Day By Day


  • PaulS

    Trump hu ahkbar!
    (To go with the final comment for yesterday)

  • Grunt GI

    Outstanding. Bring on Jan. Now the DDQ will have a real six pack of goodness.

  • Steve_1066

    I don’t think that they are walking, maybe prowling! They have got the goods and they are flaunting it!

    • interventor

      Catwalk strut.

  • Messkit

    Lionesses and Tigeresses….and bare. Oh my!

  • Ozymandias

    Let’s not forget Naomi..

    • WayneM


  • Todd


  • What? No ladies’ night in the DDQ?

      • eon

        If they do, they’re liable to learn the same thing the Germans and etc. learned in the 20th Century.

        Namely that even with a half-a-sissy PM like Trudeau Junior, you don’t mess with the Canucks. Especially not on their home turf.

        clear ether


        • B Woodman

          Yep. All them there gunz that were lost overboard on those canoe trips. . . well, they just might mysteriously be found. . . intact and unrusted.

        • RegT

          Coming from a Canadian-French family myself (on both sides), I have to say that _used_ to be true, but not so much anymore. In a country that prosecutes political commentary as hate speech – much like England, if not quite so bad – the blood runs a little thin now. The Quebec separatists are quiet now, as well.

      • WayneM

        As a Canadian, I would like to say for all of those who threaten to flee to Canada should check to be certain they’re welcomed… but Prime Minister Zoolander, the little potato himself, as long as they’re not Caucasian or right-wing, they’d be welcomed…

      • Hmmmm, might be time to think of a wall Canada.

        Being Canadian, I know it won’t happen.

        Though it would be kind of funny to have Americans claiming refugee status due to government actions.

    • Pamela

      Ladies night sounds good.
      I promise I will keep my hands to myself.

  • JTC

    So, m’nigs pimp dem shawties…but stay away from the Y. Why? IDK. WTF CM?

  • Greg B

    Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

  • Lon Mead

    We should all ask The Creator to let this come to pass…

    Well, Chris?

  • Curtis in /\/\onTana! {!-{P

    As I look back on the early days of this strip, I can’t but think: “You have come a LONG ways, Baby!” {!-{P

    • Don Sander

      Been following DBD since 2007 or 08, and it’s been amazing to watch Chris’ talent and style evolve. His wit and wisdom have grown proportionately, along with the proportions of his ladies… #};?)-]

  • Pete231

    Oh, yeah ! Getting Jan involved at the DDQ would be a great touch. Just imagine : The Three Brisketeers !…………

    • Grunt GI

      Like 3 Rackamuffins?

      • Swansonic

        Dang well said – I may steal that from time to time, if you don’t mind….

  • Oo. Rah.

  • Neil Frandsen

    We Canucks treat folk as they treat us.
    You willing to work, plan, and work some more? Good! Even the Vietnam War Protesters (plus some of the runners-away from the Draft), have done well here.
    The whiners-about-everything???, they still whine, but are treated as were the axle/wheel screeches from the two-wheel Metis’ Carts = do not grease, the sound stops when the cart stops.

    • RooftopVoter

      Neil, that’s a dangerous method when you deal with Islam.

      The rest of the world has tried that method and it hasn’t worked out too well.

      Until they go through a Reformation, Islam is deadly.

  • Grape

    No stretch marks? Guess the panties hide them.

    Used, but never abused.

    • Cliff H

      Those panties hide nuthin’. Just sayin.

  • Bill G

    Heh, heh, heh…

  • Pamela

    So who or what is minding the children?
    Are Kiko and Mari playing dress-up with the Dogs?
    What about Javier? I imagine he’s tracked down some smoking guns?
    Or maybe written a program to see Hilly’s pearl us real or talking to her?

  • eclark1849

    You know Chris, you made me remember a few years back. I was working in a restaurant, you know, doing one of those jobs that Americans are either too lazy or just won’t do, and while the waitresses weren’t quite as well put together as Skye and Sam, they weren’t too far off the mark from being dressed the same. Tee shirts and Daisy Dukes.

    • Don Sander

      Get any tips?

      • eclark1849

        Yeah, wear an apron. Because women like to bend over at the waist and not with their knees.

        • Grunt GI

          “Bad girls bend at the waste, good girls bend at the knee!”

          Bad girls probably get bigger tips…

  • JohninMd.(Help!?!!)

    THAT’S what IM talkin’ ’bout…..

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