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  • JTC

    And built like a brick shithouse.

    I feel sorry for any wolves at her door.

  • interventor

    That Nano ain’t no hogleg. Neither, is that gorgeous gam it’s strapped to.

  • KenH

    She’s just such an unaware little prog, isn’t she?

  • B Woodman

    Hawgleg? Wolf whistle? My language.

  • Kafiroon

    Nice concealed carry! Very Nice!
    Chris could also show us the bra carry just to cover all ‘angles’.

  • WayneM

    Now I gotta get my neck straightened back up… ughh…

    • The Firefox plugin ImageZoom also includes a rotation function. Very handy in case like this.

  • I do wonder how many people know what a hogleg is these days.

  • Iconoclast

    Poor Jan; she’s gonna need to learn American English … all this time she thought Progpoop was an actual language.

  • Fox2!

    When does Texas go Open Carry?

    • It is now, but you have to have your concealed license to open carry.

      • KNO3


      • Creek

        It is now called a “handgun license” and not “concealed license”

        • AH! Thanks for the update. The only thing is, why is there a license at all? Never mind, I won’t start that one. I must admit I like the Arizona idea…

          • Old Codger

            We may yet get “constitutional carry” here. Me, I’m happy with what we have. Half a loaf beats the hell out of a kick in the nuts! Plus, no class and re-shoot to renew the license and it was $30 vs $125 (half off for being over 60) to renew, too. We’re gettin’ there. As a mentor and former boss used to tell me “inch by inch, everything’s a cinch”. For sure the Leftists are aware of the tactic.

    • Old Codger

      It’s been OC since New Year’s Day. I’ve been packing pretty much every day but, to date, have been the only one. So much for the Progs’ OK Corral fearmongering.

  • steveb919


  • NotYetInACamp

    Demure, yet tantalizing.

  • Grape

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder….and I am beholden.

    Texas has OC now…….if you get permission paper.

  • Bill G

    Hmm, the All-Seeing Eye sees trouble in the offing.

  • GWB

    Chris, has she developed a third knee? There’s two bumps in that dress betwixt thigh and shin, and her left knee is showing, so……
    (Maybe it’s just me trying to view it sideways.)

    • MasterDiver

      That’s just the ripple in her dress as she boards the vehicle. Great art today, Chris. I always was a leg man.

      Zar Belk!

    • PaulS

      I think that is the top of her other boot dragging on the dress. Maybe they are drawn nekkid and then clothed, leading to such underlying details. If I had Chris’s talent, I’d do it that way. 🙂

      • Chris Muir


  • Pamela

    Cool boots she’s wearing. She hiding a knife or a storm in them?

    • AlexJ

      I vote for an extra magazine. Or maybe 2…

  • MasterDiver

    I suspect Jan will be glad Sam is packing that hardware. One definition of a Conservative is a Liberal who has been mugged. Perhaps this trip will be where Jan is converted?

    • NotYetInACamp

      The different tale that some of my Democrat friends told to me, they called, after the World Trade Center event in 2001 tells that same story, on a larger scale.

  • Corvette

    Dirty trick Chris with that first panel. Had to turn off auto rotate on my phone to fully appreciate Sam.

  • This will get interestng. I’ve found nothing left to chance in this strip.

  • JBubba57

    I didn’t rotate the image, or blow it up, to look more closely, so perhaps one of you can give an opinion. Is that holster–shouldn’t it be–worn with the nano on the inside of her thigh, not the outside, as it appears to be to me? For less fabric bulge/imprinting/easier draw. She’s a righty, correct? Or at least right-dominant? I can’t recall a recent frontal image, but I bet she’s got the “thigh gap” to pull it off well! For that matter, I bet she could pull off one of those central under-cleavage holsters!

    • Spin Drift

      Umm, thigh gap, it’s her safe place! Actually most normally proportioned women have tapered thighs. The nano with holster, unless it is worn as a tourniquet, will end up as an ankle rig. I’m betting what we are not seeing is set of garters to, ahem, hold up the goods.

      Like my favorite Uncle used to say when asked where he lived, Thigh Gap Junction, just down from Heavens Ravine.

      Livin’ in my Happy Place

    • Chris Muir


      • Freelancer60

        Being a southpaw, I noticed that. ‘Splains her mechanical artistry, for sure. I was going to make the same complaint as others, that piece could never be called a hogleg, being neither a revolver nor long-barreled; but given the situation, Zed would push the envelope of normal weapons jargon for the double meaning, so I buy it. Now, what horrific plans do you have in store for an ice-cream run?

  • Tim

    Sam always rates a wolf whistle! Great art, Chris!

  • Ken

    The open carry law in Tx is Austin Weird! You should have CHL to open carry, but no peace officer can request you show it, as long as there is no cause or problem. So, anyone can open carry. Legislators did this to keep getting license fees, most likely!

  • Recently learned that on Windows, depending on your graphics card, Ctrl-Alt-arrow keys changes the screen orientation.

    First time I’ve needed it! 🙂

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