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  • Pamela

    Will they be working with Planned Parenthood making the new balloon animal image out of condoms that are being handed out in the grade schools? Maybe by some of the creepy clowns they have in their membership…

  • LifeofTheMind

    Today it was announced the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus, “The Greatest Show On Earth” will cease to exist this Spring. The Killers of Joy win one.

        • EagleRising

          Had no idea that Michael Moore had such a prominent role.

        • NotYetInACamp

          No women should be required to wear a Jabba the Hutt outfit.
          Leia’s outfit is always a personal choice for whatever women likes that outfit.
          Muslims get Jabba’s treatment if they act like Muslims and attempt to take slaves of the right hand.

        • Deplorable B Woodman

          Uummmm… Libtard women are too ugly in body and spirit (it shows through), even if many of them are willing to be enslaved.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      I was going to go there. My take was going to be, too bad the RB&B&B just closed, the DildoCrats could have joined them.

    • I saw that on the news last night. I’m kind of glad it’s gone, because now, Animal SJWs have one less thing to complain about.

      Now, if only they’d try to pet angry rhinos – er, RINOs, and get gored….!

      What? I can dream, can’t I?

      • NotYetInACamp

        Tabasco. He handles them well. Happy thoughts.

    • V328

      Aww damn it! “Thanks PETA”. The fun police have struck again. Bye bye SeaWorld, Ringling Bros., etc. According to their website they’re after zoos and kids farms next. Get ready or stock the freezers. If this crap keeps up grocery stores will carry only one item….Solyent Green.

      • GWB

        Why wait. Let’s start Soylent Green now – using the greens themselves. What? It’s right in the name……

      • millard fillmore

        We live near PETA headquarters in Norfolk.Never take an injured animal to them for help.They ‘Ethically’ kill them.In fact,they kill more animals than most packing plants.With less compassion.If you ever feel compelled to send them a donation,remember their deadly legacy.I’ve found that most ‘animal rights’ loons merely want to control the relationship between humans and animals,insinuating themselves or government,or both,between people and nature.They have no real compassion.

    • Norm

      RB&B attribute it to “dwindling attendance and ballooning operating costs”.

      • Norm

        Make that RB B&B.

        • TJM

          Though the article makes clear that there was a sharp falloff in ticket sales when the elephants retired.

          PETA – 1, People – 0.

          The People are not amused. (Re: Nov 8)

  • AlexJ

    Send in the Clowns, they must be Clowns.

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      “Don’t bother, they’re here.”

      • All around us.

  • KenH

    Inflate Lewis with hydrogen gas until he explodes like Kanaga in Live and Let DIE….. works fine with me…

    • Y’know, I used to have some respect for him. But that was back in the day, when there was less confusion about who was what and which way the windbag blows. Now, after his little sit-in w/catered lunch – not so much.

      Do the Hustle!

      • Interventor

        Another argument for term limits. Thirty years is way too much.

        • As I have said before, “power corrupts, etc”.

  • WayneM

    I must admit I’ve never understood how or why the current crop of US civil rights advocates who focus on race issues seem to always be affiliated with the Democrats and making accusations of racism toward the Republicans. History is not ambiguous on this point; the racist southern states were always Democratically controlled, especially those states where the KKK flourished.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Lewis’ expiration date for relevancy is long expired.
      He is a mere shadow of anything he might have done, then it was misused.

    • JTC

      WayneM, your being Canadian if I remember correctly, I’m tempted to blame your lack of understanding on that alone. But unfortunately a combination of geography and a century and a half of educational mis- and dis-information resulted in a created history that is “not ambiguous” but is totally based on lies and intended to divide America under pretense of keeping it together…and which is directly traced to the divisiveness of today.

      States are not racist…racism and all isms are constructs of evil people who apply them as labels and use them to accomplish their own selfish goals. The same is true of Democrat or Republican; the most callously racist of them all was Republican back then and the most racist now are Democrat, but as we have seen recently that R or D after their names is irrelevant to the truth of what they really want.

      Eon’s link yesterday to Democrat Mr. Tim Kreider’s article gives voice to the hate and evil that paints us all as ignorant heathens, based not on north and south but on pure avarice, pitting one against the other and invoking every ism he can imagine…which he knows all about as he embodies every one…to instigate violence and turn Americans against each other…just as that famous and falsely revered Republican did more than 150 years ago.

      • JTC

        Dang it, chopped off the last line…

        …just as that famous and falsely revered Republican did more than 150 years ago, and just as that falsely revered (civil rights icon my ass) pimple Lewis does today.

        • PaulS

          Please be a little more specific, in the civil rights act in the 1860’s 100% of the Republicans voted for and 77% of Dems against, at least according to the information in “Hillary’s America” – Dinesh Dsouza. It’s quite an informative documentary, really more about the Dems and Alinsky, but obviously integrating the Clintons’ criminal behaviors.

          • JTC

            Party affiliation was as irrelevant then as it is now, other than to lend some false bragging rights.

            While you are reading, do some in-depth and unvarnished on that particular 1860’s R, and see the Obamaesque legacy.

        • WayneM

          Yes, JTC, I am Canadian and until fairly recently, accusations of racism weren’t part of our public discourse.

          For the majority of the past century, the Liberal Party dominated federally in Canada. So much so that they styled themselves as the natural ruling party. Then they got caught in a scandal large enough that people went to jail and, for a decade, we had Conservative government. Growing desperate to get back into power, the Liberals imported political advisors from the US so we’re now “enjoying” identity politics… ugh…

          The welfare state mentality is fairly deeply rooted in Canada so we have plenty of Tim Kreider type characters. So much so that we have protests here in Canada against DJT. How much fucking sense does that make?? Yet there’s still a vocal contingent who are raging against DJT, even now.

          Back to point, if I understand you correctly then, racism is like radical feminism and SJW movements… evil social constructs designed to attack the pillars of western society… cultural marxism incarnate.

          • JTC

            WayneM, first of course separatism is not always as simple as black and white, and the longstanding French and English issue in Canada illustrates. Clan conflict has always been and likely will always be, to the great chagrin of one-worlders.

            But it is when that conflict is used as a tool to divide (those isms I spoke of before; racism, classism, elitism, regionalism, and of course Constitutionalism and Religion) and conquer by those whose actual agenda is entirely selfish and unrelated to the SJW wars they incite, as they are by definition anti-social, un-just, and only interested in the war to further their own power and control and money.

            Even -or especially- those simple-minded one-worlders who have been duped, are finally waking up…across Europe as they find the “brothers” that they invited into their midst mean to conquer and destroy them. Those evil methods and intents are much more entrenched and long building here, the realizations have been slower to come and the effects slower to reverse, as OUR dupes are thoroughly indoctrinated and wield much power themselves (the usual suspects, media, academia, entertainment, and the politicos themselves, D and R alike).

            But all of that is changing as we speak. Long road ahead, here and around the world…but the world itself depends on it. It will not be easy. This is war, and it has only just begun.

  • Doc Epador

    I’d prefer to see them fighting it out in Circus Maximus or the Coleseum.

    Lotsa thumbs down.

    • Ah, now there’s a thought! I could go for that.

      Thumbs down on all of ’em. (I know, I know: technically, it was not thumbs down.)

    • TomZ

      NO! Thumb up for death. Thumbs down was to deny the spectators blood.

      • TomZ

        At least that is what I read somewhere.

        • Unca Walt

          You have it correctly.

          UP: You’ve had the radish.

          DOWN: You walk and have dinner with the winner.

  • Sol

    That lewis was beaten by democrats? Interesting. Everything I can find online says he was beaten by Alabama State Police (they’ll get MY donations now, folks) – can anyone cite this? I’d love to explore it further – it could be quite useful in yanking democrats’ chains.

    • TJM

      At that time, the Democrats controlled Alabama – all southern – state and city politics as completely as the Republicans do today. The Civil Rights movement was lead by national Republicans and northeastern Democrats. Things changed when LBJ embraced the movement in a patent quest for black votes, and Goldwater opposed the Civil Rights Act on constitutional grounds – not because he favored continued segregation, but because he thought enforcement of the existing laws and the post-Civil War amendments should be sufficient (as I understand it).

      • NotYetInACamp

        The Democrats sabotaged the Republicans Civil Rights Act under President Eisenhower.
        LBJ said something like there was no way in Hell the Republicans would get credit.
        He later made his famous 200 years quote.

        The Republican bill that was defeated was more reasonable, and did not create a dependent slave class of voters.
        FUKK LBJ. HE WAS RACIST. May he rot in hell for the damage he did to so many people.

        LBJ got his slave creating Civil Rights Act when he was president. A majority of Democrats voted against it. A majority of Republicans voted for it.

        Racist Democrats.

        • Pamela

          LBJ let our Vietnam Era POWs rot over there rather than accept surrender because he didn’t want a recession on his watch during his final term.

        • Unca Walt

          Just so nobody can play the obtuse card to water down your valid point:

          “He later made his famous 200 years quote” <– It was 40 years.

    • Subotai Bahadur

      Keep in mind that the government of the Confederate States of America was made up entirely of Democrats. The KKK [in all three incarnations, although the latest one now is about 80% paid FBI informants] was founded and run by Democrats. The first incarnation by Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, who started his career as a slave dealer.

      The classic picture during the civil rights marches in Selma, Alabama of Sheriff “Bull” Connor siccing police dogs on Blacks is noteworthy because at the very moment he did it, he was a member of the Democratic Party National Committee.

      So, of course in order to keep their record of hypocrisy consistent, the Left has to blame the Republicans.

      • JTC

        “Confederate States of America was made up entirely of Democrats. The KKK [in all three incarnations, although the latest one now is about 80% paid FBI informants] was founded and run by Democrats.”

        Totally and completely without relevance…except maybe the part of about false flag infiltrations.

        Republican and Democrat…I don’t think they meant -or mean- what your think they did or do.

    • Sol

      Thank you for your replies. I made a few phonecalls and found that friend of mine has an elderly neighbor (a proud, black Trump voter) who marched at the bridge incident (my friend verifies seeing his photos/etc. taken at the event, so I believe his story). This neighbor has followed racial politics over the years and the best thing he could say about lewis amounted to “a face like an unflushed toilet”. He had several informative stories about the principals involved in the event and what they went on to accomplish/scam in later years.

  • Crawdaddy Loon

    Think about it! The state government (employers of the Alabama State Police) was run by Governor George Wallace. A segment from the story on desegregation in 1963. “In the State of Alabama, however, where local authorities repeatedly stated they were prepared to carry out court directives and maintain public peace, Governor Wallace has refused to respect either the law or the authority of local officials. For his own personal and political reasons — he is desperately anxious to have the Federal Government so that he may later charge Federal interference–he is desperately anxious to have the Federal Government intervene in a situation in which we have no desire to intervene.” Is that clear enough as to who was beating John Lewis – and others!

  • NotYetInACamp

    Lewis, still doing the globalist slavers bidding.
    Lewis attacked Donald Trump on various media and locations by calling Donald Trump a foreign agent for Russia.

    If Lewis called me that I would not have been as polite as Donald Trump was in responding to that aged dupe.

  • Pete231

    Yup, the new dummycrat symbol should be the condom because it allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, and protects a bunch of dicks………

    • GWB


    • Chris Muir


    • JTC

      Wow Pete231, if that is your original creation, you should copyright it; excellent is right!

    • Pamela

      Now if it could stop the spread of disabling diseases and crises of character, and the various forms of insanity, plus the subsets of crazy …

    • Grunt GI

      Reminds me of the old joke about how the Muslims in colonial India invented the sheepskin condom.

      The British improved it by removing it from the sheep first.


    • Corvette

      +1, awesome.


  • Balloon animals sound right. Full of gas, and false icons.

  • Bill G

    At this point in time the DMC is attempting to re-brand the most noted of the Southern democrats as Republicans.
    They are so accustomed to controlling the message that they expect to get away with it.

  • Dread

    We can never forget that the left wing and right wing both belong to the same bird. Globalist who would impose socialism and tyranny on us all use the keep them divided to keep them conquered tactic well.

    • JTC

      Absolute bullseye bingo!

  • woodNfish

    Love it! I have been spreading this around the internet on various sites for over a month. Nice that it found its way into DBD! I’d like to claim that I came up with it, but I didn’t. That person will have to remain unknown, but I think I found it on – a great site for alternative commentary. Some of it is true conservative, and some your typical RINO crappola, but all is uncensored.

  • woodNfish

    Why didn’t the quote get in my post?

    “Democratss haven’t been this angry since Republicans freed their slaves.”

    • Chris Muir

      Yeah, I think I saw Kurt Schlicter use it on Twatter…?2 good not to use!

  • Jack

    Chris –

    Great minds (et al!) For the last year or so, my newsletter has had a permanent section entitled “Cirque du Democrat/MediaCrat.”

    I now hope to have a banner for that section heading!

  • eon

    OT but maybe not;

    Sparta Report is inaccessible, all I get is Forbidden 403 result.

    isitdownrightnow says the server is forbidding access.

    I’m guessing it’s another attack. Can somebody notify them?

    CM, you might want to check your server as well. I doubt it’s an accident.

    clear ether


  • Kurt Duncan

    Uhhh… Are Sam and Naomi starting to get a little cuddly there?

    • Chris Muir

      Y’all are so depraved.My kind of readers.But they’re just sitting close is all.

      • Pamela

        Depraved? I’d say more adventurous

    • Grunt GI

      Well. Thanks for asking what some of us were thinking.

    • Rocky

      That was the first thing I noticed when the ‘toon first loaded! And Chris, roger on the “depraved”!!

  • Mort

    Arrrrgh! the lower than scales on a snake`s belly Bastards;

    ‘Homeland’ on Shotime was one of my favorite tv shows.
    At the beginning of last nite`s premier I immediately erased
    it, and took it out of my automatic record list.

    Madame President-elect…..just shows that the ‘Politically
    correct’ scumbags were sure that the ‘Hilamonster’ would
    be the next president….sure this season was already
    completed…well they can continue without me, and I bet
    a lot of others!

  • NotYetInACamp

    In a few short days we may see the, hopefully, last slaver who has occupied the white house leave the white house occupation.

    Obama has crated more slaves around the world than anyone in centuries.
    He extended Islam more than any man in centuries. Islam is a slave group.
    As a slaver group Islam is the same as all slavers who have been considered under international law as Enemies of Humanity.

    It never matter what Obama says. What has Obama done? What are the results of what Obama has supported?

    I say that Obama is a slaver.
    That is like his ancestors.

    • JTC

      Selling his “own” people into slavery…it’s the family business. And while skin color has nothing to do with it, it is racism at its most despicable.

      But these new slaves surrendered themselves to him, willingly accepted the virtual chains, and many still now do his dirty work for him.

      May those that see the light escape their bondage, and may those who won’t and most especially those who serve as his apologists and enforcers, perish in the darkness.

      • NotYetInACamp

        Those victims of their own mind are one set.

        i am also dealing at a basic simple level.
        Islam is part and parcel a slave taking and creating group.
        All of the dead slaves ISIS took. All of the Yazhidi slaver women taken. All of the Christian slaves they took. All of the Zorastrian slaves they took. All of the slave markets the slaves were sold in across the ME-NA. That includes some sent to Saudi Arabia.

        At it’s core level Islam is a slave group. They take slaves. They have Sharia Law which contains specific rules as to how to take slaves and how to use and abuse slaves.
        Obama considers Islam wonderful. He has the words of faith to Islam on his wedding ring. Obama often makes the pointed finger adherence to Allah while in the company of Muslims.
        To see him otherwise is to lie and to delude oneself. There is enough delusion and lies in the words of Obama already.

        May all subjected to and submitted to the evil that is Islam (Submission) find the light of love, and of God, and may Islam end.

      • NotYetInACamp

        The United States has experienced the attacks n Islam from the beginning of the existence of our nation.
        Islam is still Islam.
        Islam is still slave taking. Islam is slaver.

        • Pamela

          Islam~The ultimate snake oil salesman.

          Thank the good Lord for Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children.
          And the Tun Tavern.
          They knew how to deal with slavers.

          Marines were not born in a hospital and given a blankie, they were born in a bar and given a gun!

  • NotYetInACamp

    Suggestion for the democrat balloon animal.

    Mohamed the slave taker.

    Ellison the slaver.

    Nancy, the slave girl.

    And so on. keep it real Democrats. Own your slave reality.

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