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  • Too Tall

    Someone is desperately trying to return 30 pieces of silver to the New York Slimes right about now.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Astroturf among them. What’s fair?
    Just watch them all self destruct and help them slightly along the way.
    What strong knowledgeable conviction about any values would most of the award for attendance generation have. I’ve got it! Pay them for showing up. That’s their current attendance award. Mommy and Daddy have cut off their money spigots. Some attendees comment on the line and internal theatrics and drama. And lucre passing hands.

    • NotYetInACamp

      Kavanaugh protestor receives cash.
      Caught on camera.@realDonaldTrump

      — PEACE IS THE PRIZE (@NottaLemming) September 5, 2018

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Somehow I doubt that the NYSlime hit piece was written by a Trump WH “insider”. Just someone on the outside trying to look in, and making up/throwing enough mud to make him/her/himher/it/them selves appear credible.

    BUT…….if the NYSlime hit piece WAS truly written by a WH insider, them we should all get together and throw that person a party……..a necktie party. I have my Bureaucrat Alignment Kit. Some assembly required.

  • Fair? Fair? They lost. OMG, that’s not fair! They are supposed to be the be all and end all of everything. Nothing else is “fair”…

  • JTC

    So anonymouse wants to thwart my President, and therefore thwart me?

    Can’t spell “thwart” without “war” you little bitches. Keep it up.

    • PaulS

      Me sense you a little perturbed. 😉

      Enjoy their insanity on display, MaObama lead to Trump, this may lead to a congress full of Trumpsters. Oh My! 🙂

    • JJ cooper

      Very well put.

  • Halley

    Neither the phrasing, wording, tone nor attitude of the supposed “oped” feel anything like authentic. An obvious head-fake, and someone – on one side of the Potomac or the other – is playing games here, for what purpose I can’t yet fathom. The coming of the Big Ugly seems to be the motivating force behind all that is happening, though.

  • Bill G

    Steady State, indeed. All of that ilk are doing all that they can to try to assure that government of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite does not vanish from the present Halls of Power on the Potomac.

  • Paladin

    Trump has to purge some of the “Deep State” ASAP. I want some scalps.
    They are not as bright as they think they are, maybe some “Honey Traps”. Gawd I wish he had a Federal Prosecutor he could trust to get the job done.

    • JTC

      If there is a true inside source, that Federal Prosecutor is in the running to be it. Sessions has been from the beginning and continues to be Trump’s biggest -and in spite of Anonymouse’s protestations only- major mistake, IMO. Sorry to him if I am wrong but my always very reliable pawn-dar leads me to dislike and distrust that little troll.

  • Tagg

    A true and faithful deep state would be spying on the state to be sure that the state stayed true to the people and thier intended missions. These self important twits seek to protect their clandestine government from the will of the people. They are the enemy of the state.

    • PaulS

      Hear here!

    • Henry

      Yeah, just like the “Second Foundation.” And we who read all the sequels know how well that turned out.

      Asimov was such a state worshipper. His postmortem collaborators had a much more accurate understanding of the workings of power.

      • JJ cooper

        But you must understand that Mr. Asimov, like me, was brought up in a time when we believed in our government. Being in the eighties, as Asimov was and I am (talking years of age here) we had an entirely different way of seeing our government.

  • Delilah T

    Bob Woodward’s new literary effort is full of quotes attributed to Anonymous, who seems to get around a lot, lately. How convenient is it that this “Anonymous” author’s article appears in the NYT within a few short days of the release of Woodward’s book “Fear:”?

    Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    But stay aware of these things. And find a way to read the NYT “op-ed”, which someone has said may/may not be the work of Ryan Zinke, without paying NYT for the privilege.

    What happened to the real journalists? Are these people so desperate to live in a dictatorship that they will stoop this low?

    • PaulS


    • WayneM

      Real journalists are a modern day fable; like the unicorn of yore. The closest thing to journalists in the real world are independent bloggers & vloggers who are open about their biases.

    • Halley

      One has suspected, for many decades, that over the entrance of every journalism school hangs an ominous sign admonishing “Abandon All Conscience, Ye Who Enter Here”.

      • gruundehn

        Decades ago, when journalism was a craft, reporters were working class and reflected working class values and interests. Now reporters go to “journalism school” and are part of the elitists, or at least want to be part of the elitists, and are the mouthpieces for the elitists. Who needs a college degree to ask questions and do research anyway?

        • John

          Then what is needed is an on-line school of journalism that can do the training needed without the ludicrous cost. The graduates would not be beholden to the powers that be and the real cream would be allowed to rise to the top, albeit very likely not in the traditional press.

  • Bill

    Sedition. ‘Nuff said. Sic ‘em.

  • Pamela

    When I heard about the book and article, my first thought was the Donald is being gaslighted and there is no insider. His buttons are being pushed like an old squeeze box and is getting played.

    • S C Hooks

      Yep. This is basic CIA style agitprop.

  • Grunt GI

    Heh, it is almost like a disinformation campaign to distract from news like this:

    If this had happened while Barrackus Obamas I was President the NYTWAPONBCBSABC would want to make him President for Life…BUT because it’s under Trump’s watch we need to distract with ANOTHER made up scandal.

    Chances are this “senior source” is some disgruntled GS-13 who’s the shop steward for the local AFGE.

    OH, so important question for Mr. Muir.

    Are there going to be any more toons posted to the TIME AFTER TIME site or are ALL DBD related toons going to post here?

    • Chris Muir

      Time after Time toons will be integrated into DBD’s timeline-kinda how ‘Redline’ adventures were done a few years ago-but ALL TAT toons will be archived, along with all of Redvolution on the TAT site. DBD archives, with the TAT embedded toon, remain the same.

      You can also click on the TAT toon in the DBD timeline here and it will take you to the TAT site, or click on the TAT button to go there to view the TAT archive.

      • Grunt GI

        Wooohooo. Thanks

    • Delilah T

      I checked that unemployment rate reference to see if NYT was one of the news feeds that carried it. No, not at all.

      Market Watch has a good report on it, too, not paywalled, here:

      It is possible that it may approach the 1968 level, as well. If so, it will happen on Trump’s watch, and NYT knows it. They will continue to ignore good news in their attempts to drag dTrump through their Bog of Stench. Well, good luck to them, if so.

      The timing of the news release on Woodward’s book and the next bit of fluff in the form of the NYT op-ed “article” is rather obvious. I’m happy to say they just aren’t very good at hiding their shenanigans. I”m sure that the guy who runs NYT tries to look as guileless as a 5-year-ole caught in pilfering from the cookie jar.

  • interventor

    I would not put it above the NYT to inventing their insider resistor.

  • John

    I fear that some unsuspecting gofer in the White House is going to get axed because of this article.
    Scott Addams, who has some experience in the corporate world, described the NYT screed as business as usual. It’s common for the staff to edit what comes before the boss before he can see it. It’s a form of stupidity control, or so the staff thinks.
    The problem is, in this case, the staff is completely clueless as to how the POTUS thinks and will handle the information, because DJT is a Master Persuader and they aren’t.

    • interventor

      Most of the editing I experienced in DoD was to ensure accuracy, eliminate typos and check grammar. Attached would be notes from staff agreeing or disagreeing with the conclusions.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Here’s a thought to give you pause:

    And we continue to trust the FiBbIes (the upper “leadership”, anyway)……….why?

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