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  • Brown rage, or whatever color the muzzies are.

    Every mediot report says how many thousand are being airlifted out every day and in cumulative, haven’t yet said how many are Americans…I mean actual Americans.

    And green rage, or whatever color the swamp-dwellers are.

    • interventor

      A number of the Afghanis have quite light complexions.

      • JTC

        That’s just the skin though…real racism -hate- is irrelevant to that.

    • OldGoat36

      According to a Newsmax report only 4407 were stated to be Americans by the State Department.

      They are leaving thousand of Americans behind.

      And “Dr. Jilly Biden is behind Dementia Joe sticking with the Taliban deadline dictates. I’m sure Milley can get a few medals out of this action.

      • Punta Gorda

        Also, if you read between the lines, they’re already preparing the “The victims never registered with the embassy” excuse for when the blood-bath begins.

    • Punta Gorda

      About 7% are actual citizens from what I’m hearing.

    • DeeKayT

      Yeah, and I’m wondering how many terrorist cells are getting a free ride and admission to the US. What kind of vetting process is in place?

      • OldGoat36

        There is no vetting. There was talk about sending the border patrol to Afghanistan to vet people, but I just don’t see that happening. Texas has already had “refugees” brought there.

        Given the lies that are typical of the State Department and this regime I expect that when truth comes out it will be far worse numbers than they are saying now.

  • William Henry

    Enemies Domestic in a group.

  • Crotalus

    Yep. I saw one taliban fighter look like he came from Northern Europe.

    • JTC

      And quite a number of “white ragers” right here are a lot darker than hybrid Barry there, skin-wise.

      Now that’s racism, as referenced above.

      • John

        I presume one of those you mention is the future governor of the late great state of California.

        • We should always respect our Elders…

  • Too Tall

    Nicely done, Chris.

    Perhaps the single most accurate and comprehensive depiction of our disfunctional government available in ANY media to date.

  • Kafiroon

    Saw a comment just a bit ago that was supposedly made from Government sources. The suggestion was just short of 7,000 US Citizens. Too tired to remember which one of numerous sites in the last 2 hours. I figure that comment is no worse than what Joe Blow and PisHacki put out.

  • JTC

    So is the “sniff” the same as the “sob” in this little vignette or do we have dope in the ranks of our yellow badged generals to worry about too?

    Talk about your white rage.

    • UBUIBME-PaulS

      The “snif” was Joe leaning in… 😉

  • Reports I’ve heard say the State Dept. HAS NO CLUE how many Americans are in-country, let alone Kabul. Glenn Beck’s Nasarine fund collected 28 million in donations, to fly Christian’s out, to safe countries, NOT to US, fighting our Govt. Every step of the way, and managed to get over 700 out so far…people who faced death from the Taliban for their Faith. Govt. approvals and permissions are more of a problem than the Taliban.

    • John

      In one form or another the greatest impediment to our Lives Liberties and our Pursuit of Happiness is Government. God only knows how many lives have been lost just because of the “legal” war against nuclear power if only by denying us clean safe cheap and abundant power. Or the creation of the Federal Reserve that robs us of our hard earned wealth by watering down our money. And let’s not get started on “nation building”.
      Proper government should be relegated to refereeing between the differences among people, not used as a cudgel against those you don’t like or have what you want or, especially, have what you don’t have.
      And note that it is never subtle. Government’s only tool is force, and is a hammer in search of a nail.

  • James/G

    There has been a report that the Taliban have engaged in Necrophilia. Also, these freaks are going house to house, demanding each house surrender a woman to them… Actually, a ‘marriageable’ female. That’s right, ages 10 to 20, wome and young girls being gathered up for rape.

    Us Troops have started leaving, under the orders of Biden-Harris. Before all the civilians have been evacuated.

    Come September 1st, the Democrats will have to abandon Biden-Harris.

  • 2 U.S. Reps. (1 R and 1 D, both vets) secretly flew in to Kabul w/o the Whitehouse knowing to get the real scoop. Admin is p.o.’d. They say we can’t get out by 9/11 much less by 8/31.

  • James/G

    Yeah, back on like the second day of this dementia-driven disaster, I said October 21st to the 31st.

    Someone elsewhere asked why no news blackout. CNN, MSNBC, every MSSM news franchise is blasting the Biden-Harris Administration out of the water. That’s how bad it is.

  • Halley

    The New Normal: criticizing the Junta, mocking the Junta, condemning the Junta – but accepting the permanence of the Junta.

    Is this what the MAGA Army has been reduced to? and why are we still being kept in the dark about what’s REALLY going on behind the curtains? I’m about to bail on it all, it’s too sickening…

  • Jim Smith

    FUNNY. Good one, Chris!

  • Jon

    Pull on Milley’s Ranger “tab”, and a clown pops out.

  • Ol' county boy

    I might have misunderstood today’s cartoon conversation. However, the yellow badge historically was a yellow star of David, and was how Jews were identified in national socialist Germany. A badge of hatred. The yellow ribbon was used in these United Stated as a symb0l of love and support for the American Cavalry. Even today, the cavalry wears a yellow scarf, Artillery a red scarf and infantry a blue scarf. These scarves are all symbols of honor.

    • No honor in this yellow ribbon though OCB…

      The color of cowardice, so appopriate to hang on Millie there.

      And speaking of hanging, I am reminded of how fresh manila rope has that pretty yellow-orange color and can look like ribbons hanging from that ole’ oak tree at a distance,..come closer, y’all!

      And then your badge will be appropriate, for your cowardice and your affiliations.

    • Henry

      I suspect yellow was chosen for its cultural significance, not its military one.

  • Pamela

    Put the Word Out to all Reps and Senators.

    • John

      Sadly, what we will get instead will be US citizens wandering out of the wilderness decades after this fiasco like Japanese soldiers wandering out of the jungles of the Philippines with stories that could curdle your blood.

  • Halley

    Re the military – PDT explicitly and repeatedly claimed that he had rebuilt the US military “stronger than ever before”…. and yet we witness how, within mere weeks after the Crime of the Century, the supposedly stronger-than-ever MAGA military is reduced to a pathetic, impotent gang of feminist/BLM lapdogs.

    One of these scenarios is unreal. Is it PDT’s?

    • cb

      Job number one is sequencing. Afgan sequence wasn’t rocket science. 1. Identify & evacuate all noncombatants. 2. Remove or destroy all equipment. 3. Redeploy combatants. The only way to screw it up had to be intentional – imo.

    • Kafiroon

      They have to obey orders. Remember the ROE that had our people having to not fire until fired upon? Then they were not to fire if the enemy dropped their weapon. Political Correctness and Zero eliminating any actual warfighters from the military higher commands also results in poor situational response.

      • cb

        Exactly. While the ‘other side’ has but one ROE: Win!

  • Hotrod Lincoln

    I seem to remember a US Army unit that was forced to wear a yellow shoulder patch for 100 years for cowardice in battle. It’s time to apply the same identifier to our “executive” branch- – – – -maybe yellow robes for all of them to wear? The tree of liberty is dying of thirst- – – -it’s far past the time to serve up some “refreshment” to keep it alive!

    • the Chicken of Depression

      The pics of her in that getup made me think of Marlon Brando in “the island of Dr. Moreau”

      • Henry

        I think she just dropped her hand-bell.

        • Mike-SMO


          Good observation. The list of meds that cause photosensitivity is endless. But one interesting possibility is HCQ (hydroxychloroquine). I wonder if they visited the Obama estate.

          The Afghanistan situation is probably similar to that of Chicago or Baltimore. The U.S. was trying to install a corrupt government that gave generous kickbacks. That would explain Pakistan which operates on the same principle. The Taliban were local a$$holes with a home field advantage. “A$$holes, but they are our a$$holes”. They are only distinctive to the West. I’d bet that locally, they are just another tribal warlord operation. And, Hey! They are only taking the girls while most local “Bigs” will take boys who do not have a tribal defender. “Bachi Bazi”, I think is the term. “Dancing Boys”.

          As far as abandoning “Americans” after the Fall, that is probably Corruptocrat discipline (Win, or be left for the wolves.).

    • Yes I said yesterday she is for all intents and purposes, dead.

      So the head of the line is the Ho?

      No, it’s the Mo. So appropriate in name and affiliation.

      Can you imagine? That will be the end of this Republic…

      Maybe the start of the new one, if Halley is wrong upthread. CRA?

      Right now I can’t say either way, but I am seriously inclined to join him in his bailout from this new normal…and his heartsick suspicions.

      As to whether Brother Golden Hair’s claims about his military’s readiness was right or just strategic rhetoric (I think both), absolutely the fast and furious infiltration and subversion of it now certainly is. from against his will.

    • JTC

      Nice piece well-written and culturally correct…

      But fatally flawed at the end. The kings/queens, witches and criers inherit all the coins…but can’t find anything or anyone to buy with them. Like witches, warlocks, and their acolytes before them, they will wither and die.

      Fatally flawed. Can’t believe that wasn’t the fairy-tale lesson for the book.


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