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  • John M.

    Way to go, JO! Your timing is impeccable!

  • Gunner Asch


  • Too Tall

    Jo’s sense of humor is developing nicely. Heck of a payback for “Chill my beer.”

    • WayneM

      I look forward to the daily humour from Chris but the comment section is a close second.

      Orange Manbad, indeed…

  • Too Tall


    In case you did not see my reply yesterday, the discussion between Sam and Naomi regarding Skye being raped at 13 occurred November 13, 2017 to November 17, 2017, or see Tabs 8 and 9 under the tag “Family.”

  • DogByte6RER

    Go ahead Jo … grab ‘er by the pussy.


    OrangeManBad … Bad to the Bone.

    • JTC

      Dude you are on fire! Two awesome zingers right there…

      Grab it…and freeze it!

      Bad to the bone? Ha!
      But for Chris’s word bubble we’d know for sure. But we already know for sure about the Big Brass Balls our boy drags around…

      Just outstanding Chris Muir!

  • Pete231

    A disturbed titter ran through the room……….

  • Who said androids can’t have a sense of humor? EPIC, Jo!

  • Calvin

    Does this mean that Jo has met (and touched) DJT?

  • Mike-SMO

    Jo with a sense of humor. The horror. Worse than the old cat with a sense of humor (and you know that cats are evil).

    Must have been one of those White House tourist thingies or else Jo has learned to work from the Demoncratic media images. Or just extrapolating from the smile……

    How about a Press Sec…….?

    • GWB

      Trump has been to the DoubleD on at least two occasions.

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    Yes! YES, Jo!! Now do his Press Secretary! And then do Christie Noem!

    And maybe Hope Hicks!

    • Grunt GI

      Haha. Yasssssss!!!

  • Sarge

    I’m glad that no one is here in the house at 530 am listening to me laughing my ass off at this !!

  • ses1066

    OK, now it is a good thing that the twins remained with Zed. Lifetime trauma otherwise!

  • Wood

    Ha ha! That is hilarious. Love the schadenfreude expression. No “safe spaces” IRL, Skye!

  • JimK

    Do androids dream of “OrangeManBad”?

  • GWB

    OK, THAT was unexpected!
    And I’m laughing my head off. 🙂

  • My Way Or --->

    That is FUNNY!

  • Old Codger

    Ah, yes! Skye learns that payback is, indeed, a stone bitch. As my favorite Chicago policeman would say, “Thus endeth the leson.”

  • Halley

    If PDT sees this, I hope he knows the backstory about Jo…

    • JTC

      IOW that he shouldn’t touch let alone grab that thing? 🙂

  • Pamela

    Smooth as a baby’s behind. How does Jo know he waxes…
    Explain that the Mel

  • Chris

    That is FREAKING hilarious !!… coffee out my nose time

  • PCChaos

    Alright, just shot coffee out of my nose…Now THAT is funny, I don’t care who you are. Life is good and thanks for the artwork and laughter.

  • Mikey72

    Chris: Expect a call from the White House shortly. For LSP: excellent choices, although a bit out of our league. During the 2016 campaign, I advised my peers to vote Trump: Because Hot Chicks Matter.

  • My Way Or --->

    Hey, this is nothing. Nothing, I tell you! All that fuss about the stuff found on that laptop left at a repair shop? It’s someone related to Joe Whatshisname (he prolly can’t even remember) doing porn videos. Don’t know how accurate that story is, but really, if that’s all someone can find to do with his useless life, he’d better be good at it, right/ Right?

    Could you bring back the Ahnold drone, please? Girl’s gotta have something to counter that “ick” factor.

    • Halley

      The media already knows Biden is corrupt, Big Tech already knows Biden is corrupt, the DNC already knows Biden is corrupt, and Dim voters already know Biden is corrupt. For all of them, the corruption is not a bug, it’s the main feature. That, not lack of info about who and what Biden really is, is what we’re up against.

    • NotYetInACamp

      I may recall the women’s mama, who is a grandma, and lives in the Argentine, has a drone pool boy. Skye might find a poolboy is able to provide a safe space. There is a pool of water involved. Necessary specifications can be transmitted. Therapeutic trauma reduction could quickly commence for the women.

      Skye: Skye did score a point or two.

      Jo: Game. Set. Match.
      And her self developed humor programs are functioning and developing. That android girl has moxie.

    • JTC

      Hope that means that you are a girl. I did not know that.

      And yes indeed it does make a difference, in all things.

      • JTC

        Uh…NotYet that was for My Way. If you’re a girl, that’s a great Halloween costume you’re wearing. :0

        • NotYetInACamp

          All boy. And some women swear by it.
          I did wear a great Yugely Bigley appreciated Donald Trump costume 4 years ago. I even wore body armor. You never know.
          My hair was better than his back then when I took care of it. He has improved his hair cut. If that is close to his current body mass, I have much less. He is older, though. He did win that Presidenty thingy that I never did. While I have been good for America, he can do so aggressively.
          I still have the suit and shirt, oversized to fit the armor and carrier underneath. Too bad that Halloween Party is cancelled for this year.
          I still think that he has less body mass than there, but I have no clue. He does have the wife that looks like that that my college sweetheart couldn’t get past he mother saying that she had to marry someone from their Eastern European nation and tribe. Which tribe is different than my Central / Eastern European plains warrior tribe. Let’s all make Western Civilization greater. That includes all civilizations and cultures that are compatible, and some not so much so long as they do not display open hostility or wage asymmetric war against our civilization. There are limits to inclusion. Individual exceptions always exist. That I do not say OPEN BORDERS make me a racist in a lot of people’s new Little Red Book. Franklin School effected Marxists, I say.
          This is hilarious. I enjoyed this. Well done. It will be better with 270+.

  • DogByte6RER

    Jo’s imitation of POTUS45 looks more golden than orange.

    Before his government days DJT did exhibit the Midas touch. Jo’s DJT could be Goldfinger with the cold finger.

    Turn your head and cough Skye …

  • Punta Gorda

    Dough Biden’s crackhead son isn’t doing him any favors…

    • JTC

      Whaddaya mean? Bagman for dad’s millions of Chinese, Burisma, and Russkie dough ain’t enough?

      This allowed dad to wave around his fake tax filings at DT during the “debate” asking “where’s yours?”. How I wish Trump had taken that “Golden” opportunity to ask “Where’s Hunter’s?”

      And if those millions are not on the boy’s returns then lock the smarmy little druggie up for tax evasion. And if they are, begs the question “Where’d that money go? Huh Joe?”.

  • John M.

    Apparently, Jo has learned to do a slow transition so there’s no BLORP! Her sense of humor has developed nicely, and she’s a lot more devious with hers than Data was.

  • Kafiroon

    Love the Art!
    I would love to have a copy of The Great Gold Leader.
    Without Skye, just the way he looks there.
    Reminds me of The Great Summer Buddha painted on a construction fence at the Soviet Socialist Peoples Republic of Madison, Univ. of Wis. Miss that summer…

    • JTC

      With or without the word bubble?

      • Kafiroon

        Buddha just had that great golden glow and serene smile that showed all was right in his world. OR, all that great anatomy was on display all around him.

  • Punta Gorda

    Hmm… that makes Skye about 5’6″.

    A little above average (5’4″)


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