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  • kadaka

    “We are the government. We were defending our own integrity as we were sworn to do.”

    • WayneM

      The British comedy “Yes, Prime Minister” has an interesting take on the role of government…

      • Sam

        Now that’s funny. Accurate, but funny.

    • Punta Gorda

      Integrity is a foreign concept to them.

  • Simply amazing.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    “Not IN ’60Minutes’ ”

    Maybe he could try to explain FOR 60 Minutes while tap-dancing at the end of a noose necktie.

  • Toxic Deplorable B Woodman

    “Brave bureaucrats” ……….now THERE’S an oxymoron.

    • WayneM

      An oxymoron about ox-like morons…

      • Old Codger

        Those who can, do.
        Those who can’t, teach.
        Those who don’t want to go into civil service so they don’t have to.

        How many civil servants have you met who were either?

        Q: What do you call 500 bureaucrats scheduled for execution?
        A: Too little, too late.
        Q: what do you call a thousand bureaucrats scheduled for execution?
        A: A start. Not an especially good start, mind you, but it would be a start.

    • PaulS

      More like polymorons, or perhaps megamorons, though I feel like I may be insulting morons.

      • Old Codger

        You are but they won’t understand it. 😉

  • Calvin

    This whole thing sounds like a second rate script in Hollyweird. The kind of script that nets $200 million. Speaking of movies and plotlines, didn’t James Bond take out a corrupt government official to get his 007 license? Talking about the Daniel Craig bond. Apparently he had to remove three people to earn a license to kill and I think the last was a government official. If only….

  • Pamela

    He would have time to explain on his journey through the Nine Circles of Hell.
    I wonder where he would get tripped up on his visit.
    He’s done Fraud and Treachery already.

  • Pete231

    So, he claims his ends justifies his means. Just like the Nazis said at Nuremberg…. Get a fucking rope now !……

  • Tagg

    “We made up a big lie about duly elected President Trump colluding with the Rusdians to steal the election. Therefore, we were justified in trying to entrap him in a 25th amendment situation to be rid of him.” Why the hell is this man and his cohorts not dangling on the end of a rope in a prominent public place?

    • Old Codger

      I don’t watch 60 Minutes. Did he actually come out and say that?

      • Tagg

        No. Its a synopsis of all the pablum coming out of the mouths of the collective left. McCabe justifying his sedition based on Trump/Russia collusion, which he damn well had to know was total bullshit.

      • Punta Gorda

        60 minutes still exists?

        • kadaka

          So does 48 Hours, the show that CBS was too lazy to rename after completely redoing the premise. Maybe they could do “60 Minutes Mystery” and see what happens with the ratings then.

  • Bill G

    The left is getting ever more blatant in showing that the Rule of Law is gone from this land, and that they hold the reins of power in the Injustice Department.

  • PaulS

    A little off topic, but in the injustice realm: A famous guy stages a hate crime, basically implicating MAGA supporters as being racistbigothomophobes and somehow is seen as the good guy.

    In a sane world he would be seen as the perpetrator of a felony for conspiracy against lawful citizens to defraud law enforcement, publicly disgraced, and thrown in prison for enough time that he would understand why it was a bad thing to do. Oh, and his assets could be distributed equally among those he accused, it’s only about half the country after all.

    • kadaka

      Progressive media and politicians: There is no room for racism in this country!

      Also Progressive media and politicians: Yeah! Down with whitey!

      • NotYetInACamp

        So the Progressive media and Progressives and Democrats (Democratic Socialists) are all leaving our nation now?

        I’m OK with that.

  • Delilah T.

    1 – Some 3rd rate actor pays 2 guys to pretend they beat him up in one of Chicago’s better neighborhoods. Now he’s facing a grand jury investigation. But it’s all someone else’s fault because color!!!! (Even that wanker CNN is carrying this.)

    2 – Some WDC wanker who worked for the Feebies admits he lied under oath about dTrump, and wants you to buy his book!!! I’d borrow a copy just so I could smack him upside the head with it.

    Proverbs, 16:18, Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

    Remember that old sayng. Erosion is a natural process that attacks and destroys weak foundations and sweeps away clutter. Also, keep a weather eye on Ms. Googly-eyes AOC; she’s still hawking her Grand Plan, the Green Nude Eel, even though she took the published version off her USGOV site. It’s in the Congressional Record, because she presented it and it was properly stored. Now she’s back pedaling.

    That quote by JFK a long time ago (May you live in interesting times – not Chinese in origin) is now under way. Keep your eyes and ears open, your pantry and freezer stocked, and keep a good supply of home/castle defense stuff on hand, but out of sight. (Oh, yeah, that boating accident we had last year… lost everything.)

    • kadaka

      To be fair that was only the GND fact sheet and FAQ that was pulled, which her staff wrote up during a late-night kegger, then next day the tweets and messages started coming in and bleary-eyed staffers were all like “Whoa, who the hell clicked and put it up? Not cool, dude!”

    • JTC

      Well no ma’am on the interesting times quote…

      “…interesting times…” Great curse, and as true now as ever.

      While probably not specifically Chinese, it is likely an amalgam of some British wags use of as an ancient curse in their quotes.

      But certainly not originating with the poser JFK who did have a habit of appropriating the wise words of others and accepting attributions when assigned to him.

      That “ask not” thing? Yeah, stolen valor once again.

    • JTC

      Apparently written by the PR firm for USPS.

      Key quote: “If they want to bury him they can.”

      For given value of “they”…he won’t be buried.

      I stand by my bet with Ms. Delilah to buy her a Coke if he is even taken into custody, let alone convicted and incarcerated. I hope she doesn’t try to pay off with a Pepsi (the official cola of hopey changey), as I gather she is a denizen of Mordor By The Lake herself.

    • Alan

      Better punishment for someone who thinks he’s “all that, and more” — henceforth employed only in non-speaking crowd scenes, watching the real actors.

  • kadaka

    After two years of investigations prompted by McCabe and fellow un-indicted co-conspirators, Special Prosecutor Mueller has determined the Trump campaign had actually attempted outreach to the Rushians.

    • kadaka

      The revolution is here and we have got to get it together!
      – AOC2020 campaign committee meeting

        • kadaka

          AOCMe is too young to be Prez so not VP, but the alternative is still around.

          Warren Proposes Universal Childcare Funded By ‘Ultra-Millionaire Tax’

          I was wondering why the socialists didn’t go for Basic Income for stay-at-home parents as that is work that should be recognized. But then I realized the goal is gathering the young mushy heads into centralized government-run indoctrination wards education centers to negate parental influence.

          • JTC

            Yeah I know but that effs up my dream ticket so….

            And it’s not like they let the Constitution get in their way.

        • Pamela

          Why am I flashing back to High School and the Girls Gym with that ticket. Used and not disposed of properly. *shudders*

          • kadaka

            Please remind a transwoman in a public bathroom to properly dispose of their used feminine hygiene products and report back the blast radius of the cerebral explosion. Do it for science.

  • Sarthurk

    One of my favorite “Guess Who” songs.

  • Delilah T.

    1 – Absolutely Obviously-Clueless said today that the Border Wall is like the Berlin Wall – meant to keep people out. I think she should definitely go on saying such things publicly. The more she says, the dimmer she makes herself look.

    2 – Bill Gates, in an interview, says that solar & wind are a waste of money. (He was in favor of it before; changed his mind.) He addressed the complex industrial support required to produce things we take for granted (e.g., steel, transportation, food production) and how our own industrial state is what makes the USA prosperous.

    3 – The idiot wannbeanactor in Chitown has been targeted by US Postal Inspectors and is facing some very serious charges. No, he is not going to get out of it.

    • kadaka

      3. Because the hoax letter looked like it might have a chemical or biological agent (the white powder) that’s five years federal time. And I read false police reports are a felony in Illinois iirc.

  • pyrodice

    “You guys have been saying MAGA supporters are racist for years, but this week they’ve gone from “they all look alike to me!” to “Hey, that’s that guy who plays a gay man on a black drama show I totally recognize in the dark, in Chicago”? We were supposed to buy that?”

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