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  • A little bit won’t hurt, a lot might.

  • Deplorable B Woodman

    Oh ho! The cat is out of the bag!
    (I would try to make a bad joke by conflating “cat” and “pussy”, but not tonight)

    • WayneM

      Speaking of conflated expressions, there is an old English expression that is relatively well known which speaks against the wisdom of buying a pig in a poke. The origin is theorized to be from a time when meat was less common and merchants would offer fresh slaughtered pig (a desired meat) for sale in the market. For sake of cleanliness, the pig was stored/delivered in a bag called a poke. Prudent customers would check the poke to be sure it contained a pig…

      It was important to check because merchants weren’t always known for their honesty… The body of a cat or small dog was about the same size and general shape as a small pig… but both were less desirable as meat.

      Hence if you checked the poke and found it wasn’t a pig, the cat was out of the bag… literally…

    • 'TreHammer

      …too late…:-D

  • Bill G

    Per one article I saw, these programs to reduce the ‘School to Prison Pipeline’ started because of the Zero Tolerance programs.
    Once again, the left answered a problem caused by Big Government with their favorite answer, more Big Government.
    The 17 dead in Broward are just the latest victims of this; all the students in schools with this program are suffering because the troublemakers are allowed to run riot. But as long as gummint funds roll in, the regular kids don’t matter.

  • Browncoat

    Copied from a friends page on FB…

    “Schools are getting beaten up by the feds and states and told to keep kids in school no matter what. “Excessive” suspensions and expulsions can even bring the feds down on a school, the civil rights office of the Department of Education or even the Justice Department. Bush started this with NCLB. Obama put it on steroids. And teachers are being browbeaten in many schools.

    Example case from a teacher I know. Teachers at the school were told that every time they sent a kid to the office with a disciplinary referral, that the teacher would have to take remedial training in classroom management, that the teacher had failed at classroom management if a kid needed to be sent to the office. The principal of that school would then brag to the school board about their extremely low suspension/expulsion record and was held up as a great example by the school board. Meanwhile, there was chaos in the school.

    A kid can hit a teacher — I know of a couple of such cases from teachers — and not be expelled or charged.

    There is a web site called, that has released a ranking of the “safest school districts.”

    “The rankings are based on student and parent ratings of health and safety, area crime rates, and rates for expulsion, suspension, and school-related arrests.”

    That means the ranking is invalid from the start, because it is based on the false assumption that lower rates of expulsions, suspensions, and school-related arrests equate to greater safety.

    In many cases the opposite is true, as educators can verify. As schools are forced to lower expulsions and suspensions, sometimes under threat of federal civil rights actions, they simply stop suspending or expelling bad kids and keep them in classes no matter what they do. And blame teachers for out of control students. and they refuse to charge students who commit even violent assaults and threaten teachers who want to take action.
    So the whole study is meaningless because it is impossible to determine school safety from suspension and expulsion rates. Yet the average uninformed reader doesn’t know this.”

    • MasterDiver

      I went to a Jesuit Prep school. Corporal Punishment was used (rarely) and had to be agreed to by the parents prior to admittance. I only saw it used twice, once by the Asst Headmaster, and once by the PT coach. It was not brutal, a couple of open-handed slaps, but it got the message across. (The tongue-lashing would have peeled the armor off an Abrams Tank!) Classroom discipline was NOT a problem.
      Now I know this was a private school, outside the political bureaucracy, but don’t public school students have a right to a safe environment conducive to study and learning? Or are schools simply meant to be a 14-year day-care where the kids are warehoused and left to run wild?
      Give the teachers the authority they need to maintain a proper teaching environment. If you have chronic incorrigibles well, that’s what reform schools and the Marines were for.
      Zar Belk!

      • GWB

        Or are schools simply meant to be a 14-year day-care where the kids are warehoused and left to run wild?
        Yes. Well, they also get indoctrinated in How To Be A Snowflake, Hedonism 101, Progressivism, and Gaia Worship.

  • PaulS

    Congratulations you crazy kids! 🙂

  • Corvette

    As they are in Florence, in Italy a pregnant woman is said to be in “statto interesanta” or interesting state in English. We will see how interesting things get.

    • nonncom

      “But if we were in Italy….”…..John Candy, RIP…

      • Swansonic

        I’m not making your bunk…..

        Unless I can drive…..

  • Spin Drift

    I wonder what the Parkland lawsuits will be about and who will bring them and on who? The breadth of blatant dereliction of duty, corruption and nefarious illegal actions done in the “name of the children” is mind boggling. If I lived in Broward County I’d move before my property values fell even lower. Ultimately John Q. Tax Payer is going to be on the hook for the substantial payouts.

    Hang’em, hang’em all and hang’em high.

  • Mort

    Re: Corporal punishment, a lot of kids who went to school in Florida in the 50`s/60`s
    remember the oar sized paddle with holes drilled in it to facilitate speed, which was
    used for correction, sometimes there was a choice of staying after school for a long
    time, but everyone I knew took the paddle.

  • Interventor

    When, I read of 20 year olds still in HS – WTH!

  • JTC

    Agree or not, PC or not, this path has its origin in Brown v. the states the year I was born, 1954. But as to Fla, in practice the process of ruination began about ’63.

    It is not racist to tell the truth, and how integration was handled here and its influence on deportment, standards and the teaching profession is how we got to where we are today. I lived it in my small town on Lake Okeechobee, starting when I was in third grade and virtually destroying the system by my graduation year of 1972.

    What we would call today “market disruption” was a good thing, change was morally and socially necessary and in any case inevitable. Of course it is now irrelevant to black/white (note that overwhelmingly lily-white student body there in Lauderdale) but the implementation and long-term deleterious effects of integration is now an indictment of the entire socio-educational system; it was the genesis of what we are seeing today.

  • NotYetInACamp

    Just imagine I said all of the socialist puns, witticisms and observations and analysis’ including how rewarded behavior grows and unexpected and expected consequences and pension driven minions and… and … CAIR … and … Democrats … other people’s money … greed … control of … and … so on … and … …

    And this is what a progressive sheriff can do. …

    Control. Perception management. …

    Keep to your goals.

  • Pete231

    There are lawyers flying into south FL from all over the country looking for a good payday. And, the Broward Co. DA has filed 66 charges concerning the sheriff’s dept. actions. How about some action against the school board for taking graft payoffs from the duhbama admin. ? Now the parents have learned just how much human life goes for down in Bro. Co. I just hope those people lie awake at night in bed hearing the sounds of what occurred in that school. And the LEO’s that hid outside (we were told not to go in !) should be horse-whipped. It’s up to the voters now to recognize who the real perps are concerning this abomination….

  • Spin Drift

    The Big D just caved into the jackals on confiscation without due process. Where do we go from here?

    Keep your powder dry.

    • JTC

      Spin, confiscation? What did I miss?

      • JTC

        Never mind, I see the headlines, I gotta drill down.

        • NotYetInACamp

          Do so. I heard a clip and I see enough to want to hear another’s opinion.

    • Kafiroon

      Caved nada. That is always what they wanted but did not have the cahones to do it until the Tide Pod eaters started crying on the lamestream media.

    • Kafiroon

      Oy! I took that to be the Deamonrats! Sorry I just got in and found the comment headline.

  • War Pig

    What angers me is that I was sent, as an 18 year old, to Vietnam right before Tet 68, with a helmet and a flack vest, neither of which was bullet proof, and given an assault rifle. I was sent to war with less training and less protective equipment than the Florida deputies had and I was still expected to “do my duty” or be subject to courts-martial (or shot on the spot for cowardice by my sergeant or officer). I, apparently, had an ENFORCEABLE DUTY to kill strangers in a foreign land at the behest of my government when cops who are paid much better and better equipped and trained, do not.

  • Pamela

    There are some things a person should not do when they have had a drink or two.
    I emailed Trump about this “School to Prison Pipeline” started because of the Zero Tolerance programs under the previous administration and the reduction of standards in education so everyone can pass, feel good and get all that federal funding every year. I also asked where our students were when it came to education standards in relationship to other countries. Also to please get rid of Common Core and return to Practical Knowledge Subjects, Hard Sciences and teaching Cursive Writing again.
    Tequila not only makes your clothes fall off, it loosens the constraints one has in their life.

  • Pig In A Pen

    About that pig in a poke…
    It was a live pig, bought to fatten. Pigs of any age are strong, agile and evasive- trust me, I know this to be true. Don’t let it see daylight till you are in it’s pen, or you’ll be sorry. So you can feel but not look.


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