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  • Ed Jones

    Shot over.

  • WayneM

    But if George Takei says mix-n-match bathrooms are a good thing, how can we object? After all, he was Sulu…

    • KNO3

      And isn’t most men in Austin women anyway?

  • SteveInCO

    Make all the stalls fully enclosed–get rid of the huge gap below the door and the narrow gaps between the door and the wall (the latter can be done by riveting a thin strip of metal on the side the door swings away from, both to the left and right). Now pervs can’t go into the other restroom just to take a peek. Problem solved.

    • interventor

      Build like the stalls at NYC Port Authority. Strong walls floor to ceiling. Strong lock on door. Kept the crime down.

    • John Greer

      The problem here is letting the predators have privacy.
      The only real solution is individually locked one person restrooms that open only into the public area.
      It’s quite doable, but not so economical as common accommodations.

      • SteveInCO

        Actually, that would be better (I was suggesting a quick retrofit). Given a blank slate, I’d even put nothing but a toilet in those individual rooms. And put the sinks out in the hallway, next to the water fountain. Why do the sinks have to be separate?

        (That would at least encourage people to wash their hands.)

      • Malatrope

        All of Montana’s rest areas are designed that way. Only about seven bathrooms easily accommodates very busy interstate traffic flow (full parking areas) – it seems the most reasonable way to do it to me.

      • Calvin

        Fire off a couple of lawsuits and maybe the solid walls and strong locks will be more economical.

    • JTC

      Totally remodel every shitter everywhere, no doubt subject to absurd standards and inspections, got it.

      So, another fucked up culture war casualty for private biz and the taxpayers, who get it shoved up their ass, as it were.

      God, it’s only a matter of time now.

      • SteveInCO

        Nope, you wouldn’t have to do that JTC. What I suggested could be a fairly cheap retrofit to the current gaps-in-stalls archtechture.

        • JTC

          Steve, with all due respect, your logical and reasonable accomodations indicate a lack of ever having dealt with gov bureaucraps like osha, ada, etc., and one can only imagine the hoops and hurdles to be created to accommodate this whole new oppressed class…

          Here’s the thing that was my actual point above: THERE’S NO SUCH FUCKING THING AS TRANSGENDER!!! It’s just another sign and step that the world is coming to an end. Mercifully it seems to me.

      • Delilah T.

        It’s how they do public restrooms in Europe, JTC. I’ve seen a few here in the USofA. It would, indeed solve some real problems.

        • JTC

          Yep, we can look to the eurotrash to see the model of our future demise. What did the USN Capt. say yesterday? Kill me now.

          • Jdberger

            Or truckstops….

            Every one I’ve ever been to has had fully enclosed stalls.

    • RooftopVoter

      Easy enough, since they are both sexes, Dad just goes in and guards the stall……………. Bring it Pedophiles, you would wish I only did a swirly on your tail.

    • then you’ll have people going in there to shoot up and OD’ing.

  • *SIGH* We have to think of this because the squeeky wheel got the grease.

    • Exactly right, cmblake6. Redo civilization because 1/4 of 1% can’t figure out they are a dude because they have a twig and berries.

      Watching the world burn day by day (no pun intended).

    • B Woodman

      And yet that squeaky wheel is soooooo small, only 3-5% MAX of all the sexual predator victim groups under discussion — the LGBT etc “gays” (who are not really so very “happy”), the transgenders and wannabees. Even under the Libtards much vaunted cries for DEMOCRACY (one voice, one vote – ptoey!), even they can’t accept that small of a minority steering the entire bus. ANd if you accept the Constitutional Representative Democracy as our supposed form of government, SHOW ME THE BASIC CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS BEING ABROGATED OR DENIED the LGBT sexual predator “special bus” load, by not allowing them into cross-gender bathrooms.

      • NotYetInACamp

        The Depressed. Why should they have a happy words? How many of them are at all happy or gay?

        Change the language toward reality. The Unhappy might also do.

      • eon

        It isn’t even the lesbian/bisexual/gay/trans crowd pushing this. As seen in NC, it is mainly sexual predators (pedophiles, in particular) who jumped on this bandwagon to obtain what amounts to a license to troll for prospects.

        The feminists are pushing this because of their intense hatred of anything which states that there is a difference between the sexes. Sorry to state, but there is in every species of mammals on this planet. (I’m not sure about some of the fish and arthropods.) Their intent is to erase all differences, essentially creating a sexless society. Please note, this is one in which males and females are indistinguishable, and their dream is one in which every male behaves like the CO of that scuttled Zumwalt in Sunday’s strip.

        So forget anyone coming to anybody’s defense when threatened by an unreconstructed barbarian; they’ll be too busy swooning and offering to surrender, up to and including dropping trou for a warm, intimate anal session. Because that is the “right”, non-judgemental, peaceful, non-aggressive, non-male way. This is the feminist definition of Utopia.

        The academics push it because of their obsession with erasing Western civilization from the face of the Earth. The principle of men and women being accepted as different is very much a part of that, specifically a Judeo-Christian part. (Greek and Roman “elites” had a different opinion, more like modern NAMBLA members- see “Nero” and “Caligula”. NB; the Roman legions had a very different opinion from those “elites”, closer to the Judeo-Chritian values- see Mithraism.) They see abolishing gender-segregated restrooms as the next beachhead in their war on everybody else.

        As for the majority of the LGBT contingent, they signed on simply to avoid being seen as “judgemental”. Because No Heavens Above, we must never be seen as THAT!

        Some of them realize they’re being used. None of them have the nerve to stand up to their “traditional allies” and say so.

        They also don’t have the nerve to say that maybe, just maybe, they have the wrong allies.

        clear ether


        • MasterDiver

          Re: more like modern NAMBLA members- see “Nero” and “Caligula”
          Don’t forget Tiberius. He had his own version of Jeff Epstein’s “Orgy Island” on Capri, where he kept numerous young boys and girls to perform a variety of sexual acts on him, and as entertainment. In his pool he kept a troop of young boys (his “minnows”) to service him while he swam. Their ultimate reward? To be thrown from the cliffs to the rock-strewn sea a thousand feet below, to ensure their silence.

          • eon

            That’s where Caligula learned it- Tiberius was his grandfather, and he raised the little bastard from age eight. To be just like him.

            He openly said, “I am nursing an asp for Rome’s bosom”.

            One pedophilic sociopath + eight-year-old-boy + ten years of training = raving schizo psychopath who damned nearly destroyed an empire. Which apparently was Tiberus’ intent all along. “Apres moi, le deluge”, 1700 years or so ahead of schedule.

            It says a lot that after Caligula, a borderline personality case like Claudius looked good to the Romans. And he didn’t even need Robert Graves’ 20th Century whitewash job.

            clear ether


      • John D. Egbert

        Agreed, over all. However, the American system of government is not and never has been a Democracy. Rather,the system of government set forth in the Constitution of the United States is a Representative Republic, and with good reason; look at what Democracy for/to the ancient Greek empire.

        • SteveInCO

          Can’t disagree. The Founders started with Rome as their model, not Athens. Then they proceeded to try to prevent what had happened to wreck the Roman Republic. Alas, they seem to have failed; we are seeing the same sort of “charismatic cult of personality” types stepping in to save us from crises caused by misgovernment, that the Romans did, and it seems to have happened more quickly for us (we can’t really know when the Republic started, as such times had become legendary by the time of our first extant sources).

  • KenH

    Stop smirking Janny
    It should get you a smack

  • Spin Drift

    Gibb’s rule 4, if I see a guy come out of the women’s room, he will be anatomically correct in short order. I bet that this would nip the problem in the bud. This only expands if good men do nothing. Speak out and this can stop here. Don’t patronize any establishment that allows this. There are more morally grounded of us than them. Take the conversation from them.

    Remember to cut to the bone

    • Cliff H

      What I was thinking. Some Daddy (like Zed) gonna catch a “guy” in the restroom with his little girls doing something other than using the facilities and he may well save the cost of gender re-assignment surgery.

  • Delilah T.

    Oh, for Pete’s sake. Have none of you ever seen ancient Roman public restrooms?
    No dividers, just sit and take your chances, and either laugh (to please the goddess Fortuna) or mouth a spell of protection and take yer chances that no live flames from methane buildup in the sewer would roast your precious pink flesh.

    • SteveInCO

      I have, actually. But don’t bring them up, because someone will come along and complain about how they were degenerate Europeans.

      Roman plumbing was continuous flow, so it’s hard to imagine methane buildup. (Also, because no water spent more than a few minutes in lead pipe it’s extremely unlikely that the lead levels in it were significant.)

    • Kafroon

      Yes, I have. Steve’s right.

    • John Greer

      More to the point the public restrooms in Rome really were “public” and behavior in them was just as well policed in them as in the out-of-doors.
      I suppose this means there are drawbacks to prudery.

      • eon

        They were patterned on the restrooms and baths used by the Legions. There’s still an extant one at Bath, England.

        One problem for NAMBLA etc. wannabees in Rome was the guy sitting next to you might just be a retired Legion pentarch. Think “Marine gunny”. Mithraist to the core.

        You come on to him, or worse a kid on the other side of you, and you’d be saying hello to Pluto, god of the underworld, before you knew what hit you.

        clear ether


  • The restrooms are NOT the heart of the problem. The Lamestream Media keeps calling this “The Bathroom” bill, in every state.
    It is not.
    This also applies to locker-rooms and showers, in every state.
    If you want to have your daughter forced to change and shower with a “Transgender” with a dick, just go along with it.
    Just sayin’…

  • Iconoclast

    As long as any male perv claiming to be female pays out of its own pocket to have its urinary discharge mechanism and associated storage glands altered to female design specs, they can use female facilities. Otherwise, they shower with the big hairy knuckle-draggers.

  • I’m laughing my ass off at many many of the responses since mine. Right on, y’all.

  • The public restrooms in hospital nursing units have been designedly “unisex” and single-occupancy (only one porcelain convenience per room) from time out of memory. Being also wheelchair-accessible, they’re large enough to allow parents to toilet their very small children easily, and readily accommodate retrofitting with drop-down diaper-changing tables.

    Male can follow female can follow disabled dude with walker can succeed mom with a toddler and nobody is shocked or dismayed or troubled at all.

  • Bill G

    No place to ‘go’ safely. Or shower. Or change. Even when laws/rules are proposed to make single use facilities available the left screams that it’s not acceptable; the precious ones need to be accepted by all as they perceive themselves, not as they are.
    The concept that the rapists and peepers will be following the precious ones around is as inconceivable to the left as the idea that a Gun Free Zone sign will be ignored by anyone.
    Too bad that San Fran Nan, her progeny, and all the rest of the female elites live in their enclaves and will not have to worry about their kiddies finding half-a-dozen large males exploring their female side when needing to ‘go’.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Boycott all who support alleged transgender access to the other sexes.

    It worked against Colonel Boycott in Ireland.

    “They” “SJW’s” Social Justice Warriors always do that against normals. They also fire normals. they also do not hire normals. SJW’s are the most discriminatory people around. They hate normals. They believe that they, as SJW’s, are engaging in the good and rightful fundamental transformation of the world. All of the Wack jobs from Communists to Muslims to Nazis to Socialists to true believers believe that they are doing good.
    There is that path again.

    • MasterDiver

      Reminds me of Babylon-5 and Psi-Cops’ attitude toward “normals: “They’re only MUNDANES!”

      • NotYetInACamp

        ‘Chekhov’ was a head Psi-Cop on Babylon 5. Which Star Trek officer outranks in the psi matter? Sulu or Chekhov?
        Maybe those wack jobs will start calling us mundanes? They hate all nt them. And they hate a lot of them, too.

  • Chris,
    LOVE the latest artwork..whoever called it body paint was, happily, not far off.

    But seriously, as a political/social observer and artist extraordinaire doesn’t this crap almost write it self?

    I mean seriously, the Maskirovka of the LOONY LEFT is absolutely stunning…and America falls for it every time. Look, the world is going to hell in a hand basket…ISIS is still growing, the Chinese and Russians are literally on the move making aggressive territorial conquests against our fading and quite frankly terrified allies and what the F–K is America talking about?


    OMG…I am stunned this is even an issue…good grief, if anyone is confused, just figure out if you pee standing or sitting…oyyyyy.

    The ability of the LOONY LEFT to make average Americans dance to their ridiculous tune is stunning…here we are with a stalled economy that could easily tip into another recession…and LGBT issues are all the media wants to talk about..if the gay left wants to make their “civil rights” stand on this issue…okay…I think the correct term is jump the shark…average Americans are not going to go quietly into the night letting grown men who say they identify as a woman use the girls locker room at the local Rec Center..

    AWW, hell, I used to tell my wife I sometimes felt like a lesbian trapped in a man’s body. 🙂

    SAD, SAD, SAD…I’m going back to my cave now…wait until the Visigoths finally come through the gates of Rome…then emerge and start rebuilding I guess.

    And in the meantime, I know for a fact I still pee standing up…not to difficult to figure that out…

  • markm

    Grunt: From what I hear, “if you pee standing or sitting” would place most of the male population of Germany and several smaller EU nations among the sitters – and the PC crowd would like to extend that here.

    • S Hooks

      There was actually a movement in Europe (Germany and, I think Denmark) a few years ago to require men to pee sitting down. It was called “Sitzpinkeln” and the men would be “Sitzpinklers”. This nonsense has even made it into the courts. (German court rules that men can urinate while standing –

  • Pamela

    Sounds like the Lefties are using the Peeing/Showering/Changing issue as a way to increase their hope of getting lucky with anyone they feel like.
    Stalkers will be using this soon to go after the objects of their desires.
    It’s the Law You have to let me in to watch and to do anything else…

    So how many businesses will say enough when this affects the bottom line.

  • JTC

    No place to go.

    No place to hide.

    No place to live.

    Just part of the plan.

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