like i said, Disqus has purged me again.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Paul Ryan is part and parcel with all of those who did not want Trump to make it to the dance.

    Dance and leave with those who brung you, Donald. That ensures no knives in the back and front.

    You are American. Unlike the Deep State.

    • Pamela

      Gibbs’ Rule #9: Never go anywhere without a knife.

      Trump had better know how to handle one already.
      Always be able to cover your own back.

        • Pamela

          If he already carries, it will be interesting to see if he goes shooting to stay accurate with his security detail at a secure range.
          It will be different to have a President that can defend himself and those around him if the need arises.

        • Bill G

          The Donald had no trouble getting his NYC carry permit.
          And his level of money and connections are the basic requirement for it, being a May Issue jurisdiction.

      • Corvette

        Pamela that’s it, can’t hold it in any more. You love real men and love loving them. You are smart, poetic, great sense of humor, love guns, cars and being a little bit naughty from time to time. And, now you are quoting Gibb’s rules.

        That’s it, I declare you to be a Unicorn. (Google utube for the Hot Crazy Matrix). Hubby is one lucky guy.


        • Pamela

          I thank you Good Sir. I consider myself to be an ordinary woman with an insatiable zest for life.

          P.S. I have never keyed a car or slashed tires.

          • Don in AK

            Corvette got it right!

        • JTC

          Oh, dude…all them points you earned in comment one I fear you lost at about 2:35 in comment two’s link.

          The danger zone is strippers, Tiffany’s, hairdressers…and redheads?

          Or maybe this is a test; if you and the Matrix geek are correct, you might find a rabbit in your pot after Miz P checks it out. 😉

          • Corvette

            JTC, I hope I don’t loose too many points, I did say the magnificent Ms P has a good sense of humor. And, this is DBD, the king of satire and humor. For the record, Sam, Jan and the rest of the ladies (well except Skye) are also Unicorns.

            Thanks for warning me of the potential danger.


          • JTC

            You’re right, her humor will keep you safe.

            Good thing too, what’s the other thing they said the Crazy Ones do? Something about keying your car?

            Better hide that ‘Vette just to keep it safe too.

          • Pamela

            Never cared for the taste of boiled rabbit. They are better roasted on a spit over a campfire after catching it in a snare.

        • Pamela

          They summed it up accurately and the vectors make sense.
          Poor man must have met the wrong redhead (color had to come out of a box).

          • Corvette

            Pamela, just for full disclosure, I met my red head in 1978, married her in 1983 and she is still my wife having raised two wonderful children. Not all red heads are above the Hot/Crazy line, heck look at Sam.



          • Chris Muir

            Not a dating site.

    • Doc Nova

      Heard a good quote a couple of weeks ago that was attributed to someone close to DJT. Sorry I can’t remember the specific source, but it goes something like this:

      “Donald will not only dance with the one who brung him; he’ll also dance all night and then go make out in the limo afterwards.”

    • Old Codger

      Knives are why I have my own version of the “keep your friends close” maxim. The “kill zone” (the distance from which someone can kill you and you cannot stop them by shooting. The kill zone for a knife is 7 yards. If a person holding a knife is 7 yards or closer and you have not already drawn your sidearm, you are already as good as stabbed. From a standing start the average person can cover 7 yards in 1.3 seconds. The average person requires 1.5 seconds to draw and fire. That means the attacker can have his knife buried in your gut a 5th of a second BEFORE you can shoot him. That’s why I say “Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies at 7 yards.”

      • eon

        On duty, I always carried at least two knives as close-quarter weapons in addition to my sidearm, second, and concealment pistol. (.45 ACP or 10mm, .38 Spl or .357 Mag., and .32 ACP or 9 x 18 respectively, depending on the year in question.)

        In a knife fight, you’re going to get cut. The trick is to cut the attacker worse.

        BTW, Hollywood, Hong Kong, and etc. to the contrary, most knife engagements are over and done in under three seconds. By that time, somebody has received at least a debilitating, if not lethal injury.

        Make sure it isn’t you.

        clear ether


        • Pamela

          I carry two, plus a few other implements. One of the Cops I dated many moons ago got friendly and found the knife I carried on my thigh. Only thing he said was remind me not to ever piss you off.

      • JTC

        Knife or not, if a BG gets into your “personal zone”, let’s say 2 yards, he’s arguably already too close for sidearm defense even if you’ve already drawn. I heard that defense scenario expressed as,

        “…at that point YOU don’t have a gun, Y’ALL have a gun.”

        And that gun becomes as potentially lethal to you as to him. That little factoid should be a critical component of your Situational Awareness thought and preparedness mindset.

  • Pamela

    You just need to know the Vectors to make a change.

  • JTC

    So what do the Black P’s, Lennon, Brown, and Dr. Laura…and every one of those “entities” that somebody (who is it?) lists for DT, have in common?

    They all say “Power to the People”. But they all got it dead wrong. And that’s how they got into such a “Deep State” of chaos and defeat.

    It’s Power *from* the People. People Power. That’s the natural flow.

    And now somebody understands that. Whoever is talking to The Donald understands (who is it???), knows that he loves the light…and that he is a master of disseminating it through that cable to a whole world of deplorables.

    The host here knows it too…this “toon” is a work of art and perception.

    POWER FROM THE PEOPLE BABY! Yeah, that’s the ticket, and the ticket is us.

    • Old Codger

      Because all compliance is voluntary, all government derives its power (“just” or otherwise) from the consent of the governed. Kings George III and Louis XVI found out what happens when too many of the governed withdraw their consent. Governments create nothing. They have no wealth save that which the governed consent to contribute. They have no power save that voluntarily ceded them. Governments are subject to the principle that the ratio of rulers to ruled always favors the ruled. If sufficient numbers of the governed withdraw their consent governments fall. And the number withdrawing their consent need not be a majority. By the end of the American Revolution, more colonists were fighting FOR the redcoats than against them.

      • JTC

        The whole raison d’ etere of the “power to the people” mantra is to purchase that voluntary compliance; it has been (and continues to be for certain large swaths of those people), extremely successful.

        But other large swaths have discovered -or rather rediscovered- that their compliance is purchased with what was already theirs and was stolen from them. Prayers that it is enough, and that it is not already too late.

  • So what you all are saying is that the Deep State took for granted its own false superiority, and assumed that it would hold the reins forever, but NOT any more? Is that correct?

    They must be terribly frightened of companies like Amazon, who monitor digital rights for people who publish through them. Must scare the crap out of them. I knew Amazon was the best choice. Glad I went with them.

  • Pete 231

    “Just because I’m paranoid, it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me.” -John Malkovich-

  • I’m thinking that The Donald already has people in place. This man did not get to where he is without some SERIOUS “people in place” to do what needs to be done. Praise God for a man such as I see him to be. There are all those who think Ovomit will “declare martial law during the inauguration”, etc, but I’m betting the purge will be what it must be. *AHEM* 😉

    • PaulS

      Aren’t they trying to organize a Million Moron March for inauguration day? This really is becoming quite entertaining. We just need to keep laughing at them, they really hate that.

      • Pamela

        If the protestors decide to get bat shit crazy and riot instead of peacefully protest, pull one from the history books and use water cannons on them for crowd control. The US Navy used them in Lebanon to keep the docks and the port open in 1958 when their civil war erupted.

  • “Deep State”? Yeah, keep a list. And again, 😉

  • Bill G

    Michael Crichton, in his book ‘State of Fear’ had a character wandering around claiming that the Military-Industrial Complex had been replaced by the Iron Triangle, a coalition of Big Government, Big Business and Big Media. It’s purpose was to maintain the population in a state of fear so that more and more power could be accrued by these groups.
    In the book he totally dissed the AGW folks as scammers.
    For a read of his own viewpoint he posted this:

    • Scammers? No, really?!? Yes, just follow the grant money. Remember that George Mason Univ prof who wanted ‘climate deniers’ prosecuted under the RICO Act last year? And that flopped, so he’s being investigate for conning 19 people into signing his begging letter/ An it all revolved around the grant money he was getting, close to $4 million/yr. That’s a lotta cash to lose, isn’t it?
      Just follow the cash trail, people. Follow the money.

  • Michael Thayer

    I;m old enough to remember Reagan telling congress that if they wouldn’t approve his initiatives, he’d just take them to the people though the media. It worked them, and it will work now. Keep tweeting Mr. Trump.

  • JCTPatriot

    Stay fightin’ mad, people. I kept everyone fired up during the election cycle, but I see the complacency already setting in. “Trump will fix it.” is the new rallying cry, but that isn’t true. If we don’t stay fightin’ mad, they’ll just go back to doing what they’ve always done.

    • Old Codger

      “Follow the money.” Deep Throat definitely knew whereof he spoke.

    • John

      And remember, your hero Trump _came_ from the Deep State. He’s got lots of friends from there and his enemies are arguing from envy not principle (for they have none).

  • CaptDMO

    Threat to National Security cited.
    Known security colanders, fake news, enemies of the State, rejoice!

    • Pamela

      Anyone care to take a bet?

      That the leaks are going to stop and Clandestine Services lips are going to be tighter than a virgin spinster’s knees and knickers during Fleet Week.

    • Chris Muir

      Dammit, you knew! 🙂

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