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  • Too Tall

    Kayleigh has turned the White House Press Briefing Room into her own personal ThunderDome. Probably should put the whole thing on Pay-per-View.

    • Pamela

      I don’t see her going all spikes and leather on them.
      Maybe whips and chains for some much needed discipline.
      Just remember to charge them for the pain

    • WayneM

      Imagine if Trump had hired Kayleigh or someone as good as her from the onset.

      I wonder if any of the media circus will eventually answer her questions? Or will they just start avoiding the press briefings?

      • You’ve got to admit Sarah was pretty damned good. Kayleigh does rock pretty hard though.

        • JTC

          Sarah was good cmb, though she did sometimes get flustered…she will be rock solid in Congress.

          But this little blond ice queen sliced and diced and owned the CNN and NBC pretty bois the best I’ve seen.

          Now to get her that Krav Maga training like Pam suggests so that slicing and dicing can be literal as well.

  • ExNuke

    If President Trump never did anything else righ,t his choice for his latest Press Secretary is reason enough to support him. As an incredibly attractive young woman she has had ample experience dealing with obnoxious jerks like the White House Press Pool. The only thing that I would suggest is that the Secret Service should invest a serious effort in teaching her to shoot and ensuring she has one of the unobtainable Concealed Carry Permits in DC and a weapon that she is comfortable and competent with, and that she never has to face that rabid pack of jackals without it. I think it would put a BIG smile on her face to stand up in front of them knowing that “You, asshole, would be dead meat if you tried that crap in the parking garage.”

    • interventor

      Wouldn’t be hard to issue her a CCL in DC. That’s just the city government. There are about 27 uniformed and plainclothes law enforcement agencies in the district.

    • Blasternaz

      Agreed! And wouldn’t you love3 to be the instructor? Bringing her up to Sam’s level of competence could take some time…. Time well spent!!

      • Pamela

        Better yet… Naomi’s level of skills

        • Shalom!

  • Kafiroon

    Come on Zed! That pack of vultures does not deserve to even think about seeing that gorgeous flesh.

    • Bill G

      Absolutely correct. Even the “It would reduce them to gibbering idiots” theory is off, since they’re already at that condition.

  • I wouldn’t even be able to shoot straight on that range if Sam was there.

    • Steve

      Meh. The attraction never fades, but you learn to work with it. Think of it as a form of meditation … 🙂

  • Punta Gorda

    Had a redhead once. Damned near killed me

    • John M.

      You didn’t grow up with them, obviously…

      • Too Tall

        Survival provided you with universal immunity and superpowers?

        • John M.

          Don’t know about the superpowers, but it gave me immunity enough to marry one and make it last for thirty years and counting.

      • Pamela

        First round is on me and I don’t mean belly shots

  • cz93x62

    Adventure travel, for certain.

  • Halley

    Turning the tables on “the media” and forcing THEM to answer deliciously inconvenient questions about their own “journalism” – it’s long, long overdue. On the other hand, they can’t answer because doing so implicates them in the Democrats’ high crimes. They’ll plead the fifth until and unless they lose their mafia-esque jobs as DNC hitmen.

  • Bill G

    Bombs away, Kayleigh!

  • Hey Chris,
    I am getting 2 emails everyday now instead of one. Solution?

    • PaulS

      What? You don’t wanna see That?! Twice! 😉

    • Maybe you signed up twice..? I’m sorry, I’ll ask my web guru on that.

  • JTC

    Red how the heck did you miss quipping “flak from flacks”?

    How about you, Donnie…shouldn’t that be “cesspool clowns”?

    Of course said clowns know from nothing about real flak though they’ve got the flack role down pat.

    And little Kayleigh, cool as a cuke while she rains the flak on them…with chopper backup no less!

    Here’s something new for them to chat about…

    “The general election scenario that Democrats are dreading – POLITICO
    We’re about to see the best economic data in the history of this country” says the top economic adviser of the Zero admin on a zoom chat with pols and fed wonks, shocking the puss out of them when he says this “V” recovery will be cranking up about the time of the debates…that should be real good.

  • JTC

    Girl is ripping the leftist attack cess pool slime some new assholes right now at press briefing…girl is good!

  • Mikey72

    Vote for Trump–Because Hot Chicks Matter
    (and a respectful tip of the hat to all of them)

  • CuriousB

    We should call her Kayleigh the mini-gun. Pouring fire until nothing’s left but residue.

    • Wood

      Well don’t call her the Warthog! Maybe Thunderbolt


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