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  • Too Tall

    So much truth, it took me a while to realize Sam had changed dresses from panel two to panel four.

    Skye is back. No rattlesnake for Zed to cook? Obviously still depressed by Jo’s “transformation” and thinking about “scale.”

    What are Naomi and Jo cooking up?

    Sam’s final sentence in panel four sums up American Political History from 1830 to the present.

    • MasterDiver

      Hey, if you can DO it, it AIN’T braggin’!

      Zar Belk!

      • BOOM!

    • Too Tall

      1. I am in awe of your mastery of DBD history.

      2. Skye’s condition pretty much speaks for all Progtard DildoCrats. Helps explain why they want to take your guns.

      3. On more than one range, I have witnessed hot brass create some “pole dancing” moves that would have won an Olympic Gold Medal in the floor gymnastics event with NBA caliber vertical leaps.

    • DavidM

      Good point!!!!

    • PaulS

      And we love her for it! 😉

  • JTC

    Like the old gunslinger Will Sonnet said, “no brag, just fact”.

    • MasterDiver

      I loved Walter Brennan’s line in the promo: “James is good He’s better. And I’m better’n both of ’em. No brag, just fact”

      Zar Belk

      • JTC

        His face as he delivers those lines is among the vast store of useless information ingrained in what’s left of my gray matter…along with the full text, “James is darn good. But he’s better. And I’m better’n both of ‘em.”

        Will, James, and the young man who was “better” were father, son, and grandson as I recall. Yeah more uselessness.

        • JTC

          Full text except for the main part anyway, that became something of a tag-line among a certain subset. 😉

          “No brag, just fact.”

          Love it. And what could be a more appropriate and succinct description of the dichotomy between 44 and 45?

  • cb

    Speaking of job performance: Cowboy lassoes would-be bike thief in Walmart parking lot.

    • Saaruuk

      LOL!!!! Wouldn’t you just LOVE to be a fly on the wall of the holding cell with the other miscreants asking him what he was in for? And then having to tell them HOW he was caught?

      Talk about humiliating!!!

    • steveb919

      That was a GREAT video. Thanks.

  • Buck Owens

    Sounds like you’re shovel ready…

    • Too Tall

      Gonna need a bigger backhoe….

      • Bill G

        I once saw a bumper sticker reading “Please don’t piss me off, I’m running out of places to hide the bodies”. Quoting that during a discussion which wandered to bumper stickers, I was asked not to repeat it since it seemed too appropriate for me.

        • interventor

          There’s a no trespassing sign in the country that states the same.

          • Saaruuk

            Friend of mine has a nice chunk of land, about 200 acres, with a sign at the head of his driveway that states:

            “If you can read this, you’re in range”

            Underneath the text is the silhouette of a scoped Barrett M82A1.

  • DogByte6RER

    My favorite example of progressive oxymoronic behavior …

    Progressives/Leftists/Democrats routinely condemn Donald J. Trump as a fascist, a dictator, a 21st century Hitler.

    Progressives/Leftists/Democrats then demand citizens give up their guns to … the government, run their proclaimed fascist, dictator, 21st century Hitler, Donald J. Trump.

    Result: An Oxymoron. Progressives/Leftists/Democrats who claim to be anti-fascists are actively promoting citizens surrendering their means of self-defense to an alleged fascist, dictator, 21st century Hitler.

    Note: It stands to reason that these Progressives/Leftists/Democrats are not anti-fascist after all as they are obviously promoting pro-fascist gun confiscation policies. In reality they are anti anti-fascists, i.e., they are FASCISTS.

    Lastly, fascism is a LEFT-WING ideology. Read “The Big Lie” by Dinesh D’Souza and/or “Liberal Fascism” by Jonah Goldberg.

    Also … read Mussolini’s manifesto “The Doctrine of Fascism” and notice how much of Il Duce’s vision mirrors that of today’s Progressives/Leftists/Democrats.


    • Ozymandius

      Orwell used the term “blackwhite” in 1984 to describe this:

      “it is the loyal willingness to say black is white when the party discipline demands this. It also means the ability to believe black is white, and more, to know black is white and forget that one has ever believed the contrary”

      Sorry if I’m a little long-winded.

  • Sarthurk

    Oh, Hell Yeah!

  • Pete231

    “The most fundamental fact about the ideas of the political Left is that they don’t work. Therefore, we should not be surprised to find the Left concentrated in institutions where ideas do not have to work in order to survive.” – Dr. Thomas Sowell-

    • Bill G

      A brilliant man; I miss his occasional “Random Thoughts” columns, at least as much as all the rest.

  • Bill G

    I think I’ve put this up before; I hope it’s not too much. But Silent Cal said all that need be said about progressives almost a hundred years ago.
    “About the Declaration there is a finality that is exceedingly restful. It is often asserted that the world has made a great deal of progress since 1776, that we have had new thoughts and new experiences which have given us a great advance over the people of that day, and that we may therefore very well discard their conclusions for something more modern. But that reasoning can not be applied to this great charter. If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction can not lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers.”

  • Paul

    Sam, hobby ! Selling Oxy-Clean ! Imagine the sell numbers with her doing it !

    • MasterDiver

      Is that Oxy-Clean .38, .40, .45 ACP or 9mm ?

      Zar Belk!

      • John

        No, Oxy-Clean is what you use afterward.
        It is IMHO the best thing to deal with blood stains.

  • Thank you Chris! It is perfect!

    I am going to print it out and hang it where my wife can see it. It is unfortunate that we cancel each others vote on election day, but I didn’t marry her for her political views, I married her because I love her and God certainly nudged me in that direction.
    Prior to that I had ignored those nudges. Kind of my will not Thy will…I wouldn’t recommend that mindset. Your (our) cartoon is a wonderful guide to thoughts and perspective. I am blessed by supporting it (you).


    • Chris Muir

      Mike, like all Skye Level patrons, I will be sending you the signed print anyway (in about a week). 🙂
      Thanks for the idea topic, Sir!

  • caved1ver01

    Acta Non Verba!

  • Pamela

    Doesn’t matter what their job titles are. None of them would be able to unplug a toilet or clean out the outhouse that inhabits their minds and souls.

    • WayneM

      He really is an idiot… and he’s determined to kill our “hydrocarbon” economy… I can’t believe Canadians were stupid enough to re-elect him a second time.

  • Punta Gorda

    Given the events in Odessa Texas and the MRAP vehicle used in the Swat raid on a bar… maybe Sam needs to get her BMP out of storage.

    • Punta Gorda

      The pink one….

      • Too Tall

        Bring on the pink VAG! (Vehicle Against Government)

        The hapless, corrupt, FBI clowns from the previous administration, (there’s that number 44, again) sort of left it behind.

        Sam painted the sucka pink, and made a few other modifications.

  • Oxy-moron? Absolute-moron.


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