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  • formwiz

    What, nothing about devil worship, flights to Sex Slave Island for Hilly as well as Willie, the pedophile blackmail ring?

  • Pamela

    Strictly for discovery purposes, I would have reviewed and cataloged every topic listed in the emails.

  • eon

    On the one hand, Weinerschnitzel’s best bet is to turn state’s evidence on Hillary to avoid spending 10-to-20 in Attica with a 300-pound, HIV-positive Devil’s Disciple named Tiny for a roommate.

    On the other, doing that to Hillary might result in him being dropped off at the State AG’s office in twenty-seven separate Mason Jars. Along with a flash drive of his vocalizations as he was “canned” while still semi-conscious.

    clear ether


    • Brasspounder

      Fearless prediction: unlike Agent Sandusky’s blunt statement to Ben in National Treasure, no one has to go to prison. Obama will issue blanket pardons to Her Heinous and the whole sordid crew to facilitate “national healing” and the media will unanimously declare that it’s time to Move On, dot org.

      • Interventor

        For federal offenses, only.

    • Pamela


      That new roommate of Tony’s you are describing reminds me of the guy they busted at the meth lab down the block in 2000. He was running a string of under aged runaways as hookers once the kids were hooked on tweak. Anyone making kiddie porn needs to die horribly.

    • Deplorable Old Codger

      If you truly believe that then I have some prime bottom land for you just 3 short miles from Miami’s most popular beaches. Cash only, please, and in small, unmarked bills. 😉

    • Blake, I’m with the old codger there. It’s not that she’s not at fault; both she and that thing she’s legally attached to are in it up to their eyelids. It’s just this has gone beyond simple law enforcement into the Twilight Zone.

      I’m as stultified by all of this as anyone else, but I have enough sense to get out of the way, up on the hillside out of the path of these creatures and watch to see how long it takes them to self-destruct.

      Just get out of their way and let them roll off the cliff they created for themselves. And for God’s sake, don’t draw their attention!

  • Pete231

    AW will be a big hit once he starts wearing “state issue”. Best he head to Costco for bulk orders of Depends and Prep H for the Shawshanking coming his way……

    • thundercloud65

      They’re gonna just LOVE him in prison.

  • Deplorable Old Codger

    I figure IF Weenie goes to jail it won’t be any place where he’d have to worry about having “a 300-pound, HIV-positive Devil’s Disciple named Tiny for a roommate.” Nope. He’ll most likely be sent someplace like where Martha Stewart or Chuck Colson went. Not a resort community by any means but far from being like Attica.

    • eon

      I’m assuming that NY state will end up with him, rather than the U.S. Attorney, due to most of his actually verifiable offenses being purely in-state violations of NY statutes. Hence the NY state system rather than Club Fed.



  • Deplorable B Woodman

    “Rachael MadCow? She has nothing on you.”
    “Awww. How sweet.”

    Methinks Skye is not up on the subtle art of satire.
    And it should be Sam saying a variation of that Southern-ism, “Bless her heart”.

    • Deplorable Old Codger

      Hey! She’s doubtless seen more than a couple of the things so maybe, to her, all “members” DO look alike.

    • Cliff H

      I am reminded of the euphamism that was popular in the old west where it was suspected a girl was not a virgin: “She has seen the elephant.”

      • Pamela

        I remember being told to watch out getting bit by the one eyed snake.

  • Deplorable Old Codger

    Just ran across this on David Codrea’s “War On Guns” blog. World Net Daily is reporting that both Weenie AND Huma have flip and are now cooperating with NYPD.
    Here’s the link:

    Apparently Huma was afraid of winding up in prison herself. Anybody else heard anything about this?

  • “See one, seen ’em all, am I right?”

    Nope. Obsessive-compulsive sexual image-aggregating tends to produce huge volumes of material, and with Wiener manifesting interest about underaged sexual partners (masculum et feminam creavit eos) in Lolita Island, the contects of that hypothetical thumb-drive-gone-astray might well be far more horrendous. Not even CNN will be able to choke it down.

  • LifeofTheMind

    In the federal prison system as long term prisoners come up for release they go through a readjustment process where they are moved to less rigid conditions. People are not released from maximum security directly into society if they can be moved to medium and then minimum security. That means that if you are residing in the Danbury Country Club you may find yourself sharing a room with Tiny.

    • Grape

      Cruel and usual punishment.

      • MasterDiver

        Well, tell Tiny we’re sorry, but Wiener’s cell was the only one with an extra bunk.

        Zar Belk!

  • Bill G

    As the Hildabeast’s bestie, Huma is in place to be tossed first to the wolves, er, prosecutors.
    “Seen one, seen ’em all” … Skye, you’re looking for love in all the wrong ways.

    • Grunt GI


    • WayneDeplorable

      I was thinking much the same… and I would rather see Sam and Skye with nothing on them than Rachel Madden… just saying…

      • Grunt GI

        Very, very true

  • NotYetInACamp

    During the Bolshevik Revolution the military cadets in Russia’s capitol were the only real opposition to the capture of Saint Petersburg. The cadets almost succeeded in defeating the Bolsheviks.
    There were at least 5000 armed retired police and military in the capitil. The Bolsheviks agreed that all of them could keep their guns and be left alone if they did not join the cadets. After the Bolsheviks won, they issued a directive for all of those who did not join the fight to bring in their funs to register them. As the retired officials arrived at the registration areas, they were relieved of their weapons and taken out and killed.

    We now have those similar people here engaging in the sodt counter coup against the soft coup that has been in place.
    We have more than enough people to win this internet coup and information war. We don’t want to get to the next part which we will win, but at a great

    Interesting times, and great times.

  • Spin Drift

    Is November the month to remember your member? Me, I’m going on a bender while I render my thirst to a bartender.

    War Damn Screaming Eagle

  • Swansonic

    OT but I heard this today on CBS radio news.

    After finding 20 or so radical muslims in its army Germany is looking a its defense regulations after a rise in people wanting to join the army for a few months and get weapons training. They are proposing more strict vetting of applicants to the army to try to prevent jihadists from joining….

    starting next July….

    Glad they are seeing the urgency of the problem…

  • Interventor

    Huma should be concerned. Not only from Arkancide, but Jehadim. They dislike failure.

  • Sunshine in the mailbox today* Chris, thank you.

    BUT I got two identical packages…kind of a double-down. Should I send one back? I mean people love this stuff and I don’t want somebody to get left out.

    *3 days for 100 mile mail delivery…reminds me of this flashback from ’09:

    Looks like I was just about right, if anything 0-care is even worse than the other quasi-gov boondoggles.

  • Too Tall


    Received your package in the mail. Thank you. The BBQ smoke scent is good enough to make the padded envelope almost edible. As for the toothpicks; I probably need a little more fiber in my diet anyway. All of which pales compared to the artwork.

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