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  • I’m not going to go there. Some pieces of my mind want to say non PC things, while others say others have certain facets, if not complete, levels of brilliance.

  • Delilah T

    “Twitter is already hiding my tweets from search results and I’ve said nothing violating TOS or remotely offensive on their platform. Are they afraid of me?” – Julin von Abele.

    Discrimination? Or something else?

    Reason enough to stay out of that trash.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    By whose reckoning?
    I haven’t gone into the weeds on this one, but for all know (and probably most likely), all he said was, “Hi! Have a nice day. Merry Christmas!”

  • WayneM

    For some reason, Twitter doesn’t capture my interest… and, from the swirling noxious greasy skid mark that it spreads on the Internet, I think I’m glad…

    Chris, kudos to your wisdom in staying with direct annual fundraising and away from Patreon as many content creators are getting fallout damage from Patreon’s recent decision to arbitrarily terminate the account of “Sargon of Akkad” for High Sins & Treason Against Intersectional Orthodoxy.

  • NotYetInACamp

    In law, if the law is on your side, you argue the law. If the facts are on your side, you argue the facts. If neither are on your side, you confuse the issue and deflect from both the law and the facts.

    And if you are a racist, progressive, useful idiot, democrat, Marxist, Trotskyite, Leninist, globalist, Stalinist, Maoist, Franklin school follower, critical theory follower, Cloward-Piven advocate, feminist, NAMBLA, Muslim, anti-CIS, raving revolutionary, petard carrying anarchist,, Yippie, Antifa, socialist, communist, or any of a myriad of concepts put in play, you then reject logic, reason, the law, and reject facts. You scream value tinged words of the time that are meant to dismiss any discussion with the opposition labeled as the lowest cretin on Earth no worth a moments consideration and only fit to be sent to the gallows or someplace where they will never insult the correct politically superior people ever again.

    I they have not got any argument then riot in words or deeds. That is when they become most intolerant. Their intolerance makes them entitled to think that they must win, no matter what.

    Remember the average IQ of the world is about 90 possibly. Someone threw that one out in some research, but the internet s renowned for French models and other truths.

    Now I just found and watched the video.
    I cannot imagine any of the others there verbally assaulting him as they must have begun earlier than the video, ever being called on the carpet for asserting their love of their identifiable identitarian group that has now been thrust on all of us.
    I love my black people.
    I love my Brazilians.
    I love my Syrians.
    I love my Somalians.
    I love my blackness.
    I love who I am.

    Would any of those said by the people asserting whatever they were asserting to Julin have resulted in anything but applause by the crowd surrounding the lone white man?

    Those are questions. I have not got all of the facts.

    Julin did not even assert that among the good Western Civilization has done is attempt to end slavery in the world. Muslims and those of some of the races represented there of the Human Race actually sold their ancestors into slavery during those years they were sent to the Americas. And over fifty million of their race were captured and sold by Islam, all Sharia Compliant. The Europeans had many more than two million captured and sold as slaves. For over 700 years no one lived on the Mediterranean unless in a defended walled city due to Islamic Sharia compliant slave raids. This loss of three fourths of classic Western Civilization brought about the revolving Dark Ages in Europe. The intellectual capital, the breadbasket Egypt, about three quarters of the people and land, and the cheap water transportation were assets all stripped from Western Civilization’s control in about 80 years.
    Julin’s love of Western Civilization and its connection to a philosophy that did not, when applied as it was meant, did not intentionally slaughter all that they conquered who resisted. That or complete slaughter of the men and most old people and children was the way of many conquerors back then. The Bantu conquered Central then Southern Africa. Europe was a land that was constantly attacked in its entire history. I have had similar conversations with brainwashed no-minds. They feel they are right. They feel that the white man has wronged them. For most all of them I have John Galted it concerning them, and I used to do great benefits across all groups with my time and ideas and educating people on important matters. I used to enjoy it greatly. I empathize with Julin in some ways. I had an early love of Physics. It is the science of what exists. I was confronted by those who felt wronged and were recruiting to do violence on this nation. As a just entered Freshman I publicly argued against an SDS Weatherman (Who much later had Obama in his home for his first State Senate Campaign Fundraiser) and no one joined him from my school that night to change America by violence, which is what he had argued was the only way.
    A mob has no need of Physics.

    CARP! This went way too long again. Do with it as you will.

    • WayneM

      Always enjoy reading your posts, NotYetInACamp…

      • NotYetInACamp

        Thank you. I still talk too much, and I am trying to better learn when to be silent. It has value also.

        • Kafiroon

          Good one NYIC.
          Although the whole thing comes down to his saying he loved white people.
          That is a mortal sin.

        • John

          Try breaking it up into smaller chunks.
          It will read easier and focus your thoughts.

          • JTC

            Or not. Stream of consciousness and “clunky syntax ;)” are NYIAC’s hallmark and greatest attraction. Wouldn’t change a thing, unless Chris comes along singing “Tighten Up!” which he has occasionally done with NotYet and eon…and me.

    • Punta Gorda

      “identitarian”… I like that, good moniker’

      • John

        Tim Pool over on You Tube has been using the term for some time.
        I wonder just how long it will take for the public to equate “identitarian” with its broader connotation “bigot”.

    • GWB

      It’s more properly…
      If the law is on your side, pound the law. If the facts are on your side, pound the facts. If neither are on your side, pound the table.
      The idea being that argumentation, rhetoric, and vile emotion might yet sway a jury.

      • Fronk!


    • GWB

      You scream value tinged words of the time that are meant to dismiss any discussion with the opposition
      Because it is a religion. Specifically a cult. And we are all heathens or apostates, and must be shamed or hectored into submitting to their god and her priests.

    • Pamela

      NYIAC… If I were still able to have children and single. Mmmm.

      A mob has need of causing damage, mayhem and the administration of the constant state of fear. They revel in the application of Chaos theory.

      • John

        Which just goes to show how brainless they are.
        Chaos always has unintended consequences.

    • John

      BTW I think that’s FrankFURT school.

    • pyrodice

      The way the numbers work, the average IQ is 100. This is just a tautology, because they basically DEFINED 100 as the average. “A 3-digit IQ” is expected to describe half of all people.

    • JJ cooper

      Your mastery of the English language is without peer. Bravo!

  • interventor

    Not a particularly nice person. However, use duckduckgo, if you must, to find more info.

    • Wood

      I also advocate duck duck go. It’s unfortunate that “to search the Internet” has been defined as “google”. It may actually perform the best, but I won’t use it or it’s other products including android os.

      Google is Skynet.

      • Punta Gorda

        Concidering that AI has been developed that is starting to show signs of intuitive processes in its machine learning… you might be right.

        • John

          If we’re lucky it will first turn on its Masters.

  • Bill G

    Duckduckgo or Startpage; goofball only for something obscure. You’re not paranoid if they are out to get you, or even just following you around.

    • Bill G

      And of course every time I go to Duckduckgo, it reminds me of The Duck, and I do love Mr. Tinsley’s Mallard Fillmore.

      • kadaka

        “it reminds me of The Duck”


  • Tagg

    Since I dont watch fake news anymore I dont stay abreast of the doings of the left fringe. This one flew right over my head without my glimpsing even as much as its underbelly.

  • Browncoat

    So some kid goes on a drunken rant about being sick and tired of being held responsible for all the world’s woes because he’s white and is tired of the whole “white privilege’ thing. Says nothing to demean other races. Does not shriek, poke, prod, hit, slap, shove, point, or speak anything racist, just stands up for the white guy for a change.

    CNN pulls clips out of context, broadcasts them as ‘white Columbia student screams racist tirade as other ‘students of color’ just stand around…’ Riiiiiight.

  • JTC

    If Google is Skynet I don’t think it will let you Duck it for long before it owns it and you.

  • billrla

    O.K., I’ll admit it. I got a graduate degree from Columbia, albeit, 30 years ago. I receive the Columbia Alumni Magazine. Every month, it’s another for-real parody of everything leftist, multiculti, globalist, climate changey (hotter; colder; doesn’t matter. It’s all bad and caused by bad people). Plus, social justice, racial equality, gender whatever, ethnic wonderfulness, smiling Muslims, a New York City-scape cartoon always featuring a schlumpy, harmless-looking older man wearing a kippa (yarmulke, i.e., Jewish headcovering, to check the “inclusive” box), plus, repeated exhortations about diversity, tolerance, inclusion and Bad Trump. And, of course, the obligatory article or factoid about the “gun violence epidemic.” That, and a request for donations. Because, after all, who wouldn’t want to support all that goodness?

    • JJ cooper

      SCHLUMPY??? harmless ok, but SCHLUMPY??

  • JTC

    Today is wifey and my 47th anniversary and I was going to say something about how suddenly the last decade has passed and link something I said about it back then at the old blog. I’ll still do the link later but reading this post and comments has me reconsidering the decade thing, as it seems in some ways this one has been a very very long one.

    The three decades since 1980 were definitely tumultuous with the years of Reagan/Bush, Clinton, and even Bush II representing radical differences, change and tragedy. But the most recent one has surpassed all of them in terms of our internal decay and division…racism, classism, sexism, socialism and every other nasty ism have increased by an order of magnitude and are more destructive than all of the challenges of the prior decades combined. And you know who was intentionally grounding the ship of state in that period. Certainly he was/is the puppet of an unseen great evil, but the Obama years saw many years of internal healing and relative peace devolve into BLM’s and Blue Lines, and Pussy Hats and PoundMe’s and Riots, and more.

    The explanation is simple and scary. It was intentional. And the purpose is our demise, accomplished through apocalytic war with the soldiers of those various social isms, who themselves are expendable, useful idiots. Leaving utopia for the godhead whoever/whatever that may be…and I sure don’t think it’s the O or even the Beast.

    Stories like this kid will continue as anyone who dares not be them must be demonized and destroyed. This dude is a dick butthat’s not their problem; he has the temerity to be a white dick, and that makes all the difference.

    My response is whenever possible to take the rants of the “oppressed” and repeat them word for word but replacing all of the racial/sexual/political descriptors with their opposites. Change this whole story around in that way and watch the difference in how it is received…his racist nationalist nazi attacks would suddenly be standing up and clapping back and bravely defending his heritage and differentness. They won’t get the irony, they never do, but it does give some self-satisfaction to prove in their own words that all of their rhetoric…all of it…is exactly what they claim to come from us.

    Anyway. Little 2008 anniversary link later.

    • Pamela

      Congratulations to you and your good Lady

      • JTC

        Thank you ma’am, congratulations to your husband and his good Lady as well. 🙂

    • Swansonic

      Congrats to you and yours, JTC!

    • Deplorable B Woodman

      Congratulations! Mazal tov! Cheers! Hip! Hip! Hooray!

  • Pamela

    How fast would the Educational Institutions change their collective tunes should donations, funding and endowments vaporize into nothingness? Instead of Vaporous indoctrination, funds were reallocated into STEM programs sans the nut fluff classes and Skilled Trades.

  • Old Codger

    “We built the modern world … Europeans built the modern world. We invented science and industry, and you want to tell us to stop because, ‘oh my God we’re so bad.’”

    “we invented the modern world. We saved billions of people from starvation. We built modern civilization.”

    “The white people are the best thing to ever happen to the world.”

    Those are Julian von Abele’s actual words (at least so far as I can tell). Every one of his propositions is not only arguable but relatively easily defended using the facts available to anyone online. Hell, I once stopped when a group of Hispanic teenagers stood in somebody’s front yard yelling “Bolillo! Bolillo!” (It refers to a type of yeast leavened roll and means “white bread”) which is a more insulting term than “gringo”. I stopped my car; got out; stood in front of them and said, “Yes, I’m a bolillo and I’m proud of it! My people built the world!
    Q: What is the dominant language in the world today?
    A: English
    Q: What is the dominant religion in the world today?
    A: Christianity – as defined and refined by Europeans.
    Q: Who invented or developed or made practical VIRTUALLY ALL the government forms in use today?
    A: Europeans
    I continued to address the fact that science was invented by Europeans Christian theologians looking for insight into the nature and person of the Creator. The technology we all enjoy was developed (for the most part) by European Americans. Airplanes? European Americans. (and mostly by NORTHERN Europeans)

    Those. Are. FACTS! I do not think any racial/ethnic group is superior to any other; but facts are facts. The fact is – for good or ill – my people built the world; at least as we know it today.

    (Unfortunately, if I published something along these same lines pretty much on any other forum I would be roundly castigated and utterly vilified and I would be summarily and permanently banned from that forum.

    • Old Codger

      I knew that, Oh bard. But thanks. Wonder how long before they start censoring anything and everything conservative or libertarian. You GOTTA know its coming. And I just found out my pacemaker is a good bet to get me into 2030.

      You are the best, Mr Muir. You ARE the best Merry and Happy.

  • Here say what you will

    • JJ cooper

      How I wish I could.

  • JTC

    ‘Nother decade done come and gone and it was a doozy…but the things in this post from the old dead blog ten years ago today are still true and real. When it comes down to it, that’s all that matters, we survived marriage by marriage and house by house, and now that it’s over we have another chance in the next decade to undo some of the damage done and keep America great for our kids to have a shot. Guessing this one will be my last so I hope and pray that we can do it for them.

    • Punta Gorda

      I can think of a LOT of things I should have done differently 37 years ago…. but then I wouldn’t be me now. Might have even wound up dead. In hindsight, some of those decisions were eerily precient, if not downright spooky in how they turned out for the better with me not being there. You may miss the one you thought you should have married… but in the long run, she might have turned out to be a nut case.

    • JJ cooper

      My honeybun and I have survived over 62 years of marriage and are hoping for many more. Neve say die, JTC.( fromJJC)

  • Delilah T

    I’m seeing some of the strangest things possible because of the internet. The most recent is a “professor” (I use that term loosely) at Clemson University (used to be a high end school) who wants the entire human race to be extinct so that animals can live. He’s serious. This isn’t even the Warmunistas or the braindead nutballs on the left. It’s mass slaughter he’s talking about.

    Didn’t we have something like that happen 100 years ago? 80++ years ago? 75+/- years ag0? 43 years ago? Or was that all just something that happened in a book?

    A good number of people responded to his notion by saying “You first”.

    The ‘net may be a zoo full of pooh-flinging idiots, but it’s best WE know who these idiots are. And they WANT us to know about them. They are loud and impatient and aggressively assertive that WE know all about them.

    Just make sure you have a spot to back into when they go thundering by headlong into their own destruction.

    • eon

      I’ve come to the conclusion that “progressives” are only authoritarians to the extent that they need absolute control to get their nihilism on. They are as eschatological as the mullahs in Iran and are just as obsessed with bringing about the end of the world.

      Just like the millennialist cults that believed the world would end in 1000 AD, and at the end of every century since then (their last outing was the Y2K scare), they dream of being The Last Ones On Earth- and then obliterating themselves in an ultimate act of self-negation.

      I wish they would just do themselves in now and leave the rest of the human race alone. We have our own problems to deal with and serious business to conduct, and these dimwits are just making it harder for everybody else.

      clear ether


      • interventor

        The Persians mullahs are more into corruption — wealth. They confiscated the villas of the previous elites who fled the country. Then, the companies they left behind. Problem is they are incompetent in running such. But, Allah help you if you complain, One construction company controlled by a mullah has a miserable record. But, complain and you’ll be hung from a crane. Think, Venezuela with walking bedsheets.

  • kadaka

    12:13AM EST, an hour past usual update time, still nothing new.

    The black suits got Chris.

    • JTC

      Black label maybe. Passed out at the keyboard again.

      • Pamela

        At least it’s not by my new batch of Moonshine Vanilla

  • kadaka

    Tuesday they banned bump stocks, people have until late March to get rid of them.

    CM doing something other than updating the site right now which might involve shoveling.

    I wonder how many “red flag” alerts are going out because think someone has one of those “automatic conversion” devices?

  • Chris Muir

    When I get the toon done early, sometimes my mind says ‘we’re done’ and forgets to post the damn thing!

    • kadaka

      Set the site to automatically update, fill blank slots with a placeholder piece you’ll replace as you go along so something is going up.

    • JJ cooper

      But we need the toons!!


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