Day By Day


  • Tom Z.

    Would his work script go something like “Would you like and order of fries with that?”
    Or “Would you like to supersize your order?”
    But then he could always wind up saying “Welcome to Walmart.”

  • Pamela

    Biden on the proper ordering of things: I want a Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich, a double order of Waffle Potato Fries, some sweet tea, a Peach Milkshake and Cole Slaw.

    • Boobie the Rocket Dog

      “. . . and I want it served at Denver International Airport.”

  • Ryk E Lee

    Biden is a half click away from full dementia, the Dems can’t be cereal, al a South Park. Gore, Kerry, Miss Highcheekbones, the little Marxist. And all of them are just as qualified as Hillary. Wow, just wow.

  • Messkit

    “…we must put these rebel scum back in chains..”

  • Spin Drift

    I see a draft Moochele at the RNC convention once the Cankles is out of the way. It’s the trifecta: black, female and Barry’s third term of transformation.

    Keep your powder dry.

    Spin Drift
    War Damn Eagle
    Hold Fast
    Molon Labe

    • Oh my God. The incredibly sick and sad fact is that if she declared right now she would instantly be the frontrunner. And probably would be pres.

      Kill me now, so I won’t have to break the Commandment later.

      • Spin Drift

        Yup, RNC, those RINO bastards would do it too. We need 546 street lights and a few feet of rope.

        Spin Drift
        War Damn Eagle
        Hold Fast
        Molon Labe

  • Buz Ozburn

    Gee… I’m having a real hard time getting my head around “Crazy Joe” being an actual Presidential Candidate. This guy has the character of an overcooked string of spaghetti pasta. This is the guy, who has almost cratered twice in his life over PLAGERISM…. stealing other’s intellectual work and claiming it for his own.

    Perhaps he’ll put his “shotgun” to good use and try to eat the business end. Wishful thinking, I know…. but WTH!!!

    Are these people serious?

    • Bill G

      They sure are. Whoever is pulling the strings would not have any worries about Joe not following orders.
      Forgetting to read the teleprompter, yeah, but the LSM is still covering that up real well.

    • Iconoclast

      Actually, Buz, Babbling Joey Hair Implants has run twice before – in 2008 & sometime in the late 70s or the 80s. Both times, he received less votes than the losing candidate in the animal control officer election for Alexandria, NH. OK, I exaggerate, yet his numbers were reported only because a few hundred did vote for the A$$ in the NH primaries for those years. I’d rather see this buffoon the candidate than the Shrilldabeest. The jokes would write themselves even faster. I worry much more about Shorty Bombastic the billionaire & Senator Fauxcahontas. Those two are, superficially at least, electable. Then again, with the damage the jug-eared jackass has done to the dimocrap brand, anyone with a prayer of winning is likely to sit this one out unless inner polling shows something public numbers haven’t.

      • SteveInCO

        His first attempt was in 1988, and he was sunk by revelations he’d committed plagiarism.

        • OpenTheDoor

          Fixing a leaky faucet doesn’t make you a plumber.
          Putting in a new wall switch doesn’t make you an electrician.
          Plagiarize one thing for publication, yep, the rest of your life, plagiarist.

  • capn

    Buz Ozburn … “Are these people serious?”

    Alas and alack they are not only serious they honestly think their plan is best for the human race. (As long as they get to be the Nobility in the local castle.)

    I have come to the realization that IF voting had any real effect on the governance of this counrty it would be outlawed by TPTB. It is a closed game with marked cards. “Have a seat Pilgrim. Wanna play a hand?”

    (sarc on) “I don’t understand all of this hubub. We’ve got the best government Money Can Buy.” (/sarc)

    I surely do miss the Republic I never knew.

  • capn

    Oops “… we never knew.”

    • Delilah T

      The Republic YOU never knew, you mean – don’t you?

      I remember it well. It was 1952. Eisenhower was in the White House. I was 7 years old, sitting in the swing hanging from a branch of the tulip tree, and wondering when I looked at the clear, blue sky above me, what the world would be like 60 years later.

      Not what I expected.

      I went to a 3-room schoolhouse with 2 grades for each teacher. That’s 30 kids in each grade, 3 teachers. Wednesdays, we had a music teacher. The dumbest kid in my 2nd grade class could do arithmetic that these kids coming in to college can’t figure out. We all knew how to construct proper sentences. No one was considered stupid or held back. 3 teachers, 60 kids each, and we all learned LOTS from those ladies, with no discipline problems.

      I miss the good old days, when things were real.

  • Kevin M

    Hillary has a huge and demented fan base, but Crazy Uncle Joe does not. Trump will eat him alive.

  • Blue Quasar

    The only character Biden fits in the Star Wars universe is Jar-Jar.

    Jar-Jar Biden. It fits.

    • Grape

      Har-Har Biden, Jar-Jar is his brother.

      • Joel

        Isn’t Jar Jar Binks Biden’s smarter brother?

    • eon

      Beat me to it. Although Hillary! has always reminded me eerily of Palpatine.

      clear ether


  • I can’t say the thought on my mind. Read into that what you will.

  • Swansonic

    I can’t tell if the noise is the TIE fighter’s engines or Howard Dean doing another rally in Iowa….

  • Lucius Severus Pertinax

    I WANT me one of those Imperial Battlecruisers! It would make a really nice yacht!

    • Grape

      With such a yacht you could take all of the Damnocrats lemmings on a deep space fishing trip. What a shame if they all jumped ship one after the other – mass sooie-cide.

      • B Woodman

        Massive DNC hog-calling;
        “sooooie-cide-cide-cide-cide. sooooooie-cide-cide-cide-cide-cide”

    • DDS

      LSP, Yer a GEENIUS! How awesome if one of the major yacht builders made a series modeled on sci-fi space craft!!! I’d bet there would be enough geek billionaires lining up to buy an Imperial Battlecruiser or Battlestar Galactica styled yacht to make some very wealthy folks even wealthier!! And we hoi polloi could just enjoy looking!

      • DDS

        Maybe I could afford an X-wing hydro-foil? How about a two-hull Klingon Frigate (one was named the L-50 Bastard…!) LOL!

  • Bill G

    It’s still 11 months out. So many of the characters on both sides will flame and burn out before then.
    But I love seeing the left screaming about the poor choices we have, while looking at the smoldering boulders they rave for.

  • Cliff

    Is the first panel Howard Dean giving voice to a desire for Joe Biden to take us into deep space to establish a ‘New Order”?

  • Larry J

    Joe Biden, is he the New Hope or the New Dope?

  • rooftop voter

    Joe, the Democrat Jeb…………..

    • eon

      That could be defined as an insult to Joe.



  • Jon

    I think it was in 1988 when Joe was running for POTUS and he was at a town hall where someone asked him a question. The first words out of this fool’s mouth were, “I’m a whole lot smarter about this than you are….” Joe has no right to say that to any creature above the level of protozoa.

  • SteveInCO

    I did not realize the Empire found Io to be desirable real estate.

    • John Greer

      Well, the sulfur mining rights ought to be worth something.

  • interventor

    Jar Jar Biden and Liarawatha for one term as a place holder.

    • Twitch and bitch with fingers on the switch?

      Nuh uh. Unless mutually assured destruction is assured, take me Home, Lord.

  • Oliver Heaviside

    Well, if it’s Biden, the Hila monster, or Bernie the clown, I gotta go with Biden. And then just shoot myself.

    • Delilah T

      Wait and see. It will be Biden and Bernie.

    • Delilah T

      And please – DON’T shoot yourself. When the recession really hits, they’ll get blamed for it.

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