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  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Too bad it isn’t “spiked” by Jim Jones. I’d assist with the clean up detail. I’ll even bring my own shovel. (gee, ain’t I a nice goy…..I mean, guy)

  • Say what you will about 1979, but with a new gig that would become my life’s work, a brand new 280ZX, some of the best rock and roll of all time, and no STD’s that would killamuthafucka as Eddie Murray put it…yeah I’ll take that to this any time.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Hm. Hence the time placement lately.
      Have you been feeling run down lately? Sort of like your batteries were low? Was that a glitch?

      • Well, places in time…or is it time in place?

        Have to hope this glitch is one of those, of the ephemeral kind.

        But for now, run down? More like positively morose…

        Thank you for asking.

    • Neanderthal JSStryker

      1979 I had just reported to the USS Holland (AS-32) at Holy Loch Scotland, spent 2.5 years there.

      • JimV

        Interesting. I helped close the base in 92.

      • SemiInterested

        And I had just reported to the USS Bushnell (AS-15) in Key West. I had orders for the Holland, but got sent to Key West, due to a lack of respect for an Ensign’s huge ego..
        Tough duty station, but somebody had to do it……

    • Henry

      And the sun about to rise on the Reagan Economy.
      Hoo, yeah!

    • Advo

      Mmm, the 240/260/280Z! None of the line that came after had the same appeal. The 300Z broke off that shark-like body style, and it was never the same.

      • True ’78 was the last of the Z rail cars. The ZX in ’79 was the beginning of the end of that but it was still supremely capable, a lot more comfortable, and sharper in appearance than its predecessors…though that would soon change with the hideous 300 and later series. And I did mention the lack of deadly STD’s…that black beauty was a babe magnet of the first order, and my 24 year old self took full advantage, making up some time for the 7 previous years as a (faithful) child groom and father.

        It’s been back to that chosen role since My Girl and My Babies came back to me in 1980, and me back to total and fierce loyalty; wouldn’t change a thing, but for the major upgrades in my whole being that has made our four decades since the happiest and most secure of our lives.

        But that year, about August of ’78 through September of ’79? I wouldn’t change a thing about that either.

  • Too Tall

    Global production of Potassium Cyanide is 50,000 tons. Given the scale of the vermin infestation, we are going to need a lot more. Probably need to use Kool-Aid flavors other than grape as well.

  • Fox2!

    Supposedly a different brand, Flavoraid, was used, not KoolAid, to help the cyanide go down.

    • Too Tall

      Today the democrats would probably use Pedialyte – because it’s for the children.

    • Brent Dotson

      I’ve been saying this for years. I don’t know why the misnomer bothers me so much, but it does. Character flaw, I suppose.

      • Maybe because that would screw up the whole “drank the koolaid” meme? “Drank the flavoraid” just ain’t got the same kick does it?
        Well, turns out it did, but that is bad for marketing.

  • Fox2!

    Wasn’t that November of ’78? I was going to Orbital Analyst school at Peterson when it happened.

    • 1978.Hence the title.

      • It was Nov 18th, the last day of my MOS training at Ft Sill. I was going to start 30 days leave before going to the Korean DMZ. I was afraid the Army would do something and cancel my leave. We had a Libtard ex Governor for President and he was spending Federal money like he was still the govenor of Ga. I remember thing “How f__king stupid can people be”

      • Well, 1979 OR 1978. Hence the actual title.

        My memory bank prefers the former, for the obvious reasons given above. 🙂

        But fast-forward to 4/20/80 and Jimmah, who I had such high hopes for, decided to lay the groundwork for the invasion today by creating the one then, the diaspora of Mariel Cuba, allowing Fidel to empty his prisons and streets and psych wards thereby destroying the excellent reputation of the most conservative immigrant block in American history, and turning the streets of Miami into a war zone. That must have looked really good to the commie powers so they took that modus operandi to the entire lower half of the Americas.

        RR did indeed ride in on his white horse not long after, but even he could not undo that damage, and with that episode as a microcosm of what is planned for us now, 4 years of such damage of that evil/ignorant policy and others will have done what no one could ever fix this of this old republic again.

        Will we wait for the Great Diaspora of Central and South America to choke us out completely? CRA NOW!

    • John D. Egbert

      November 1978. Ten months into a tour at NAS Glenview, IL (RIP) and not too far from the infamous “Winter of 78-79″ where we measured 108.5” of white precip in a area that gets 40 IPY per year.

      No January thaw in ’79; instead, mid-month, temps took a dive and didn’t get back up to zero for six weeks. Wind chills of -80 were common. We drove on packed snow ’cause salt didn’t work. Fun
      times . . .

  • Mike-SMO

    Jim Jones may be a warning. They’d rather die and take followers along than have their “empire” taken from them. These got the “Football”. Get the KoolAid crew first. They’ll be almost as good as regular sand bags. And they’ll “sing” such a sweet song as they are “removed from office”. They’d do the same for you, have no doubt.

    No quarter! Some will hide in dresses.

    • Henry

      Some have already started.

  • Halley

    Turns out there may have been some “I’ve Got This” KoolAid going around, too… or not?

  • TBeholder

    New slogan. «$CURRENT_YEAR. Just like every year.»

  • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    1978…..I was just starting my 20 year career with Uncle Sam Ain’t Released Me Yet.

  • Paul

    Is there anyway to turn on the camera on her laptop please ??

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

      If she’s as paranoid as I am, Sam has cardboard taped over the laptop camera lens.

      • John D. Egbert

        A little piece of black electrical tape works just fine – and blends nicely into the screen border . . .

        • John M.

          A large Bulldog clip works also, and is easily removable and replaceable in those rare instances you WANT to use the camera like a family Zoom meeting.

  • Had just finished my DW training at Lowry AFB. Assigned to Castle AFB, CA after five winters in Minot ND. 14 months later I was in Ankara, Turkey.

    Zar Belk!

  • Neanderthal PaulS

    “Expending Doom”, but so much promise. 🙂

  • Dread


  • Pamela

    Today, in 1979, I got married. Still Am to my wonderful Husband.

    • Kafiroon

      Good On You! Congratulations!

      • Too Tall

        Happy Anniversary! And I hope your husband realizes how fortunate he is.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Marvelous. Congratulations. Fabulous!

  • Buck

    As to the malfeasance of today’s politicians,

    “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.”
    — Enoch Powell

    Another good day to read his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech from the mid ’60s.

    • cb

      From the web: Pelosi could inspire E.D. in rebar.

  • John M.

    1978 – interesting year for me… I was living in San Diego, four years after my discharge from the Army. I married my first wife, and got hired on for what would be a 20 year stint in one of the shipyards.

    That was the year that PSA Flight 182 hit a small Cessna over North Park and crashed. The woman that would eventually become my second wife was a First Responder at the time, and she still has occasional nightmares about literally picking up the pieces of that crash — sometimes, they’re worse than my jungle nightmares.

    Everyone talks about how miserable that Winter was. All San Diego ever got was rain – 40 days and 40 nights of rain or more. We were building a super tanker in the shipyard at the time, and the standing joke in the yard was that someone had seen an old man in a robe walking along the side of the graving dock mumbling something about “I think this will hold all the animals this time…”

  • NotYetInACamp

    ’78, ’79, whatever? I was keeping family property I was buying and the block safe from all that was going on with those many Marieltos that actually deserved to be flushed turning Miami Beach into a hellhole. I eventually had friends who did well and were great people in those that came out then. 2 cops in separate cars covered all of South Beach at night. The government was trying to run the weak landowners out with code enforcement so the rich could buy up the property cheap.. About one murder a week was happening, up from maybe one or less a year during my youth. My father eventually broke his deal and reneged on his sale of a building to me to sell to the billionaire next door son for a pittance price. The land lease was making enough recently to pay each of my siblings and myself the largest clearinghouse sweepstakes amount and more monthly back when the billionaire buyer’s ex wife, a family friend, told me how much the monthly land lease was on property reneged on by my father (victim card shown). When I saw a cop that I knew making a stop at night as one of the 2 cars on duty, I would stop near him at a distance where he could see who I was until it was over.
    Interesting times. It was a war zone. The beach was still beautiful. Most was still safe as rich folks neighborhoods. I later suggested the Miami Beach Jaycees bring the Beach Boys on the Beach for a free concert. The idea took off and they (we) did a great job. 50,000 happy people on the beach listening to the Beach Boys, and the Renaissance began. When all is darkness, keep thinking, and keep doing. Art Deco then took off. Then times change. We have Urban weekends sometimes now. Or Urban Spring Events now. But it is still a beautiful beach. And the weekends are few.

  • NotYetInACamp

    I also was maintaining a curmudgeon old lady who was tormenting the commissioners boarded up building and keeping the code enforcement at bay. I even gave her a room in our commercial building that still was legally a hotel, a free rom for 7 years of her tormenting the commissioners all across the county. If she only stuck to the truth that she found it was bad enough to crush so many. She was much less effective because she added speculation to her commission talks. They all limited time talking because of her. She was right so much that, aside from code enforcement, they had nothing on her.
    I did other things, trying to clean up the vote and such. This last election is my biggest failure. But there were still victories that mattered


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