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  • Merle

    I’ve been wondering whatever happened to good old Skye……

  • WayneM

    So Skye is scared of cooking?

    • B Woodman

      Probably more scared of being THAT CLOSE to Karl. . .. ..naked.

      • Pamela

        More afraid he rocked her world

        • NotYetInACamp

          Many good conservative, libertarian, republican, and other good women would find that a nightmare also.

          • Pamela

            Very true. But then there are worse things than KR.

          • bill

            Maybe she was with Roger Stone and just mistook him for Karl. Talk about scary. That would be quite a threesome.

  • KenH

    Still Not Dead

  • B Woodman

    “Skye. . . . she is your daughter.”
    Is the Don saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?
    Or is the Don saying, ” Your child, not my child. You get up and take care of it. I’m not, it’s not my responsibility.”

    • Tiger Tomcat

      Your kid not mine, so you get up and handle it, I think is the gist.

    • eon

      More like, “You are her mother. I am a man. I doubt I have any comprehension of what she defines as a ‘bad dream’.”

      BTW, her dumbass brute of an ex-boyfriend was named Karl, wasn’t he? She might be conflating him with Rove, as I doubt Rove would say “turd blossom” in that context.

      clear ether


      • Fox2!

        I thought “TurdBlossom” was W’s nickname for Rove.

      • GWB

        Unless Karl’s been reading DbD. I think that sobriquet was first used of Skye by someone in these comments. 🙂

  • Big Jim

    Before I had any sense, when I was a bachelor I’d have hit it, but one night only and I’d damn sure have used a pro-kit. Since 1973 I’ve known better than to stick it in the crazy.

  • H_B

    Sometimes you only realize how much pain you’re in when it stops.

    Sometimes it all comes back to you when it starts again…

  • JTC

    A nightmare for all concerned. Hope our heroes maintain that 6000 mi buffer. She has the assets for the DDQ but comes with a side of prog crazy; not worth it no way no how. Makes you wonder who soothes and takes care of her own offspring…but not really, it’s OP of course.

    Girl’s really a walking metaphor for all of her type; too bad we can’t put an ocean between us and all of them…

    • LifeofTheMind

      “too bad we can’t put an ocean between us and all of them…”

      What do you have against Australia?

      50 years ago Skye’s brand of self indulgence would have found only a small audience anywhere outside of the US, including I think in Oz. Then again 50 years ago who would have predicted America would be mired in bathroom wars? Since then however Oz has been disarmed and despite the Crocodile Dundee image the country is farther down the PC/SJW drain than America is. Is there anyplace where the Skye’s or the Putin’s are not winning?

  • So okay. She sleeps with a teddy and still calls for mom when she has a nightmare.


    Grow up, chillen.

    • Ozymandias

      Liberals never grow up.

    • Browncoat

      Seriously… thank you! I couldn’t follow the story line. It appeared that Don was talking TO Skye, as if she was in the same room.
      It’s early and I haven’t had my coffee yet. And I’m sticking to that excuse.

  • Not a liberal in your 20s, not a conservative in your 40s? The more you learn, the more distant your dreams.

  • Bill G

    Good looks, but you can’t double-bag a mind.
    Well, unless it’s plastic, but then you’ve got another problem.

    • Unca Walt

      That’s true. Mr. Muir’s picture of Skye on her tummy looking up at you is…

      …hypnotic. Dangerous.

      She is way too… “too” fer me. She needs thorough training by the Sheriff — he has an eye for her.

      • JTC

        What I have called the upside-down spread-eagle.

        Hypnotic? Hell yes. Dangerous? No doubt. And I would add, Irresistible.

        I’ve done a lot of dumb, dangerous shit in 6-plus decades, and if that she-devil was looking up at me like that? I’m in. Good thing I’m not in my third decade and purty anymore, so it cain’t never happen.

      • John Greer

        I’m afraid at this point, unless something really traumatic happens to Skye, she is beyond mere training.
        At this point brainwashing is her only hope.

        • B Woodman

          First she has to have a brain to wash.

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