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  • JTC

    Do ya love me…
    Now that I can dance?

    Listen to the words though,
    “work, work…”

    It will be a lot of work, but it’s going to be dance or die…and that c-leg might be mighty good, but we’re going to need a whole lotta hawg’s leg and mare’s leg too.

    Dance with who bring ya, and be ready to go “home” with him too.

    • JTC

      And…is Jo flirting with Zed?

      I mean, that cool chick is HOT (just look at that side-glance she’s giving him), but that has to be very confusing to a c-leg…

      Does Artificial Intelligence carry over to Artificial Emotion?

  • Too Tall

    Didn’t Mel Gibson talk about “one leg down, two to go” in What Women Want?

  • Pamela

    Hmm. How fast could Jo and Javier clean up the Swamp and its offshoots?

    • Fox2!

      With or without the Dawgs and Not-Arnold?

    • cb

      Maybe forget draining it, time for a little field expediency – pave it over.

      • Pamela

        Wouldn’t a sink hole develop ?

        • JSStryker

          Not if you are paving it with glass.

          • John M.

            Glass or Trinitite?

        • JTC

          Just build a big beautiful wall.

          Worked on the criminals to the south…

  • Pete231

    Evil will always triumph because Good is dumb…. -Dark Helmet-

  • Mike-SMO

    Interesting changes in the lower chassis. Who has Jo been touching?

  • Halley

    Nude Ants Moves

    It’s Sunday, January 10, 2021 and the world is in desperately dire need of some good news today.

  • James McEnanly

    Is it just me, or is our Congress starting to resemble the Dick Tracy Rogue’s gallery? They’ve already got the morals.

    • interventor

      Nadler resembles the Penguin. San Fran Nan, the Lizard Queen, resembles the Mummy.

  • Randy

    Weird angle in that last frame, Jo looks like she’s sporting a “baby bump?”

  • Paul

    as noticed by a few others , seems that a small “bump” (well not that small actually)
    Jo is resting her arm on there ???

    • PaulS

      I think we’re seeing a quartering view, right hip and upper leg gave impression of protruding abdominal area at first glance, more close consideration was needed. 😉

      • PaulS

        Noticing her ‘navel’ helps put in in perspective also. Not that she would have a navel, but hey, it’s sexy ain’t it?

        • John M.

          While Jo wouldn’t have an actual navel, everyone she has touched does, so that indent might have become part of her ‘self.’

  • My Way Or -->

    McConnell needs his batteries changed.

  • Chris Muir

    Someone pointed out McConnell is from Kentucky oops! So that’s modified, and that is not a baby bump, hah.

    • JTC

      Yes, he is KY jelly.

      • Pamela

        the flavored kind…

  • Wood

    Arg that comment bubble in panel 4…

  • My wife votes democrat, but after a discussion yesterday, she hates the person PDJT but understands that he didn’t cause the government to be broken, not work and be corrupt as hell, but he did bring it to light. And I think that she also understands the the almost half of the nation that didn’t vote for Biden (Not my President), did so for change and not because ‘they drank the Trump Kool-Aid.’ She will still vote democrat, but the vows did sat for better or for worse…

    All that being said here is a johnny Carson video with Buddy Hackett. The duck hunting joke is not why my nickname is Duck Hunter. That is another long story for another Sunday perhaps.

    I will continue to pray for my Higher Power’s help in all this and hope that all of my DBD family does the same. Happy Sunday and have a great week.

    Oh! and remember Eon’s 10th and 11th laws:
    Tenth Law:
    On average, about one out of twenty people likes hurting other people just for its own sake.
    Also on average, about half of that five percent become professional criminals. The other half become professional politicians.
    Eleventh Law
    Anyone who demands “social justice” has no interest in either “society” or “justice”. All they really want is power they can use to abuse everyone they don’t like.

    • JTC

      Ironic that the reason that half the people hate DT is the same reason we “love” him as his brashness and mega-balls is 90% of why he has been so successful.

      Speaking of which, has anybody seen any list of those yuge accomplishments alongside their calls for removing him, impeaching him. or stringing him up?

      No? Huh.

      • PaulS

        What accomplishments?

        Just channeling the “FuckingIdioticHalfOfTheCountry” that must have their heads shoved so far us their asses to see shit the way they do.

        Seriously though, my default position is to respect fellow human beings, until THEY do something to lose it, this is painful to lose so much respect all at once that will never be regained.

        Hell, I haven’t watched the NFL since some jerk took a knee and others followed, when do you think I will make another contribution to a Sell out Republican? Yeah, they sent a fund raising request to my mailbox yesterday! Still working on an appropriate letter to send them back in the postpaid envelope.

        Made up a Sticker the other day, y’all might like it:

        “We have put together the most extensive
        and inclusive voter fraud organization in
        the history of American politics.”
        – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

        IT WORKED!!!

        • Chris Muir

          Not for long. 7 to go.

        • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

          What to do with the fund raising request? Do like I used to do with unsolicited junk mail. Tear up the letter (and other filler), put it in the prepaid envelope, and mail it.
          They don’t get charged for the prepaid until it’s returned.
          If you have to stick a stamp on it, use it for firestarter instead.

          • John M.

            I guess I’m a little more up -to-date than you – I feed all the papers including the outside envelope to a crosscut shredder that makes 3/16″ x 1″ confetti, and stuff all that into the pre-paid envelope… more and more campaigns and mailing companies are sending envelopes that need my stamp as a result.

            Y’all do realize that if they don’t get anything back from you, they eventually scratch you off the sucker-list and quit sending you stuff. Mailing back the confetti has the same result and is much more satisfying.

            Here in North Carolina, it seems like only the party you’re registered to sends you campaign mailings. I’m thinking I’ll change my voter registration to “No political affiliation” for the next few elections. When you do that here you get to choose which political party you vote in during the primaries, (think spoiler vote) and I’m thinking it might reduce the political mail clutter as well.

  • Kafiroon

    Well in the history of this country, dancin’ at the end of a rope happened for good reasons and bad.

    • I just checked my phone and it will not allow me to enable Presidential Alerts or Severe Threats on my Android.

      • Pamela

        They truly suck

      • Sam

        Checked mine this morning. My setting was in the Messages, 3-dot settings, Settings (again), Emergency alert settings, Emergency alerts (select which alert types to receive). It says presidential alerts can’t be turned off. Made sure all my other alerts were on (a couple weren’t).

      • John M.

        On my Android, they’re enabled and I can’t DISable them!

    • Halley

      The ”Trump incited violence” evil media narrative is now so obviously pre-planned… a last ditch plot to remove him before.. ? they are utterly terrified – which means!

      Lines of communication between we the people… ? I’m hearing a lot about the interwebs maybe going black soon…

    • cb

      Did something get signed? — The proverbial Fog of War says the Insurrection Act was signed last night. We shall see…

    • WayneM

      Fascinating… The sooner Twatter and the rest of ’em crash, the better.

  • WayneM

    My latest favourite quote…

    “Censorship of anything, at any time, in any place, on whatever pretense, has always been and always will be the last resort of the boob and the bigot.” ~Eugene Gladstone O’Neill

  • DW

    Rep. Devin Nunes has called for the arrest of all the Big Tech CEOs, demanding they be charged with criminal racketeering and civil rights violations.


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